Friday, June 7, 2013

Catch up

I've been playing catch up with the bloggies and I think I am now where I should be!  WOOT!  I like staying on top of them, but when I go on vacay, I do nothing but relax and chill.  I remember one time thinking I should check them and then thought, nah.  I should be out swimming!  Shopping!  Making something for dinner or reading a good book!  So... that's what I did!  LOL  ALL OF THE ABOVE!  YES!  I enjoyed it.  I did.  It was a fun but interesting trip.  I need to recap at some point, and I will, but for now I just wanted to let you all know that I was back and I am going to get all caught up and all that jazz.

Now, on a GOOD note, I did not gain while on vacay!  Actually, I believe I lost a couple of pounds!  However, before I could do a real weigh-in, my period decided to drop in a few days early.  Well, hey there!  So, it's here and I'm bloaty and that is ok.  Except for the munchies need to go away.  ASAP.  I do ok until the evening and then I want all sorts of noms.  So tonight, now that I am super conscious of it, I am making a choice to drink water every time I feel snacky.  I figure if this keeps up, I'll eat something but so far, the water has helped.  Wondering if with all this heat I am dehydrated more than I think which is making me snacky on top of my lovely visitor?  I'm thinking yes.  So, here's to more water! 

That is all for tonight peeps.  I'm tired and just about ready to hit the ol' sack.  I really, REALLY wish that I could have some downtime to myself, but that is NOT going to happen anytime soon.  But hopefully I will get a bit of time to update here and all that (including photos!) before long.  Until then...... ;)

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  1. Welcome back from vacay! :) Post-vacation I always take a while to unwind to feel like myself again.

    Glad to have you back~


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