Saturday, February 4, 2012


So, after much consideration, I have decided to just stick with what I'm doing.  I kept running it over and over in my head and something is going on that I can't control, so I don't want to throw another wrench in the works.  I just need to be vigilant about counting my calories, stay moving, try to do the Pilates more than once or twice a week, and not stress.  Something is going on or I wouldn't be tired and having the poop issues.  Although, those have started to improve in the last two days.  AND, my weight was 194 flat this AM.  Which isn't a HUGE drop, but is a drop and may be a sign that things are getting back to 'normal' for me.  I still plan on having my cheat day, but I'm not going to have it on Sunday.  I'm going to wait and have it when my PMS cravings really kick in!  I figure that will work out better for me.  :D

Also, I'm going to be more vigilant to keep my cals at my limit which is 400.  I think maybe I've had too many days of being just a bit over and at the end of the week, its showing.  I'm also thinking I will go back to taking my Omegas.  Even though the bathroom situation has improved, I think the oils would make things even better.  That or my Acidophilus.  I've really fallen off of the wagon when it comes to taking my vitamins.  Gotta get back to that.

So, that's the plan.  Just going to ride this out and see if it was just something else.  If it doesn't straighten out in the next couple of weeks, I will re-evaluate then and decide what to do.  I may cut my cals back to 1400 at that point.  Which for me would mean 350 for breakfast and lunch and then a 100 cal snack or no late evening snack (dessert).  Either would be fine.  I may do that for the month of March anyways.  Feb. is always a 'fun' month.  This month is my Birthday, Valentines, and our Anniversary!  We lovingly call it BVA day.  :)  We usually do just one big dinner out and stuff to celebrate all three.  That's how it got started.  It was just too much to try to do all 3 in one month.  Plus, silly.  So, we may do a small family dinner for the Birthday and then one dinner out for the other two.  That way the kiddos get to do stuff with us, too.  :D

Still can't decide on the pics.  I'm really rather embarrassed by them.  Maybe I could find some old pics of me and use those instead of the pics I was thinking of.  And I'm not sure if I should show my face or not.  I feel like I know you all, but not sure if I want my pics floating out there in the big internet, ya know.  OK, well, going to get off of here and do something with this day.  I have tons I could and should do, so I should be busy.  Already did some this AM, so I'm already off on the right food.  Now, to just convince myself to work out!!!!!  LOL

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  1. Hey!!! I know how it feels and I am trying to lose more weight. For like a week I had the poops and my weight was alittle wonky. I found out that I was eating to much sodium and to much garlic. My system seems to be getting more sesitive to what I am taking in. I hardly do take out anymore. The grease from take out and the salt is killer on my weight loss. I do have to say though since I have not been eating late at night I don't feel so huge.

    Stay strong and I help cheer you on hun!!!



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