Saturday, July 26, 2014

Worth it!

Ahhh!  The chairs were worth it!  And very soon, the other chairs go to their new homes!  SO PLEASED!  These chairs are decent quality.  One is a Lazy Boy!  So, I'm a happy lady.  They ARE bigger than I expected, but strangely, that has worked out, too.  The living room looks so much larger for some reason.  I'm not even really sure why!  The kiddos weren't happy at first, but once they lounged in them, they were pretty pleased to have some easy places to sit and relax.  So now we have good places to sit with and without company and the colors go with what is here, so it should be good for staging.  PLUS, I only spent $100 on two!  The nice guy who sold them to us said his house sold quickly and he wasn't willing to move all of his stuff again because he had only recently moved back.  You see, the house had been on the market for two years with no hits.  He moved back and BAM!  Five people came at once to see it and it sold.  I can't say I blame him -- I would be downsizing too!  Happy lady here!  HAPPY!  :D

Other than that, and a quick workout, not much was accomplished on this end.  Well, the cleaning required to put the new pieces in the living room.  lol  But other than that... it has been a quiet day.  Not sure what that will mean for the coming days.  I know we have a lot to do, but I don't want to stress.  I would really like to enjoy what we have left of Summer.  Unreal to me that it is almost over and that at my OLD school, they are already back in session because they are year round.  Not sure how I really feel on that, truth be told.  Kids are only kids for so long...  seems like these days, they are pushing kids so hard that school is like a job.  I honestly feel like that constant pushing is why scores have dropped instead of improving.  They need more play, downtime, and sunshine and less forcing of doing 500 extracurricular activities and hours of homework.  There has got to be something better.  I just don't know what it is. 

Yeah... rambly post tonight... I guess I am at a loss as to what to REALLY write about since it was a boring day and nothing important happened.  So, this is all!  Good night, friends!

Quick Thinking

Yes, I just wrote a little bit ago.  But, as I was sitting here thinking after reading A Slob Comes Clean, I really, REALLY got to thinking.  The post was about letting go of things you don't absolutely need or love.  And it got me to thinking that for the most part, I really love the things I own.  They are old, but made well.  They feel good, homey, and loved.  I don't really worry about the kiddos or animals hurting them.  And the best part is, when we move or even if we stay and want to change the look, most of it would probably stay... with a face lift.  Because at some point, I realize I'm going to want a WHOLE new look.  I'm ready for it.  Lighter colors, lighter wood, brighter... not all light.. cause, that's not me.  But.. different.  Make sense?  And I guess that is a part of the excitement of a 'new start' or new place... that freshness and feeling of a clean slate.  However, it's also nice to know that there are still many pieces I wouldn't want to let go.  Pieces that remind me of childhood, my family, etc.  I'm so glad that most of them are in good shape and can be repurposed without having to just dump everything and start over.  I think that is why older furniture appeals to me. 

On that note, I may be getting rid of two chairs tomorrow and buying two chairs.  The two older chairs in my LR that I got FREE are wonderful and cool, but they are VERY low to the ground and make visits hard on my fam.  So, we had been discussing improving them or letting them go.  After pricing and looking around, we realized this was one investment we were willing to let go since recovering would be a minimum of $300.  EACH.  Yes, you read that right!  Brand spanking new ones are $500 OR LESS.  Ikea had some great ones around that same $300 mark.  So... it just didn't make sense to keep them.  Tomorrow, I'm going to look at a couple of used chairs for $100 for the pair.  Reason being, we want decent chairs until we move AND we will need to 'stage'.  I realize we will then have extra chairs once we move, but hey, we may not find or be able to afford anything new for a while once we get there!  So, I hope the chairs will be in decent shape and worth my time and effort.  We will see. 

Well, going to get off of here.  If tomorrow works out, I have to take off two chairs (and maybe this stool...) and pick up two.  It's late now, but hopefully I can catch some winks!

