Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I've been terribly cranky today.  I didn't wake up cranky, but I sure felt cranky after listening to two kids whine and complain all day.  By dinner time, I was ready to go out of my MIND.  Hubby was also late coming home, so my nerves were at the edge.  Thankfully, they settled down.  But I am just about to lose it with them.  I have decided that even though I am in a no buy zone for a few more days, I'm going to go to a couple of new stores tomorrow to break up my day.  I need a break -- I need to get out.  It's suppose to be terribly cold, but I have to get out.  So, I'm going to maybe hit TJMaxx and Aldi.  It's been forever since I've been to Aldi, but I want to give it a try.  It's not super convenient for me, but I am thinking that if I find some good stuff, it may be worth it for me to make a drive down there once in a while.  Mostly for things that I can't buy at Costco.  Yes, Kroger and Publix are closer, but I want to go check it out anyways.  I need some time out. 

I think that is still and probably always will be my biggest issue.  I am terribly lonely.  But I am not willing to sacrifice my own feelings and thoughts to just have some half ass friend.  I'm a considerate and caring person, but if I don't get that in return... I just can't do it.  I can't just give up myself.  And since it's been confirmed that indeed the one woman I thought was my friend ended our friendship over a difference in eating... well, I am now skeptical and have failed to bond with anyone.  I am trying really hard not to dump all of my emotions and whatnot on my husband, my Mom, and my closest friend in PA.  But sometimes, it's hard.  I told hubby the other day that there are times I go weeks without talking to anyone in person.  The Mom's at the schools don't talk to me.  The neighbors don't talk to me.  Even at the store, people rarely speak.  So... I suffer from mouth diarrhea when I get to talking.  It just pours out from being bottled up like cheap champagne.  I always feel bad and TRY to not take over the conversation.  I think I fail a lot.  I'm trying to blog more to deal.  I really should be working out more.  I forgot to earlier... I think I will before bed.  I'm just doing calisthenics right now.  A quick 10min routine.  I want to get back in the habit.  Little by little to deal with stress.  I'm also trying to remember to journal.  But I find myself on here more than I do writing.  And recently, I've been thinking of reaching out by phone more to my friends instead of just on the pute.  I feel like I don't have that 'bond' anymore because of living through emails, chat, etc.  I think I need to hear real human voices.

With being so cranky, feeling annoyed and lonely, I still managed to do ok today.  I sanded a wall in the dining room and did some more repair.  I think another sand day after tomorrow and it will be ready for primer.  It may need some touch-up, but I am hoping not much.  If I can get that sanded and primed, I will be crazy happy.  I managed to get the trim around the patio door done and across the dining room.  I also got some laundry done, dinner made, and kept the house from falling apart.  I also finished another book to return to my Mom.  With making dinner, I managed to use up a bag of carrots that were at the end of life, some celery that needed to be eaten, leftover rice, and dried onions from my pantry.  It helped clean out part of my fridge.  I need to try to remember to clean out the condiments section tomorrow.  It's pretty full.  And I know that some of it probably needs to be eaten up.  I want to take stock of what is there and how long it has left and get to using it.  I've been using up some other things like extra cinnamon, some Stevia liquid and liqud Saccharin.  Bit by bit, making a dent.   In the pantry/freezer and the project list.  I really hope to tie up some stuff in the next few days but we will see.  I tend to not work well when I am like this.  I know part is just hormones and part is just... well, life.  I'm going to try to deal and just go on. 

I guess that is all for tonight.  I realize my blog is becoming boring... I'm not sure what else to talk about.  My whole life right now is focused on so many random things and I seem to fail at getting my points across.  Oh well.  Until next time.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bed Time

I should have my big butt in bed, but I am still up.  I just don't feel like I can go to sleep right now.  UGH.  I really should.  REALLY.  But here I am... blogging.  Bother.

