Monday, April 30, 2012

Tired of waiting...

I've been super patient about my blog over at 3FC, but I think the time has come for me to move on.  I just can't get anywhere with them at this point and I am tired of waiting. And after hearing that I am basically just SOL from the Admin, I think anyone else who is having issues should move, too.  I originally tried Tumblr, but I just couldn't get into posting over there.  I'm not sure why other than it feels more like it's for the arts than for actual blogging.  I just hope that Google doesn't start putting my crap all over the internet!  I really only want to get/give weightloss support and not be hassled by anything or anyone else.  LOL  So, here we go.  Going to start working on this and hope from here on out, my issues with blogging are over.  I miss the easy breezy days of blogging and the vast amount of support from 3FC.  But at this time, I'm out of choices and ready to kick May off on a better foot!


  1. Welcome! I don't know if you know this is (incontrol from 3FC)

  2. Welcome! In your settings menu there is a sections where you can set your privacy controls to not disply in search engines and other things. If you want to keep your blog semi-private I would check into all that! Good luck and great to see you!

  3. HEY!! :D Welcome aboard!! ^__^ I just started here just a few days before you!! :) I'm so glad you moved here! ^_^ I can finally comment on your post! Since on 3fatchicks, my account was acting wierd too. I actually like this blog better. It got all this nice new & cool function! ^_^ hahaha! (more than just a girl from 3FC) ^^


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