Friday productions and confessions

It's Friday night and I'm sitting at home, all by my lonesome and bored.  BUT, it's been a good day.  First, I cut my nails off.  Yes, yes.  I realize that isn't a big deal, but it had to be done.  I had left them long for my SIL's wedding but decided to go ahead and cut them to get them ready to get some work done.  I always love how it feels right after cutting them.  I have long nails naturally and I like them long at times.  But sometimes they just get in the way and on my nerves.  Now I just have a hint of white at the end and it feels so good to actually feel the keys when I type.  LOL

Another thing is I knocked out a little project today that had been driving me crazy for a while now.  I FINALLY printed out the pics for the toy bins.  I had struggled for a bit over what to do exactly.  Mostly because I had wanted them to be easy but also good for kids.  So I decided to buy some labels a while back that I found on clearance that are reusable.  I had just never USED them.  So, I did that and found pics online of simple things like Play-Doh and trains and printed those out.  I knew if they just went on the front not only would they get messed up, but if we needed to re-arrange, it would be an issue.  So, I printed them out at 3.5x5.0 and put them in plain sandwich baggies that I taped on.  Here's the pics!

I'm really happy to be done with this project.  I made the kiddos clean up tonight, and they complained until they saw how easy it was.  My youngest even asked why other things had no label.  Guess I may do that just to see how he likes it.  LOL  Anyways, it concludes my phase 2 of 2 for this project.  I realize we may move, but at least it's all in place.  Love me some Ikea!

I didn't workout today.  I had a horrid time sleeping last night.  But I did go to bed and got some.  So, I spent today finishing up that project, I swept up some after the kiddos picked up, I did dishes and a couple of loads of laundry.  I even got the kiddos scrubbed!  I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, like taking off donations... but I remembered some pieces of things that are downstairs so I decided to wait a bit to take them off.  Maybe tomorrow or the day after... Probably Monday if I get a chance.  I hope.  HA!

Can I make a couple of confessions here, guys?  Can I?
#1 Well, a friend of mine and fellow blogger over at The Miscellaneous Mom commented that I seemed as if I was apologizing for needing space yesterday and I gotta say, I'm NOT sorry and I hope I wasn't confusing in my blog/rant.  I just knew that SOMEONE would get their panties in a knot.  And probably someone who doesn't know me all that well.  So, the plain truth is, I'm not sorry.  And I really shouldn't feel bad about not feeling sorry.  Drowning in things and feelings is a slippery slope and I don't want to fall into a depression.  So, I'm taking control and moving on.

#2  I'm terribly lonely.  UGH.  There, I said it.  I mean it.  I AM TERRIBLY LONELY.  *sigh*  I miss having a group of friends.  A tight knit and fun group.  I miss it.  I thought I was getting it back there for a bit but with this fall-out with the neighbor... my social life has once again come to a halt.  I'm not even sure why she is mad at me other than that I was offended by her narrow view.  But I vented, thought it over, vented some more and decided if that was how she wanted to feel, that was her beef.  Now she won't even let her kids play with mine.  At least that is how it feels.  But at this point, there is nothing I can do.  The ball is out of my court.  I've gotten over the issue and decided that if we ever talked, I would just tell her that I was upset and she hurt my feelings.  But I've ranted, vented, raved, and talked it over until I'm blue in the face only to come to the conclusion that she is right.... for her.  It's her opinion and view and she is entitled to it.  I do and can disagree.  It shouldn't stop us from being friends.  Or maybe it does.  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's just been too much now.  I don't know.  I just don't know how we went from full active lives to.... cricket chirps.

#3  I'm worried about money/moving/health a lot lately.  I think it's the thought of moving which may now be on hold... AGAIN!  Hubby is worried that with no experience with the title of Engineer, that he won't get hired on as one.  So... he applied for a 6mos. contract position to get the experience.  The bonus is it pays well.  But it's got me worried we are stuck here.  Stuck with the same ol' same ol'.  Not that life here is awful.  It isn't!  There are lots of good things like great parks, the lake, shopping, restaurants, lots of family stuff, etc.  We just don't seem to click with people here which sucks.  But on the bright side, a few more months isn't exactly out of the realm of what we thought might happen.  I knew I thought up to a year... I just hate the sickies.  I hate that the thought of moving makes me worry so much about money.  I hate the stress; even though I know this is all part of it.  I told the hubby today to apply.  To go for it.  And to trust that God will put us on the right path.  Faith that it will happen as it should.