Anyways, it's been a good few days.  I decided to go through the freezers and the pantries and see where I'm at.  And boy, am I really seeing a difference!  I realized today that you can actually SEE the bottom of my freezer!  NO JOKE!  Not going out to eat and not shopping like a mad person at Costco has been tough at times, but it's really worked out well.  We are finally getting into the core of the food.  One thing I will say, though, is that we have gone out to eat a few times.  But other than that, we've really been trucking through.  And then there are things that have been chucked.... I'm having a hard time with this one.  *sigh*

*SIGH!!!*  Seriously.  I'm a frugal gal by nature.  I like to spend money on things that are worth it to me, BUT I also like to save money when and where I can.  And my big thing lately has been a few different things.  One being selling things I don't need and then the next being getting a handle on food waste.  So, trust me when I say that it has been HARD on me letting some food go.  I know if I were anyone else, I would just chuck it or give it away and not think a thing of it.  But... it's hard.  I finally threw away some oranges that I just never used.  And some avocados that pretty much all of us forgot was there.   Then there was an entire bag of coffee beans.  UGH.  I felt SO bad doing that.  And now, now I'm considering throwing away a big huge batch of tea bags.  I got the tea free inside of a tea box.  The coffee was also free -- a gift from a lady online to 'pay it forward'.  Just to break it down and be honest, it was the worst coffee I think I've ever had.  The tea is just bland.  So... I'm thinking it's trash time.  Then there are some old taco shells (I didn't realize they went bad so fast!) and then other random condiments and things that were impulse buys.  I feel SO BAD throwing food away, but what else do you do with things that you can't feed your pets, can't give away, and can't use?  I feel bad.... but I have no other options.  I don't want to waste it, but I sure don't want to eat or drink it!  LOL

Thankfully, it's not been a huge amount wasted.  I was really mostly pissed about the avocados!  That was nearly $6!  I told the hubby NO MORE.  I'm not buying them anymore for a WHILE.  And then, only from Kroger and not Costco.  They seem to be better from Costco, but if I don't use them and throw them out, then that's a waste.  So, off the rotation they go.  I think this is the first time ever we've wasted that many. 

Back on point, we've made a dent in the freezers AND the pantries.  I emptied out more today and moved some stuff up.  I'm feeling so good about it, I mentioned to the hubby about going one more month to try to use up even more.  I would like to use everything out of the deep freezer up.  Then clean it out and have it ready to go when it's moving time.  It's the only appliance I plan on taking.  It's the one thing that is too expensive to replace, IMHO.  Truthfully, we feel like a house that is on the market with ALL of the appliances sells easier than an empty one.  It's what we did with our last house, too.  Plus... not knowing what we will do in the next place, no point in taking all of this when it was bought for this house.  But that deep freezer is going unless we get an offer for it.  Then maybe it'll stay!  ;)

We have done great on continuing to sell and declutter.  Lots of things sold.  Lots of things in the trash.  Lots of things taken to the donation location.  Then there has been a whole lot of working on projects.  However, my whole plan of focusing on one room at a time and finishing it just hasn't happened.  AT ALL.  Have I made some serious progress?  I believe so!  But not a single room is done, yet.  I has the sadz.  But... I'm working.  Every day a little more gets done.  I thought about it today and realized that there are 12 spaces that need to be done (not counting anything outside).  4 bedrooms, 2baths, a foyer and hallway plus the regular rooms and the family room.  I told the hubby that in order to be on track, I need to get about half of those done in the next week or so.  I'm not sure I can do it.  But I will update how things are in the next few days, if I have time. 

I have nothing to report on any other fronts.  I'm not really watching my food... I'm not really working out although I hurt all over from constant work.  I have been doing a few squats a day and I am going to be working my way up.  I am going to TRY to do more actual cardio this week to help manage stress.  My weight is right at the same number it has been. 

