Friday, February 3, 2012

Two a day...

Keeps the Jewlz sane!  LOL  Nah, just kiddin'!  Sorta...  I forgot to mention in my previous post that I am terrified of posting my start pics.  I mean, I look BAD and well, I have at least one friend that I personally know outside of 3FC and I think I would be embarrassed for her to see me in my skivvies.  OK, maybe not my skivvies, but boy shorts and workout bra thing.  I don't think I look as bad as I THOUGHT I looked and really, I thought some parts weren't bad at all.  And I look better from the side than I thought, too.  But overall I realize that at that size I was losing my 'shape'.  Everything just sorta oozed into everything else!  I feel like I'm starting to get my shape back.  But I feel like I look SO much worse from the front than the side.  From the side, I don't think my arms are as big as I thought and neither is the fat roll on my back.  And, my stomach doesn't stick out nearly as much as I thought it did.  And these pics are from when I was 216.5, I believe -- when I had a bad month and my weight had gone back up.  But I would need to go back and check the date.  I have one of me higher... at 226.5 and it was what gave me the kick in the ass to start losing weight in the first place.  I just don't know if I should put these out there for the world to see... Not to mention, I HATE the way the uploader works!!!  UGH.

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  1. I have before pics too and I'm basically in a one piece swim suit. Later on, I start taking it in a sports bra and running shorts. I have never posted THOSE online. It's slightly traumatizing! Maybe when I reach goal?

    I AM glad I took those though because you just reminded me to go back and look at them. Motivating stuff.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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