Sunday, March 24, 2013


I wish I could say that I felt bad for my overindulgence last night, but I don't.  We totally had a great night out and I REALLY enjoyed it.  I have come to the conclusion that the hubby and I really enjoy ourselves more when we do active things.  We had thought of doing this paint ball/laser place, but the reviews were poor.  So we may just go do laser tag next time.  I think that we should make a goal of finding stuff that we can do that is more active.  Shopping is a lot of walking, bowling is well bowling, but it would be great if we had a couple more options.  We are just limited because most of our dates are on Friday nights.  Everything here shuts down around 9.  :/  We don't even get out of the door until 7!  But we're going to figure something out!  I've recently thought of joining a gym just so that we could go together to swim or use the sauna and hot tubs!  LOL  Some of them here even have tanning beds so that would be nice.  May be checking into that...

Anyways, going to try to keep food a bit lighter today since food was so heavy last night.  I don't really think it will be too much of an issue.  I wasn't starving when I got up, but I went ahead and ate to keep on schedule.  I like keeping to a schedule.  But I am thinking of doing a protein shake for lunch or snack.  I have a hand full or two of spinach that NEEDS to be eaten or it is going to go bad.  Same for some of the yogurt I have.  And with so much going on this week, I need to eat it up before it ruins.  AND, I just remembered there are blueberries in there that need to go somewhere.  In my belly is a good place in the form of smoothie!  YUM YUM.  I have GOT to be better about using up stuff now that we are getting over being sick.  Seems like so much food got wasted!  I already have a plan for dinner.  :)  I am glad that the neighbor and I are going to start going to the store together so that we can split the big orders of fruit and veg.  We are going to take turns buying and splitting unless the stuff just happens to be pretty equal.  And here lately, it has been.  It's just so much easier to share!  :D 

Today's Food:

1 blueberry bagel -- 260
1tbsp. crunchy PB -- 95
drizzle of honey -- 15
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total:  370

1/2 banana -- 45
1/2c. skim milk -- 40
2c. spinach -- 15
1c. Greek yogurt -- 140
65g. blueberries -- 37
107g. strawberries -- 34
4 sweeteners (2 Truvia, 2 Sweetleaf) -- 0
2c. ice -- 0
Lunch Total:  311
I'm having pretty much all of this as lunch and snack.  Where are the hours going today???  Anyways, this did a few things -- obviously, my cal count for the day is going to be lower.  WOOT!  Next, it's loaded with good vitamins and protein and I just worked out.  Again, WOOT!  Finally, I cleared out the last of the strawberries that were about to go bad, I used the rest of the large container of Greek yogurt up, I cleaned out a good chunk of spinach, and used up some blueberries that need to be eaten up soon.  OH, and I saved a banana that my kid had tried to sneak and then had just thrown down!  URGH.  So... yeah.  Good stuff.  Going to be doing something similar with dinner.  Probably some sauteed chicken, maybe some potato if they are still good (2 leftover from the bag), and roasting up some carrot, brussel sprouts, and maybe sugar snap peas.  I bought them, but haven't used them.  It's use or freeze in the next couple of days.  Hopefully I can use them up.  :)

4oz. chicken breast -- 110
1/2 roasted veggies -- 238
about 1tbsp. oil --  110
couple of bites of mac -- 50
 Dinner Total:  500
Literally a couple of bites of mac to test it for the kiddos.  I had a few plain noodles, too.  Man, that new pasta (Barilla) has really grown on me!  LOVE IT!  I also *ahem* didn't finish my veggies.  I just got full and couldn't eat anymore!  May eat it for dessert with something else.  :)  And on the oil, I'm not sure how to count it.  I put two tbsps. on all of it and tossed it around.  So... a lot was on my hands, in the bowl, and on the pan.  I highly doubt I even got CLOSE to one whole tbsp. since I didn't finish the veggies and so much stuck to everything.  But how do you count in a situation like that?  Hmmm....  I counted all, but I don't think that is very accurate.

1/2c. hot cocoa -- 40
2 ginger lemon cookies -- 140
Dessert Total:   180

Today's Total: 1361
I think this is as accurate as I can get!  Not too bad.  :)

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