#4  I don't want a giant house.  At one point, I thought I wanted a big huge house and a big huge yard.  But the reality is, those are just big huge things to take care of.  I do want bigger than what we are in now, but simply for storage.  My kitchen, now, is almost perfect, but a smidge bigger would give a bit more room for when we are all in there.  I'd like my own bathroom and to keep the walk-in closet so the bedroom wouldn't need much furniture.  I do NOT want a huge, cavernous bedroom.  Nor do I want huge bathrooms.  The only other thing we would like is a bit more storage in the kiddo's rooms and then a good outdoor storage area and garage.  I'd love a big garage!  So, where we were looking for bigger before, now I think we just want slightly bigger.  I use to think around 3k sqft. would be awesome, but now I think we don't need quite that much.  Just more to heat, cool, and clean!  I basically want a house like this with just a smidge more elbow room and better storage.  And a GARAGE.  A BIG ONE!  I swear I'm not a man!  HA!

I think that is all for tonight.  I'm ready to have some more tea and RELAX!  I think I have become a chai latte addict.  Thankfully after much searching, I found a decaf version.  It's not as good, but at least it's decaf and I'm not up for hours.  I think that is what happened last night.  That and the MFP forums.  LORD. HELP. ME.  Seriously.  I should not get on there too late at night!  G'night, friends!

Friday, July 25, 2014


So as I mentioned in my previous blog, I went on the warpath.  What was it that caused this big explosion and the putting of my big foot down?  I will tell you!  My house.  Yup.  MY HOUSE.  I WANT IT BACK!  I'm sick of sharing it with my kids!  I know that sounds cruel and selfish, but I promise you, it isn't.  It's balancing the world back again.  Let me explain.  Since the kiddos came into this world, the ENTIRE house has been devoted to them.  Same with the yard and the car.  And that is coming to a HALT.  They are now old enough to have designated spaces.  Both recently had birthdays, and this was my present to myself!  So, here is how it is going to go.  They each have their own rooms.  So, they each get their rooms, the back yard (and all the crap they have back there!), and their playroom downstairs (which is almost the entire bottom of our house!).  NO WHERE ELSE!  So, no toys in the kitchen, dining room, living room or even the garage.  We have a shed for all of the outdoor things to include their toys... and my garage is one car so it's small.  I may remove them from the bathroom!  But I am waiting on that.  We do have two, but the second is downstairs and we don't use it much except when working outside.  Not to mention, all of their toys are stored in one simple basket and aren't that big of a deal in there.   Anyways, I feel this is fair at this point.  I want my house back!  I want some yard!  I want some space!  There is not ONE SINGLE PLACE in the house that is MINE.  NO WHERE.  Hubby has his office and the kids have ample space.  Me?  Nada.  No where.  So, I'm taking some back!  Even if these spaces are 'community' space, I want them free of clutter and craziness.  I need this before I lose my ding dang mind!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, some of you may think this is harsh or cruel.  I would say I'm sorry you feel that way, but really, I'm not.  Kids need to grow up and learn to take care of themselves and their spaces.... and to respect other people's spaces.  Some day, they will have room mates or share the house with another person or whatever and they need to learn these basic things.  We've been doing some chores, but nothing major and I feel like it is time for more set chores, too.  I had a basic list and I never printed it.  We just started making it part of the routine.  But I think they may need more.  I think, they need them more often and to make it a habit.  And now that they aren't babies or toddlers, it is time to start putting these in place.  Well, more firmly in place.  I had already somewhat started this, truth be told.  I had told the kids they could play in the front yard, but all toys MUST be put up as soon as they are done or they were GONE.  I still allow bikes, chalk, and all of that, but so far, they've not brought any others.  And that is FINE by me.  They have the whole back yard that is fenced and it is large, so they keep everything there.  Works for me!  Same with the car.  They can have ONE toy, but it needs to go back in the house at the end of each trip.  So far, so good.  I try really hard to keep my car cleaned out myself.  Whenever we stop, I just grab whatever trash and throw it away.  Then I go to the wash and all that regularly.  At least I was until all this rain...  So, it's only fair that some stricter rules come into play in the house.  I'm one person who can only do so much and I need them to do more now that they are older and can.  Mostly because the constant fight to keep things up and out of my way is becoming cumbersome.  With 2 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs, and 4 cats, I just can't be constantly fighting for space.  And at the end of the night, I need a couple of peaceful areas where I can relax.  If there is a huge amount of clutter and disorganization everywhere, I can't do that.  If it's in their rooms or downstairs, fine.  But not up here.  Up here, I NEED somewhere that my brain isn't going to fight.  That isn't to say they won't clean those rooms -- they will.  It will be a part of chores!  But if we are tired one night, I just want to be able to get them in bed and chill and not be surrounded by everything.  I'm starting to feel like I'm drowning!