On more money saving topics. I decided that I just couldn't fathom spending $200 on getting my hair done.  Even if it was only 3 or 4 times a year!  That's still around $600 to $800 a year!  I can do it maybe twice, but other than that... I just can't bring myself to do that.  So, I cut and colored my own hair.  YUP.  My hair was LONG.  Almost to my rump.  And while I'm digging having long hair, I couldn't stand it THAT long.  So, I did the upside down ponytail method and took off about 4 inches.  It was fast, easy, and looks like a long layered cut!  Then I decided that I was over the whole ombre' look and I dyed my roots back dark brownish black and then the ends a dark red.  So, I still have some ombre', but it's red instead of just blonde.  I'm going to keep this for a bit, and then I plan on cutting another good sized chunk off.  When it's just on the tips, I will either do brown/black again or just cut it off.  We will see.  I've not had my hair done since the end of last year.  I am thinking I want to get in the habit of getting it done in April and maybe Sept./Oct.  But for now, I want to wait.  I am fine with how it is now, so we'll see how long this goes.  I have been cutting everyone else's hair for a while now, so it only made sense to do this.  I don't recommend it for everyone -- not everyone is comfy with having their hair not exactly perfect.  For me, I'm ok with it because it's just hair.  It's not fried or cut so short that I have no options.  It's like paint -- if I don't like it, I have more options.  And I know if I get in over my head, I just go see my stylist. 

I guess that is really all for now.  I really should hit the hay now that I've gotten a few things down and out of my head.  Maybe I will sleep now.  I need to sleep to be able to get things done.  But I have a headache now.  But off I go!  I will update when I can.  Maybe with pics.  :)  Sorry so rambly and well... boring.  That's just life right now for us!  It's not really boring, but it's boring to talk about.  until then!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Sorry I haven't been posting.  But... my laptop got dropped (again) and was dead (again).  Hubby is working on getting it up and 100% (again).  So far, it's up, but it's his stuff and not mine.  His is on it's last legs.  I'm thinking that we really should just invest in a new one.  His sis has offered to give us her old desk top, but... I'm thinking it's just time to get a new one.  I hate to.  Maybe we can stretch it out a bit.  We have car insurance due (nearly $1000), I need new tires (nearly $1000, also), the dog needs his eye surgery ($600), and then we have 100 things going on.  *sigh*  It's always something.  We'll find a way to make it work.  Maybe we can stretch it until after we move.  One less thing to carry.

Speaking of moving... we've made the decision to go ahead and list our house.  We've decided on a timeline of about 6 weeks and we hope to do it before then.  In the meantime, we are focused on cleaning out the house.  We are listing and selling pretty much everything we own.  I just don't see the point in keeping it, ya know?  Most of it is too much or stuff that we kept because we felt we should.  We've not really bought anything new in years.  And by years, I'm thinking somewhere around 8.  Other than the oldest's bedroom stuff and our dressers.  All from Ikea.  So... I think it's time.  Time to let a lot of it go even if it's hard.  As of now, the attic is clear, the storage area under the stairs is clear except for clubs, luggage, and spare totes.  And believe it or not, we've sold the boys egg chairs, that huge entertainment wall, and some other odds and ends.  I may have sold our old black twin bedroom set.  We shall see tomorrow.  If we can get some of this other stuff out, we should be doing pretty good.  I have a load of donations to take off, too.  Since other things haven't fallen into place, we're hoping this is the right direction.  6 weeks puts us at the end of Feb. beginning of March.  Even if the house were to sell immediately (and we know that the chances of that are slim but not impossible), it would leave us time until the end of the school year.  It would also put us on the market during the supposed 'hot' time for real estate. 

To deal with projects and not get overwhelmed, we've decided to go back to a room by room attack.  I've already done a great deal of decluttering, so I wanted to continue on that path by finishing the rooms with the least clutter.  The only way to really use the work I've already done to our advantage.  I want to keep a few pieces so we can 'stage' but I mostly want to get as much stuff out as possible.  Anyways, I've done a lot in the kitchen, living room, and dining room so the first room on my attack list was the dining room.  I started there today.  Today, I got everything moved out of the way, the work area thoroughly cleaned to include vacuuming, a wipe down, and a scrubbing.... some with Q-tips!  But it's clean!  Then I got to work and caulked all the trim.  I even took down the drapes and washed them.  Tomorrow I have a few things to do in there.  One is I would like to get all that trim I just caulked painted.  I will need to prime the wood part first, but the rest is ready for straight paint.  So goal for tomorrow is to prime what needs to be primed, then paint.  Thankfully, my primer is the oil based that dries super fast.  So by the time I clean up, paint the door, and get down to the trim that's bare, it should be ready.  That leaves only the stuff the hubby needs to do and the transition wall that is between the kitchen and dining room. 

