Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dying lappy and new neighbors... plus some beach

SO, my laptop is seriously about to die and I'm frustrated with that.  For whatever reason, while I was TRYING to do my receipts, the darn site kept dropping.  UGH.  I'm GLAD I did the majority last night.  Today was just going over the credit card receipts to make sure they match up with what has cleared.  All the bills are paid, budget is cleared, and regular checking done.  So, I guess it's not too big of a deal since we aren't using that account right now.  We are REALLY sticking to this budget right now and plan on staying that way until we kill off some of these debts.  Mostly the vacay card (that we also used to help a friend), the BB card that is almost cleared, and the Bank of America card that was used on some major remodels when we bought this house that is slowly but surely going down.  It is a set amount, with a VERY low APR, so I'm not stressing over it too much.  Just want it gone soon.  Our original budget said it would be paid off the end of like, 2014.  But I am pretty sure we will get it done next year.  At least, I am hoping!  :D  Anyways, I won't have long on here... only as long as the battery lasts and then I will have to charge.  I just wish I could've finished what I was doing.  Bah-humbug!  LOL

Found out yesterday that our neighbors house for sure sold, and that they will be moving out on Friday... and the new people want to move in Friday night.  :O  I'm sorta dreading it.  I mean, who knows what they will be like, ya know?  I'm always nervous about new people.  No matter how crazy that sounds, I am!  LOL  Our old neighbors are just ok.  We had issues with them when we first moved in, but it has gotten better over time.  We just sorta let things go and said let's move on.  Because I'm trying to be more like that.  I am trying to fight when it's time to fight, and walk when it's time to walk.  It's just hard for me because when I feel like I've been wronged, I want it made right.  But at the same time, I'm learning that being angry and upset and fighting over something small isn't always worth the fight.  I'm 32, so it's good I'm learning this now!  OK... gonna have to go charge now..... little guy is hungry and lappy is slowly but surely draining!  Later!

Ok, back now and it's really late.  *sigh*  Story of my life.  I wish I could say I will do more tomorrow, but I don't see that happening since I need to finish everything I didn't get done yesterday.  Especially since Saturday we are thinking of going to visit family.  AND, I didn't get too much done today since right after I got off of here and got going on a few things, I got a MASSIVE headache!  It was all down my back and through my head.  By the time the meds, water, heat, and time kicked in... yeah... the day was over.  :/  And now it is nearly bedtime and after dual tantrums from the kiddos... I'm wiped out.

So, going to end this with weighed in this AM at 186 flat and I'm happy with that.  Had a good day yesterday with a GREAT dessert -- Cheerios and fresh strawberries.  Just that -- no milk!  And it was SO good.  I always seem to forget how great Honey Nut Cheerios are until I have them again!  LOL  Still no working out... trying to get in water... blah blah blah.  Yeah, I completely need to get off of here and chill.  Take care everyone!

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  1. So weird. Last night I ate a few honey nut cheerios out of the box and thought to myself how good they were. I haven't had them in years and years because I don't usually get cereal, but the boyfriend bought some.
    Hope your new neighbors are super awesome. My last neighbors were nice, but they were the loudest people I have ever lived next door to. She had a dozen dogs, and I am not kidding about that number either. The dogs barked constantly if nobody was home, and because there were twelve of them it could get pretty loud. She's gone now and the new neighbors are usually pretty quiet cause they have little kids and no annoying and untrained animals.


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