So, that was part of my decluttering.  There are too many toys, too many books, and too little me.  That is why today I started going through everything and really purging out a ton.  I just can't do it anymore.  I can't keep holding this stuff and feeling like I can't breathe.  I managed to clean out quite a bit.  And I told hubby if it won't fit their rooms or downstairs, it goes!  Or other things have to to make room.  And once their toy bins are full (they each have one in their rooms) they either have to not get anything or get rid of other things to make room.  Already, I feel better.  When I get to take this off tomorrow, I will have gotten rid of one box of books so far (there are more to go through) and around 3 bags of toys.  All random things they NEVER play with.  Broken or missing things were tossed.  Everything that had been in the living room is now either donated, trash, or in a bedroom or downstairs.  Ahhhh!  Feels so good!  And while they weren't happy, today was a much more peaceful day.  They actually played LESS electronics and watched less TV... which we've been working on, but they hadn't made much progress.  Aka, they would gripe.  But they didn't today.  They played in their rooms and downstairs and when there was one fuss, they quickly made up... without me stepping in! 

When I told hubby, I expected some reluctance, but he agrees that we, as adults, need some adult space.  Especially now that they are no longer infants or toddlers.  They are big enough now to have the spaces that they have and not have to constantly be taking over the entire house.  Babies/toddlers have so much stuff these days... swings, carseats, diaper bags, etc.  It just seems to multiply.  But it seems we are on the back side of that now because they no longer need diaper bags, swings, and their carseat stays in the car.  They don't need bottles or specialty plates/spoons.  They are basically using what we use.  It only seems right that they now use their space for their things and the 'community' space be clean and ready for everyone's use.  And let's be truthful here -- I'm sick of people stopping by and my house looking like Target's toy section exploded everywhere!

Now, let me be clear, I realize it won't ALWAYS be perfect.  That isn't what I want.  I just want some breathing room.  Some space that looks like I actually DID something at the end of the day.  And some plain ol' quiet time at the end of a busy day to sit and not feel overcome with dread. 

If that makes me mean and selfish, so be it.  Sometimes you have to put your foot down.  We will see how this goes....

Weather Worries

I'm taking a little break from the cleaning and packing to write this little blog and check weather.  Mostly because, one minute it is gorgeous and sunny out and the next the storms are about to blow the house away!

AND, just got back home.  I started that then the weather broke and I was like, I'm going to get my tail to the donation center and get rid of this JUNK!  But when I got there, they had closed -- probably because of the ding dang weather!  UGH.  I am so not a happy gal right now.  I have the back of my Flex FULL.  Which is a lot if you know anything about Flex's.  LOL  Anyways, so now I've had to put that off until tomorrow and I'm sitting here on the couch a bit grouchy and trying to decide what to do.  I'm a bit hungry, so I could have dinner.  I'm a bit antsy, so I could work out or pack/clean some more.  But it's getting kinda late in the day and I'm not sure I want to work out this late.  Although, I might sleep better if I did.  I haven't worked out this week at all.  I really should be.  But by the time I go up and down the steps a hundred times with he cleaning and packing, I'm a bit pooped to be honest.  And today, I have a headache to go along with it.  :/  Darn freaky weather!

I DID get up and weigh this AM.  178.5.  So, on a good trend.  But exercise would be even better.... food has been good and still trying to keep the ol' carbs down.  I had one high day cal and carb wise, but overall, I feel like I'm doing ok.  Just gotta have more good days than bad, ya know?  And for sure, the carbs are easier to watch when I'm not using them as fillers.  I've felt better, too.  I'm sad to say, I've had to cut back on the oatmeal, though.  I just seemed to be having some not so nice feelings about an hour and a half after I ate it.  I would feel weird and light headed.  Like my sugar dropped.  So, while I may still have some, I'm going to reduce the fruit and brown sugar.  I think that is more it than the oatmeal.  I didn't think I used a ton, but I could for sure cut back some.  Or just a smaller overall portion and then have eggs or something on the side.  I feel like I could be more productive if I felt better.  And I'm making progress!  Slowly but surely.