Part of the deal with the room by room is that I will evaluate it before I start and then discuss with hubby.  Like today, I looked it over and realized that our light fixture is a bit loose and should be tightened.  I also realized that there was a plug not finished.  I didn't want to do that transition area until that stuff was done.  So, we talked it over and made a plan.  I would do this stuff today and he would work on the others the next time he had time.  It may be tomorrow or it may be in 3 days.  But that is what he needs to accomplish first before anything else.  That way, that room gets completely marked off.  It may not always be the best, but at least we should start to feel accomplished.  My goal is to get as much of the first impressions part of the house done.  I'm not going to think too far ahead and overwhelm myself, though.  I have my idea for tomorrow, but I don't want to stress over it.  I would also like to get the cabinet doors sanded if I have time.  The kitchen is in the back of my mind.  It is SO close to completion.  We need the hardware.  I need to finish the doors.  Everything will need a good wipe down.  Some trim needs to be caulked and painted.  The counter on the left needs it's cleaning.... But I'm not going to dwell.  I know what needs to be done and I will get to that room a bit at a time.  My main goal is to finish the dining room.  So tomorrow, I paint.  That is my only goal.  Anything else is dessert!  Next up will be the living room.  It's trim also needs the caulk, prime, and paint treatment.  And maybe some touch-up around the window.  Once all of these open rooms are done, I plan on touching up any paint that needs it on the walls with my artist brush -- makes it less noticeable.  But as I was working today, I didn't see much.  I think just the kitchen and transition wall. 

I'm not sure where I will go next.  I'm thinking that I should finish the kitchen, but I may save it for a bigger stretch.  I may go to the bathroom next.  It only needs minimal stuff like the paint on the ceiling where I decided I didn't like my patch job and re-did it.  Then another coat of paint on the trim and door.  Other than that, it's done.  I guess we will see when I get there. 

I am struggling with what to do with the bedrooms.  Both rooms have trim that needs another coat.  I swear, painting old wood trim is such a pain.  I wish I could've saved it, but it's needed so much repair that paint was really our only option unless we replaced all of it.  And that was NOT an option.  I'm thinking of putting the kids together in one room over a weekend (we have another long weekend coming) and moving everything out so I can do it then.  With open space, I can work MUCH faster.  I have also decided to spend the time taping.  I can paint darn well, but taping allows me to go a bit faster in cases like this.  So, I think I will.  I need to do some taping tonight, actually.  See if it works out or not.  I always worry about it making a huge mess...I'm not sure why.  I may change my mind on that.... it seems to take forever to tape and then when you pull it up, it's a guessing game of whether it will leave a splotch or tear!

Everything else is on hold now.  I weighed the other day and was 179.  I'm ok with that.  I'm not really trying although I'm trying to be busier, not eat as much, and I am working on getting in more workouts.  I need the stress relief.  And the 'me' time.  We are still working on eating out of our pantry and freezer.  And so far, we are ROCKING that.  You can actually see the back of the upstairs pantry on certain shelves... there are empty spaces in my freezer... and the downstairs pantry is looking like we are a bit 'low'.  It's unreal, really.  I have been to the store but it was for fresh items.  I'm telling you, it's been good on the ol' pocketbook!  We've only eaten out like, 2 times.  Just got to keep on it. 

I guess that's about it for now.  I probably should go catch up on some of the blogs I've been unable to get to.  Until later...

