Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today is day 45 on MFP and somehow or another, I've not done something right since no loss.  :/  I'm not super happy, but I'm trying really hard to look at it as a learning experience and go from there.  I'm wondering if my settings were off.  I had it on 'lightly active'.  I'm not super active, but I sure wouldn't consider myself sedentary, either.  So, I thought it the best answer.  But with it set at that, I've not been losing an ounce.  So, I went in and manually put my numbers in.  I'm dropping my cals down to 1650.  AKA, as long as I am around 1600 with just a smidge of wiggle room.  I feel like 1700 is too high, but 1600 is right on the line.  So, we'll do this for a bit and see how it goes.  1600 is the average I went for before.  I thought of going a bit lower to get me back on track, but I just don't know that it will work for me to go lower.  I wouldn't go too low... just maybe down to 1400 for a few weeks to get me back to where I need to be. 

My exercise hasn't been great the last few days, but I've just been SO sore.  Food wasn't great, either.  I had one SUPER high day on Saturday and that put my entire 2 weeks average over 1800 to 1850.  UGH.  That is EXACTLY why I track even off days.  They really tell the story.  I made a really bad lunch choice, but will do better next time.  Honestly, I don't know if it is accurate, but using their website it was high.  Although, I didn't order the meal as described -- I didn't eat fries, did not use even half of the sauce, and I had plain coleslaw (they forgot to mix the sauce).  AND, I didn't even finish the food.  But still.  Way over.  Anyways, I've been sore because hubby has been off and every day we have been working on the house for HOURS.  All the hours add up to a sore me.  Especially since it is a lot of caulking and painting.  Squatting and ladders.  Just constant working.  I'm trying to eat well, drink lots of water, take breaks when I need to, etc.  But man alive am I tired.  I've even been taking my vitamins!  We're going back out to do some work today here in a bit if the weather holds.  The painting won't be finished, but at least the caulking is done and I can work on paint here and there as time goes by.  I know I can't do a lot without the hubby home since it's a lot of ladder work, but I can do and finish up all of the things that I can do without the ladder.  Just gotta get more time.  I've been sorta letting the house go the last couple of days to have the time.  lol  I'll play catch up tomorrow!  It's suppose to rain so might as well. 

I guess that is all for now.  Sorry for all of the whining and complaining lately.  I just feel... at a standstill and not in a good way.  I guess when I'm just puttering along, I don't mind if I don't have big losses or whatever.  But when seriously monitoring, it eats at me because I feel like I'm making all of this effort for nothing.  While I like MFP, I think I am going to go back to doing what I was doing before and only using it for tracking... I do like the 'Reports' function.  I just didn't see results with the levels they gave me.  So, for the next 15 days, back to my previous level and see where we go from there.  If I decide to go lower, then I'll go lower.  We will see.  I will also be going back to my previous way of weighing.  I think I need the daily tracking again for now.  Not sure if I will only do that at home or on MFP.  But we will see.  I need to do my own thing and feel like I'm back on steady ground.  :)  I just need to remember to try to look at the numbers as a tool of tracking and learning and not let it get into my head so much.  The last 45 days have been a learning curve and that is that. 

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