Decluttering, as you can tell from the donation center issue, is going pretty well.  I went through the huge box of toys from the living room AND my youngest kiddo's bedroom.  I threw away paper and torn manuals, and got rid of so many old cars and books meant for toddlers and other things like that.  They just don't play with them and I'm sick of cleaning them up.  Speaking of, I flipped my lid and passed some new 'laws of the land' up in here.  NO food or drinks EXCEPT at the island or table was the big one last time.  If they are thirsty, water is the only option available when not at the island or table.  Last night, I made the decision to take back my house. I'm covering that in a different blog, or this will be five miles long!  LOL  But I did do a major amount of decluttering and I'm ready to finish that room and move on to more.  Going on the warpath helped some with that!

Anyways, I did end up going back down and working out.  Only 25mins, but it's something!  I was already tired, but it did my body good to do it.  Probably more my brain than body.  Exercise is fun and relaxing, but also a habit.  A habit I am out of and I need to get it worked back in.  Slowly but surely.

I don't have much else to talk about other than the fact that I can't seem to make up my mind on what to paint my kitchen cabinets.  Originally, we said a creamy taupe but then went to white.  Then off white.  My original idea was soft gray... but somehow that got thrown off.  Then when we looked at colors, I brought it up so now we are tossing around the idea again.  With the furniture finish butcher block counters with glass accents (shelves and the island top), black appliances, and then two different glass backsplash tiles, I am afraid that that white, true white, will be too harsh.  I'm leaning towards a soft off white or the gray.  I really love the gray...  I guess I will have to look at it some more and go from there.  I need to trust my instinct, because I typically have really good taste.  And that isn't me tooting my own horn even if I do believe it!  I've been told I have an 'eye' for it.  I would never want to be a designer, but I enjoy decorating and doing fun things to my house.  I figure if it looks like crap, do it over again!  Especially when it's something like paint.  But cabinet paint is a bit tougher... so I want to take my time!  LOL

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Broken Scale

I think my scale is broken.  I got on to weigh this AM and it gave me FOUR different numbers.  FOUR.  I'm not sure why... I think maybe it's going dead.  :(  I only weighed that many times because the first time I got on it said 179... then it rolled to 179.5.  I was like, huh?  Ok, I'll take it and then I was like, one more time.  Then it said 180.  Hubby was like, that's weird.  I said yeah and reset it then got on again and 181.5.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?  I don't know what the issue was but I was like, I'll take the 179.5 or 180 and call it a day.  LOL  I'll try again tomorrow.  Just seems like it is being a weirdo today.  And I don't get that.  It's annoying!  I hope it isn't dying.  I hate buying a new scale.

On another note, yesterday was a very productive day despite waking up with a headache.  I finally took a boat load of meds and got it to lessen and I busted out a ton of painting.  I got ALL of the upper cabinets repaired and primed.  AND the fireplace downstairs!  All of them look great!  I need to do a light sanding and then put on two coats of real paint.  But already, the clean white looks so great.  I'm rethinking my soft grey/taupe... maybe just do white or a slight off white.  The others would be good for me, but maybe for resale purposes a simple white would be better.  But already with just one cabinet up, I can see how it is going to be a huge change.  I am so pleased with it!  I think with the repairs and paint, new backsplash and decluttering, it's just going to be amazing.  And the fireplace looks SOOOOO GOOOOD!  It's going to need sanding and final paint, too. But with just primer it looks fantastic.  All it needs after that is the tile and grout.  :D  Guess we will see how much we get done over the next few weeks. 

Did I mention our painter called and said he was VERY behind and it would be a while before he got to us?  Yeah.  He called yesterday to tell us that.  So, we have decided to postpone putting the house on the market.  *sigh*  It's for the best.  We need to knock out some more projects before we do it and the extra couple of weeks might help out.  It will depend on weather, how we feel, etc.  We had hoped to have it on by mid-July, but now that isn't going to happen.  Not sure what our new goal should be.  Maybe August 8th?  Hopefully the outside will be painted by then, I can get some yard stuff finished, and knock out a few of the inside projects.  And even if every thing isn't done, if the majority is, that would hopefully be enough to go ahead and list.  Guess we will see.

Well, hubby is up and running around.  I need to get going and do a few things and make my kiddo some cupcakes.  Birthday time!  :D  The time goes by so so so fast....