Monday, January 12, 2015


I finally got on the scale today.  I figured it was close enough to the end of my cycle to get on that bad puppy and get an update.  Turns out, I spent the entire year... maintaining.  I weighed in at 179.5.  I did get lower and I did get higher, but over all, my weight stayed exactly the same.  I'm ok with that.  I really rather would've lost, but the truth is I just didn't do enough.  Yes, I got sick.  Yes, we had the holidays.  Yes, we had things go on.  But I could've tried harder and gotten there.  Am I upset?  No.  Not really.  I probably should be since I had wanted to reach goal this year.  But I don't really see the point in getting myself all upset and angry at well, myself.  I do know that I met an entirely new low of 171 at one point and that was nice.  I'd really hoped to get past it and move on.  I didn't.  And now I'm here.  And since it's better than gaining, I'm just going to keep on keeping on.  :D

I don't really have much else to talk about... It's been a bit of family time and clean-up and that is really it.  So, I'll just leave this here and get on about my business.  Until next time!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I am proud of myself tonight.  Proud because a friend posted this crazy post about some person she didn't know having her dogs outside.  It was one of those 'Share' things on FB.  She posted how it was cruel and wrong and how that dog died for no reason.  I went and looked it up and turned out, the dog didn't freeze to death -- the other dogs for some reason attacked it.  Long story short, I commented (nicely) that I didn't feel shaming was a good idea because no one knows this person's situation.  With the economy like it is and many people struggling (to include animal shelters and rescues), it's better to have a bit of restraint when attacking someone.  She may have been a widow and they may have been her husbands.  Maybe they were strays.  Maybe they were just doing the absolute best they could.  Her beef was the dog was outside in the snow.  A big furry dog.  In a huge kennel/run.  With a nice (real wood and real roof!) dog house.  He passed away.  But NOT due to cold.  Her argument was that dogs were domesticated and should be kept inside.  :O  Seriously?  I grew up on a farm and let me tell you, every dog we ever had slept outside rain, snow, sleet or hail!  Yes, in our yard in a dog house!  Over the course of my life, I think that we must have had at least 4 dogs.  The last lived well after I was married and moved out.  You couldn't DRAG that dog in!  THEY TRIED! 

Anyways, I hate this idea, specifically here, that people think animals are humans and like what they see on TV.  Dogs are freakin' DOGS!  I love my dogs and cats, but people are attaching human emotions and lives to them that just aren't real!  Animals of all sorts can be 'domesticated' without living indoors.  Cows, pigs, horses, cats, dogs, snakes, etc. can all be domesticated.  But that doesn't mean they aren't animals.  They forget than animals can revert to being wild in just a few short weeks!  I'm not saying that you shouldn't love and care for your animal -- you should.  We all should.  But if a dog has lived it's entire life outside, the odds are good that it will survive.  Will some die?  Of course!  All animals die!  Things happen.  To ALL animals.  But that doesn't mean we should bring them all in our house.  People, for the love of all that is good in the world, stop treating your pets as if they are above humans.  They are wonderful.  They are great companions.  But they are NOT humans!  Stop trying to treat them as such!  HONOR them by treating them as the ANIMALS that they are!  And for heaven's sakes, stop over reacting to anyone who disagrees!

Which is back to my point.  Instead of getting upset (on there) and arguing, I simply stated that since we couldn't discuss it calmly like adults (lots of name calling and ugly stuff) that I was just going to unfollow it.  Then I said I was sorry I caused a controversy on her page for respectfully disagreeing and goodnight.  That was it.  I'm proud for not going on and on and just saying a short sentence or two and walking away.  And I DID unfollow it.  And I will NOT be going back.  The only thing is, I'm betting this person is the type to get her panties in a wad -- she's my hairstylist.  I knew I should've never added her to my page.  But what can I do?  Nothing.  I probably should've never commented but it rakes my nerves that now that we have so much internet access that people feel it is ok to shame people without knowing the full story.  I always try to see both sides and have compassion.  I wasn't saying it was ok to let them starve or die but another report said that someone (same neighbor) had reported the dogs outside and they came and told her they needed better housing.  The lady built four -- one for each dog.  They were in a HUGE run.  Not one of those 10x10 cages.  No joke, it was wider than her house!  So, they were probably a good 30 or 40 feet wide!  Pretty much half of her back yard.  They each had their own houses built to their size.  And the person who complained said, "All she does is spend just a few minutes morning and night before and after work to feed and water them.  That's it."  How much more should she do?  Like I said, we don't know her story..... or the dog's.  What if they are high risk and not allowed in public?  Or something else?  I just don't feel right bashing someone without all of the facts.  Especially not when it's obvious she cares or she'd have gone and just thrown some POS houses together.  She wouldn't feed them like she did and check their water.  What if she was some older single Mom and was working 12hr. shifts?  People don't care.  They choose to pick and pick and pick.  They also choose to name call when they have no valid argument. 

