Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sooo.... I tried to open a new blog yesterday only to have the same issue as I have when trying to comment.  It just blanked out.  :/  So, not only is THIS blog not working right, but I can't open a NEW blog either.  I don't get what the issue is and I'm irritated.  Mostly because there is nothing I can do and nothing anyone else can do.

My weight this AM is 191.0.  I'm a bit bummed by that because I did so great all week and I really thought I'd see 18something on the scale.  BUT... I should be starting my cycle in a couple of days and my sleep has been off so I shouldn't be too surprised.  But I am a bit bummed.  *sigh*  All in due time!  At least I am having a period and it's on track.  There was a long time I didn't so I'm actually really thankful to have one.

On a good note, I posted some pics from our ATL weekend and got really good responses on my FB page.  I DO feel like I look pretty good!  So, that makes the blow of not losing this week a bit better.  LOL  I wonder if I could get the pic to upload here?  Maybe I will try here in a min...

Not much to talk about today.  It's my hubby's b-day so he wants to go out at some point, not sure if we are going to go to Gigi's for cupcakes or make a cake.  Later, we're going to do a campfire so that should be fun... and burn cals since the stuff we have to burn is all brush so I need to be up constantly cutting and adding fuel. So, it works out for me!  LOL  Glad I got a good chunk of my housework knocked out other than laundry which I meant to work on yesterday, but just never got to.  Thankfully there isn't much, but I still want to do some when I can... probably tomorrow!

I guess that's it ladies.  I will try to add my pic now and hope it works!  Have a good Sunday!

***  Tried to add a pic, but like everything else, it isn't working.  Boo.  :/


  1. That sucks. There has got to be something they can do! That's so strange. I was hoping the new blog thing would work for you! Maybe contact them again and let them know that also didn't work. There has gotta be a networking person somewhere who has this know how!

  2. I use blogger (powered by Google) for my public blog. I've noticed a lot of people moving there from the 3FC world lately because of issues with 3FC blogs.


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