Monday, July 21, 2014


Oh, this weekend was sweetness!  You see, my fave SIL got married.  :D  Hubby and kiddos were in the wedding, but I wasn't.  Mostly due to my own whining.  LOL  She knew I was burned out on doing weddings.  Which is my own fault.  I love them, I do.  But I HATE the work and the money.  I've been in so many at this point, that it was time to retire.  So, I said to everyone that I was done with them.  So you see, my very own fault!  LOL  But it's ok -- I got to just watch and mostly enjoy.  I did get annoyed that the woman coordinating wasn't thinking to do simple things like have everyone potty before they went down the isle, but it was fine.  I reminded them, I fed the kiddos before the 'big time' and every thing went pretty smooth other than the sound system messed up.  Even though it had worked fine during rehearsal.  But meh, who cares?  She was beautiful, he was handsome, they were all glowy and they are officially married!  I told the kiddos they can 'officially' call him Uncle now.  LOL  They already had.

Anyways, it was a good weekend with no family drama that I am aware of.  I know there were a few questions and comments, but they were within certain groups and didn't cross any lines or anything so it was good.  I like weekends like this!  I did make one comment that I hope didn't come across wrong... I was trying to say one thing but I think I may have phrased it wrong.  I tried to explain, but I think that may have made it worse, ya know?  I feel like I get what I'm trying to say across darn well most of the time, but then other times I royally fuck it up.  Sorry for the language, but it's the truth and no other word could accurately describe it.  HA!

On the house front, there hasn't been any change since we weren't home to do anything.  But today was a mixed day of errands and then yard work.  So, no project progress unless you count more yard clean up (random junk thrown away), and then progress on the fire and trash pits.  I'm happy about that!  I feel like it's the eyesore of the yard, and once we get that done, it will be a huge improvement.  Hubby worked on a little project, too, along with yard work.  It was the area around the HVAC unit and the carport.  We've been at a loss as to what to do there, and this seems like the beginning of a good solution.  I guess we will see.

Now, on to food and diet!  Obviously being out of town I couldn't track my food as well as I would like, but I realized when I went to put on a pair of my capri pants that they felt a bit snug even though I haven't been going crazy.  And it got me to thinking that it had been a while since I had checked my reports and all that.  I did get in ONE workout last week, but I need to get more, so that is an area for improvement.  Another is that I have been going overboard on the ol' carbs.  My macro's are set to 160g, but from checking out my 'reports', I see I've been WELL over 200 every single day.  Not good.  That isn't moderation!  That's overkill!  No, I'm not really a carb watcher, but I have been crankier lately, hungry, and bloaty.  I use to watch carbs, as many of you know, to control my hypoglycemia and PCOS.  But after losing some weight, it hadn't really been an issue.  But that many carbs just aren't a good balance and it isn't helping me with any of my previous issues, I'm sure.  So, I decided that I'm going to watch them more closely.  I'm not going to get crazy or go all low carb.  I don't feel that is what I need anymore.  But I am going to cut back on them.  I've gotten into the lazy habit of letting them be my 'filler'.  Oh, I need a snack?  How about a tortilla.  Oh, I have 100 cals left?  How about some chips.  Oh, that soup needs something... how about some toast?  Yup.  An empty filler.  A yummy one, but not always the best choice.  Just the 'easy' choice.  So, I've decided to keep an eye on those and get back to the picking of the main course and veg/fruit before I do any 'filler'.  And get back to choosing veg/fruit for snacks.  Or yogurt.  And cut back the other.  Need to get my balance back.  Moderation is only good if you moderate your self!  HA!  Funny but true.

I didn't really get a good weigh-in this AM, so I will try to do that first thing tomorrow.  I want to see where I am.  My last 'official' weight was 179 right after vacay... 6/27.  Dang.  I didn't realize it had been that long, until I checked my page.  Anyways, it's been off and on since vacay.  I keep starting on getting into a good groove then things come up.  At least I'm in my 'range' and not gaining a ton.  But I'm suppose to be going the other way!  Gotta work on that.  This was suppose to be the Summer of moving into a new range.... the 160's.  *sigh*  Not going to happen if I don't get myself into my routine.  I will get there.  Just have to keep moving that direction.

I guess that is about it!  I know what I need to do and that is get my food back in line, get some exercise, and keep busy.   I'll update when I have something to update!  LOL