Anyways, that has been my night.  Other than this blip, it's been a day of... being off.  Just... off.  I am tired, but I'm not sure if I could sleep.  I think I will try to shower and relax because it's 3AM and I really should sleep.  My brain is just in turmoil.  And you know that from my previous post.  I know we aren't suppose to stay here.... I just don't know how, when, or where we are suppose to be.  Until next time............

Friday, January 9, 2015


I feel like I'm on the edge of an emotional breakdown.  :/  It's just been one of those days, and I'm ready for it to be over.  UGH.  It's not really one thing in particular.  It's just a bunch of little things.  Things piling up.  Ok, that's not entirely true.  We're stressed.  Particularly my hubby.  He's fighting depression hard.  He hates where he works, we are unhappy where we live, and then on top of that, his health and our health is going downhill.  He's getting nosebleeds now.  So on top of allergy like symptoms, escalating sinus issues, and then migraines, we're now having bloody noses.  The main issue isn't that it's bleeding but rather clotting inside of his sinus cavities.  We think that it's from the steel dust where he works.  Then there is just the drama of where he works.  It's non-stop.  He spent a LONG time on a project up there and finished.  Tested it and got it up and running.  For three days, that he was there, it ran spotless.  Then it was his time off in rotation and suddenly, it no longer worked.  His co-worker wrote him and was upset.  Then his boss sent him an email chastising him without even speaking to him.  Needless to say, he wasn't looking forward to dealing with this because he KNEW something was off.  He goes in and his brand new project was pulled apart.  They didn't just unhook it and bypass it.  Nope.  They literally tore it apart!  Why?  Because none, and I mean NONE of them could figure out how to fix it.  So, they just tore it up. 

On top of that, we are having NO luck finding somewhere to live or finding a job in PC/PCB.  We are getting discouraged.  I mean, it's been MONTHS.  I think we are at 7.  I'm just at a loss.  And honestly, I don't know what else to do.  I keep working on the house, paying off the debts, eating up the freezer food, packing, purging, selling.... doing everything I know to do.  Then I spend time searching Zillow and VRBO.  But so far, nada.  It's like we're looking for hat proverbial needle in a haystack.  And right now, we haven't been able to walk through the barn to even find the right haystack!  I'm not sure what to think.  Is it a sign that we aren't suppose to go?  What are we suppose to be doing?  Did we miss something?  I keep praying and trying to be patient.  I'm starting to fail.  Mostly because seeing the misery my husband is in and how it's starting to affect our family dynamic is heartbreaking.  Lately, the kids cry when he leaves for night shift.  They ask non-stop when he will be off and they complain non-stop about the cold.  The last part, is completely my fault.  I also hate this cold weather.  But I'm not sure where the other comes from.  I think we are all just tired.  Tired and unhappy and there has to be an outlet. 

