Friday, January 27, 2012


Well, just found out our sitter has some awful virus plus strep, so we won't be doing date night Saturday.  I'm bummed, but it happens.  So, now I'm not sure if I should do weigh-in tomorrow or Sunday.  I will probably do it Sunday since that's my 'normal' day and I was only going to do it tomorrow since we had date night and I know I always go a bit over on date night.  Not a huge thing over the course of a month or even a week, but can make my weight appear up the next AM.  *sigh*  I bought tickets to go to the opening weekend of 'One for the Money' and now I won't get to use them.  BAH.  I hope we can use them the next weekend we have date night.  Otherwise, that money is just gone.  We got them through Groupon, so it wasn't too bad.  But still.  It's my birthday weekend!  Hubby works next weekend on my actual birthday.  :(

OK.  No more moaning and groaning.  Laters!

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  1. Sorry that your date night got cancelled. Booo!!!


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