Saturday, January 12, 2013

So... thought I would respond to Gertie's question of whether or not I've had these 'episodes' before.  And the answer is yes.  When I was a teen, I use to have them frequently so they started checking my sugars.  At that time my blood sugar always came in low and I was told to always eat small frequent meals and to keep access to sugar tabs (glucose tabs) so that if I felt one coming, I could eat one or two.  It wasn't too big of a deal and it only seemed to happen if I ran around too much, waited to long to eat or whatever.  As I got older, my health went downhill and I gained weight rapidly.  After seeing 6 different docs, one finally checked my hormone levels and said they were wonky.  She diagnosed me with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).  I eventually went on a VERY low carb diet (under 20g a day) and lost a lot of weight and got prego.  Which we had been told was only about a 10% chance -- and we had already lost our first.  SO, after he was born I once again did very low carb and lost weight.  But when I wanted to have a second child, we got prego on the first shot.  He was born and since then, I've done both LC and calorie restriction trying to keep moving the weight down.  And as the weight as gone down, so have my PCOS symptoms.  And as of my last Dr.'s visit, I had NO signs of it.  I promise, I'm getting to my point.  LOL  Anyways, all the material I've been able to read says that hypoglycemia earlier in life is a pre-cursor to Diabetes.  Well, apparently it can also be an indication of PCOS.  And once I got that under control, it seems like the rest has been following.  So, I have been feeling good, having no issues, eating well and all that jazz and had no symptoms of any health issues until that morning.  I am hoping it was a freak incident, because I have been fine for the last few days.  And while PCOS is a 'hormone' issue, it really messes with the whole blood sugar thing which is why an article I had read years ago and the subsequent research showed that lower carb diets worked the best in moving the weight and helping to control the symptoms.  And for the first couple of times it did work and so has calorie restriction BUT I still don't eat a ton of carbs.  I do allow some (I had mini donuts this AM, but with fruit and bacon), but I still don't eat nearly as many as I use to.  Plus, the quality of my carbs is usually much better!  I avoid most sugar, I don't really drink soda, and if I'm going to have bread, I want a whole grain or multi grain.  I've also moved to more whole foods.  All of that has helped.  So, not sure where that episode the other day came from.... other than I've been tired and having sinus issues.  YUCK.

In other news... guess who worked out today????  -->ME<--  YUP!  30 whole minutes of recumbent biking.  I know it's not much, but it's a start.  My goal?  I want to do some kind of 'formal' exercise every day.  If I miss a day now and then, I will consider it a rest day.  But I want to aim for something every day to make it more of my routine.  So far, the attempt at changing routines isn't working.  My youngest isn't cooperating.  So, I've decided just to go with it and do what I can when I can.  Even if it involves me having to work out late at night.  I hate to do that, but I figure I can do Pilates and deep stretching then and it won't work me up too much.  I'd like to start walking the dogs some and keep doing the biking.  I think if I just do SOMETHING planned on top of attempting to stay busy, I'll be good.

I started my calendar today, too and updated it with the last few days weigh-ins.  This mornings weight was once again, 191.5.  AARGH.  But it is what it is.  For now, not going to stress because I've only been back at this full scale for a few days.  And today is just the first day of working out.  SO, just going to go with it.  Now, if I don't see movement after Aunt Flow moves on out, THEN I'll be upset.  But not yet.  It's early and I'm just getting into the 'groove'. 

I stayed decently busy today even being tired.  Youngest was up until 12:30 last night and then up at like, 8AM.  I was dragging this morning.  I finally got up and going but I didn't do much.  I've picked up toys, worked out, pulled down some missed Christmas lights, read some, and played with the kiddos (yay!  One of my goal items!).  Then tonight, I FINALLY colored my hair.  I went a shade darker than I have been doing -- soft black.  I hope I like it.  I also hope to go for a trim this week.  I've decided to give up layers.  I've been doing layers for a few years now and my hair just doesn't lay correctly.  It sticks out at odd spots even with ironing and blow drying.  And just looks like crap!  So, no more layers except for maybe on the very ends.  I'm also going to probably put my bangs back in.  I just hope the color isn't too dark.  I like dark hair on me but I went a bit darker this time because I kept seeing a lot of red bleeding through and while it normally wouldn't be an issue, it was bugging me this time.  I think I was just secretly wanting to go a bit darker.  I just hope it isn't too dark.

Well, my little guy is up now.  He slept for 3hrs.  *sigh*  Not sure how late he will be up.  I tried to keep him up until at least 7:30, but he just passed out at 6:30.  Hopefully I can get him back in the bed here in a bit after he's eaten and his food has settled.  That would be the best, but he's been so wonky lately, he'll probably be up for a long time.  :/  I guess I should get off of here for now.  This is pretty much all I did today and now I'd like to watch some recorded HGTV (thanks MOM!) and read a bit.  Off I go!


  1. I am, like, 95% positive that I have PCOS, but I've never been diagnosed. I have definitely have had cysts before (they showed up in the ultrasound before I had the miscarriage), have trouble losing weight, get unwanted body hair, and a lot of the other symptoms. I also have issues with sugar, so I pretty much stay away from sugary and sweet items other than fruits. Most of the issues went away completely when I weighed forty pounds less too.
    So with PCOS are low carb diets kind of the best way to go? Now I want to go look it up. I really want to get a good handle on my health issues this year, and I KNOW that I need to drop at least twenty pounds to be able to do that properly.

    1. Typically, yes. Many people have said that ANY kind of diet where you lose weight will help, but up until I did low carb, I had a VERY hard time dropping the pounds. Once the initial weight was off, I've been doing calorie restriction just fine, though. So... I say do what works. Are you still using your MyFitnessPal thing? If you need info, is a GREAT site to get info!

  2. Thank you for sharing that Jewlz. I was super concerned about it and I hope things will be better for you. I'm so proud that you did the workout thing! Keep up the awesome job lady :)

  3. I hope you like your new hair! I've been wanting to go a deep brown myself, but I'm too chicken to do it since I've been blonde for over 10 years now.


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