I'm trying not to get down.  I felt bogged down and overwhelmed the other day with all of the mess.  But I decided that doing nothing was well... doing nothing.  So, I said to myself to just start in one place.  Put things back in their homes, clean that area, then move on.  I did.  Before I knew it, I had done a pretty good clean on the kitchen.  Most of the dining room is back in order.  The living room is picked up and got a vacuum, and I even cleaned out the vacuums brush and washed the filters!  The master bedroom has been picked up, but could use a dust and vacuum soon.  The boys rooms are ok.  And the bathroom will need a scrub before long, but is in decent shape.  As for the downstairs, I need to go down and finish dusting, but the toys are put away, the vacuuming is done, and the room is straight as a pin.  :)  Having the house somewhat in order helps.  I had wanted to go today and do more drop offs at the thrift store and mail a package for Didi, but with O here, traffic was horrid so I'm glad I saw about it and decided not to go.  I will do it next week.  I'm hoping next week is super productive.  I hope to sell a few more of our furniture pieces like a bedroom set, a buffet, two kids chairs, and then that outdoor set.  I do believe in slowly but surely, but it would be nice to have some breathing room.  I thought of going ahead and selling my youngest's bedroom set.  I don't think we are going to take it with us.  I would really like to get him a big kid set or move my oldest to a bigger bed and pass down his bed which is only about a year old or so.  It's an Ikea bed and I LOVE it!  Anyways, I'm just ready to let go of some of the bulk.  We just seem to have too much.  Much too much than I want to haul around.  Not to mention, he's still little so sleeping on his mattress and box spring is easy for him!

It's just getting it all listed and dealing with people.  Know what I mean?  I'm trying to only list a few things at a time so I don't get panicky.  Especially since they are bigger items and people tend to want to look at things before they buy.  So, it could be frustrating having too many things at once and trying to figure out who wants what, etc.  But it's got to go.  Just too much big and old stuff that no longer appeals to us.

Geez... I rambled on didn't I?  I do feel a bit better. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

In & Out

I know I've been in and out of this blog a lot lately.  Sorry about that.  I don't know how many people I actually have reading anymore.  Do I have any readers anymore?  Does anyone even follow anymore?  I'm starting to think I need some new blogs to follow and some new readers.  I'm thinking I need to do what Kristen mentioned and try doing some link-ups or something.  Even though I have NO idea how to do that.  Zip. Zero.  Zilch.  UGH  I really miss the days of having blogs to follow and followers.  My feed has died down so much, I sometimes go a few weeks without any real posts.  And since I cleaned up my FB page, it's really quiet, too.  Yes, that is good.  But it also is somewhat boring on excessively cold winter days.  This winter has been cold, but dry as far as snow.  We've gotten a lot rain, though.  That means days are dreary.  I'm really over that.  But right now, we are in excessively cold weather just like a huge portion of the country.  I am SO glad we put in that gas fireplace.  That baby is getting it's workout lately and for sure will tonight.  I may have to actually turn it up to high tonight with single digit temps. 

Anyways, where do I start on this little update?  Let's go with finances!  I paid the card back off!  The one that I had already paid and then had to use because they didn't take my revolving card.  So, I paid that off like I said I would.  :)  Slowly but surely!  That gets me back to 2.  And the one is going down pretty fast.  I'm happy and hope to continue. 

Pantry/Freezer clean out is going pretty darn well, too.  We did have a couple of nights of eating out, but nothing huge or fancy.  In the meantime, I've been trying to stay on top of leftovers and eating meals out of freezer and pantry.  We've used up some frozen waffles, I've used up some frozen banana and some other fruit, and ate some yogurt before it went bad.  I've gotten in a can of peas, some tomato sauce, finished off some cereal, and just been working my way through things.  Hubby even made a cake the other night and used up one of the box cakes!  The kiddos loved that.  They've eaten it after school as their snack.  For some reason, they've been wanting just candy.  So, it was nice to get them to eat something else.  I realize cake isn't super healthy, but they eat nice and balanced for most of their meals, so their little treat a day is then.  I actually prefer they eat it then and burn it off rather than right before bed!  At bed, they've just been wanting some pretzels and milk or something like that.  I'm waiting for a berry craving to hit.  When they went through a berry phase, no one but them got any of them!  They were eating them non-stop!  4 containers every few days!  It was crazy.  They go through phases with foods... I guess most people do.  Back on point, I feel like we are doing ok but we need to stay on it.  Dinner out once in a while is fine, but I want to really make a dent in the pantry and freezer over the next month.  Especially the freezer.  Those things just don't transfer well.  On a funny note, I told my Mom I was going to turn into a lush because I was going to be working on drinking up the alcohol in the house.  We have been drinking the wine just to enjoy it, but there is a lot of alcohol that will have to be poured out if we don't drink it.  We don't drink much, though, so I may either have to pour it out or just give it away.  We have only bought 1 think recently and that was some brandy.  It was horrible!  But we got it at Costco, so if we can return that, then I'll return it.  I really hate to pour anything out.... I hate to waste it.  I just don't want to move anything I don't have to, ya know?

