Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bad Jewlz!

Sooo... I was bad last night.  I had been good ALL day while putting up with my youngest's antics but by the time we had dinner, I as just.... FRIED.  And as a result, I slipped and ate away my stress.  I haven't done that in a LONG time.  I wasn't horrid and didn't eat until sick, but I most certainly did over eat from stress.  :/  I ruined my day by doing that (calorie wise).  At least before that was good and I was really active even if I never did work out.  I spent SO much time cleaning and re-organizing the beds in the kiddos rooms that I just lost track of time and didn't do it.  I swear, my brain is just shot and I keep forgetting tons of stuff.  I guess I really am going to have to start writing every little thing down.  I hate that and wish I could just.... remember.  The two years with little sleep really wrung me out.  I thought that it would improve by now, but I guess it hasn't.  I really need to get back in gear and see if I can reverse this some.  I am trying, but with so many gaps, it's hard at times.  UGH.  I can't even remember what all of the gaps ARE!!!!

So, with that bad night, I didn't weigh this AM because I didn't see the point.  It would probably be up and I would just be madder at myself so better to just let it go.  Better to just start over this AM and do my best.  I had a couple of cinna squares and some instant coffee until our power came on and now I am having some real coffee after granola cereal with vanilla almond milk.  That instant coffee was horrid out of hot water from the sink.  BLEH.  I really was going to head out and go get a coffee and then the power came back on.  Which I am relieved about -- I need to get a few things done around here instead of being out running around.  I probably could run around, but what would be the point?  I would do a few things but waste most of the day fighting traffic for a few random things.  I think I will wait and go tonight or maybe wait and go one day next week.  Today I really need to do a really good vacuum and dust and a mop if I can.  Then if I have energy, I need to finish the slurry stuff outside so I can get that sealed/primed and painted tomorrow.  Slowly but surely, I hope to get stuff knocked out.  But right now it feels REALLY slow.

Well, not much else to talk about this AM.  Sorry so short. HA!  Onwards and hopefully downwards.  LOL

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