Sunday, April 8, 2012


I'm feeling sort of lost with my blog not working correctly.  I fear that I am going to lose my support system and friends and be too mad to move forward with another blog.  Which is my current concern.  I just don't get why they can't get this fixed -- what is the deal?  I'm not a computer person, but there has GOT to be some reason there are this many people with this issue!  And why is it only CERTAIN blogs are being fixed and replied to?  AARGH!  I am quickly getting to the point where I don't know what to do.  It should be easy -- I should just open another blog on Blogger since the Tumblr one just isn't what I need.  But I don't want to!  I want to stay on here and it's frustrating and annoying that I can't do my regular thing on here!  I feel like a repeating record.  I guess the time is coming to shut up about it.  *sigh*

As far as weight goes, Flo is almost over and my weight this AM was 192.0.  I can't even update my stats page.  UGH.  Anyways, that's up 1.5 from my low weight of 190.5.  Considering I have Flo here for a visit, I'm feeling pretty good about that!  Especially since the 1st day I saw 194.5.  I would've freaked if this hadn't been my regular thing lately.  I HATE the bloat.  BLEH.  But I am hoping that by tomorrow my weight will be down even more.  I would LOVE to see the number go even past my lowest of 190.5.  That would be awesome.  I just need to stay on track with my food this week.  Today and the next few days won't be too bad with the hubby on nights, but then he is off for 3 days.  And even then, I'm not so worried about the food as the fact that we will once again be working on the yard and well, I swell up like crazy!  It's mostly going to be brush burning, but we all know how that goes... But it's got to be done.  We need it cleaned out so we can have a dead tree removed, some new trees and bushes put in, and some fence repairs, too.  And until that is all cleaned out and repaired and all that jazz, we can't really do much else to the yard.  We also need to get our dog run put in because I can't deal with trying to pooper scoop a yard of our size with kids.  I am tired of them going out to play only to come in because someone stepped or fell in poop.  And our male dog is a kamikaze pooper -- he just goes wherever it drops!  It drives me NUTS.  Plus we need to finish caulking, do some paint, do our covered area...  Man oh man is the list long!!!  :O  My point is, we have a lot of different things we need to work on so I'm worried I won't get under just from being swollen.  Anytime I do that kind of work, I swell up so bad!  UGH.

Other than that, things have been somewhat quiet around here.  Our Easter weekend has been so good and I am so thankful for all we have.  But... I'm afraid I may be a weird parent.  We didn't do a ton of candy and stuff.... even our golden egg... We did some candy, stickers, money, and little plastic toys like bugs and things.  And the golden egg had $20 in it!  :O  My oldest found it and he was tickled!  Then our baskets had books, goo, new crayons or markers, and things like that.  Only two small things of candy.  I don't mind being weird since we don't want to keep all that junk in the house, but I do worry when he goes to school his friends will be talking about all the candy they got and well, we just don't do that.  But at least he can brag about his Angry Bird that we got instead of a rabbit and his goo egg that had a bug in goo in an egg!  It's cool but my youngest freaked out when he touched it.  It was SO funny!!!  Anyways, like I said things have been quiet and I'm glad.  I need some peace and quiet for a change.  I don't handle too much craziness well.  LOL

Ok, well, I am going to jump off of here.  I need to put the kiddos to bed here in a bit and then I think instead of watching TV, I may instead start a new book.  It will be hard to put a book down at bedtime, but oh well!  At least it will help me relax and go to sleep.... I hope!  Please let this blog get fixed soon!  PLEASE!  UGH.


  1. Holy crap! It let me comment! I've been reading all along and I too have had blogging issues. I basically stopped posting follow-ups on 3FC because it was getting too annoying. I hope that things get fixed for you soon, I know that it is a big commitment to leave an old blog behind. I plan to keep mine open, but I doubt I'll go back to posting here. You can follow me at
    Good luck! And hope to read more from you soon!

  2. So frustrating! I can't wait for your blog to be fixed either!!!! I know how frustrated I was with mine! Have you posted in the forums at all? There was a specific thread about this problem. However I couldn't post tin the forums for a while either. But when I could I posted and let them know and that's where I got the e mails address from. As I couldn't use the contact us link either. Bah! I hope it gets fixed. It's very frustrating!


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