My weight... I still haven't really checked!  I was going to check and then realized I was about to start my cycle and well... other than checking at night I haven't really checked in the AM.  I will when my cycle is over.  That's what I get for waiting.  But it's ok -- I'm not going to stress.  I'm still not tracking my food on MFP.  I did one day, but I haven't gotten into a groove.  I have, however, been being more aware and adding up each meal and staying close to 400 at meals and 200 at snacks.  I also put new batteries in my food scale and have been using it and getting back into the habit.  I twisted my knee so I haven't been working out.  It seems to be feeling better so I am hopeful.  I had wanted to today, but after moving our console to the storage unit, it hurt like the blazes.  I decided to take it easy. 

That's another thing we've been up to.  My attic is now CLEAN!  I went through and cleared out so much.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I purged my Christmas things before I even decorated this year.  We went from over 8 containers down to 3 and then the tree.  So, 4 total.  I then worked my way through the rest of the attic.  I found 4 good sized totes of baby clothes.  I went through and only took out 2 or 3 things and the rest was given to a friend who had a baby.  I told her to keep whatever and pass whatever on -- I just didn't want it back!  I have another box I need to send tomorrow if I can get out.  If not, it will be next week.  One container had a random label so I went through it getting out the back of the booster and some other random things that I actually needed out!  Then I went through and cleaned out the Easter stuff and moved it to it's own bin with a label instead of random bags floating around.  Then I tackled the Halloween stuff.  It was spreading.  I originally thought there were only 3 bins.  But then as I dug in, I realized there were 3 bins, a bag, and several lose items.  Then I found the bag of the actual Halloween buckets.  So, I reorganized that and labeled and purged and got it down to the 3 original bins plus the bag of buckets.  I don't know how I had so much!  We pulled down the patio pillows/cushions.  I'm just going to leave those in their bags.  The only thing left up there is 3 bins of clothes put away for youngest.  I may pull those down and put them in storage.  Well, the largest sizes.  I did bring one down to use now.  Kids grow like weeds!

All in all, I'm trying to move along.  I feel sorta bogged down right this minute.  I'm happy with everything hubby got done.  He's been busy busy busy!  I really like the old console gone.  We have sold it.  I'm working on getting things sold now that we know we don't want.  I hated to sell our media wall, but it was just not us anymore.  So, the 'buffet' that was in our dining room was converted to a console for our living room.  Which looks AMAZING.  Not to mention, it really opens up the dining room!  I loved having the console to store candles, our alcohol, and other random things.  But the truth is that it was a catch all for clutter and things that I haven't been using.  I did use some of it, but most of it was just clutter.  I had already purged most of that, so it was pretty darn empty.  The only things I kept were a few candles and candle holders.  And then my holiday serving things.  That's really it other than the alcohol.  I think I can find homes for the random stuff displaced from that and from working on the island.  We'll see.  I think maybe that's why I'm bogged down.  It always seems like one or the other of us is 'on'.  I had a few good days then hubby had a few good days.  I guess that's the way it goes.

Other than that.... I don't have much to report.  No job; yet.  No house; yet.  No change; yet.  Just moving along doing what needs to be done either way.  Because even if nothing as far as the job and house change, I still want to do these projects.  It was still time to do this purging.  It really was time for change even if it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be at first.  Or what I had hoped for.  Once again, progress not perfections; slowly but surely.  :)