Friday, March 2, 2012

A bit better.

I'm feeling a bit better this AM.  I was up way too late last night, but at least I had a good reason.  I felt horrid pretty much all of yesterday and then when we kept hearing about these bad storms, I knew that I needed to be sure and get the garage cleaned up so I could get my car in there.  The hubbs car will be unprotected, but it will be at his work so there isn't much we can do about it.  Another big storm and once again, hubby will have to be gone.  UGH.  Just like when he was in the Navy.  During Isabelle, he had to go and be on the ship and it was just me by myself.  Yes, I could've left but in the end I had too many friends who couldn't leave.  So I stayed to help them out, with the plan that if they evacuated I had somewhere to go.  And then last year during those BAD storms in April where we got all of that damage, he had to work.  Once again, he has to work tonight.  UGH.  I just checked the radar and 1) I don't think it's as bad as they said it was going to be and 2) Even if it is bad, it looks like it has split and the majority will miss us.  Here in a bit, I'm still going to charge my pute and phone and take a few things down to the pantry in case we need to use it for a storm shelter, but I'm hoping we won't.  It sucked having to sit down there in the dark for what felt like HOURS last year.  BLEH.  But at least we were safe and warm.  Anyways, I stayed up late last night after I got to feeling better to try to get the garage side of the downstairs cleared out so that I could get my car in there.  Before I realized it, it was well after midnight!  But at least I got a lot done.  The hubbs got in after 8 this morning and finished up the rest and parked the car in there.  I will more than likely have to take it back out for pickup from school, but at least we know it will fit in there.  I think this proves that we REALLY need to get the shed cleaned out and move a LOT of that stuff out there.  But right now, the shed is crammed full.  I have a feeling we will be majorly busy this Spring/Summer!!!

My weight yesterday was 191.5 and 191 today.  I felt really uncomfortable yesterday, so it didn't surprise me that my weight was up.  What I was surprised at was the 191 today!  After moving all that stuff around and really breaking a sweat, I figured my muscles would be swollen and my weight would be up even more.  I really hope to see 190 on Sunday.  I don't know if that will happen, but that is what I'm working for.  I had hoped to be under 190 this month, but I don't see that happening.  Sunday will be my last weigh-in for the month, so I hope it's good!  Then onwards to the next month.  Next month, well, actually NOW, I need to really start finding the time to workout.  I had thought to start this week, but with all the worries of storms and not feeling well, I didn't get started like I had hoped to.  I don't know if I will ever get started.  UGH.

OH!  And I forgot to say I didn't do my measurements the other day.  I decided to only do it monthly so I am going to try to remember to do it this Sunday.  So, I didn't do it previously like I had mentioned.  I'm not sure why I want to do them as I don't think there will be much change without the working out.  :/  And I've decided to put up some pics.  I want to find some today and get them loaded hopefully tonight.  I already have two photos in mind.  I don't think I have a recent full body photo, but maybe I can take one tonight.  :)  Especially if I can take that photo in the same dress.  I think I have that same dress still.  I remember wearing it in the first photo and how TIGHT it was.  And I kept thinking to myself how uncomfortable the dress was and that I shouldn't have worn it.  I wonder if any of you will be surprised at what I look like?  I always try to imagine what some of the posters on here look like from reading their blogs.  So far, no huge surprises but one.  And it wasn't huge... just unexpected.  LOL

It's later in the day now and the first band of storms rolled through rather quick without much damage.  One tornado was spotted downtown, but that was it and it blew over rather quick.  But this front behind it is HUGE.  Like, REALLY HUGE.  It spans pretty much the entire mid to eastern half of the state.  :O  I'm a bit worried.  I'm really as prepared as I can be right now, although I guess I could do a bit more, just not sure what?  maybe put up some stuff in the yard?  I may do that in a min.  There isn't much, so it would be a quick job.  Just with all of this wind, I'd like as much to be anchored down as possible.  I can just throw it all in the shed.  Not sure what to do with the pile of wood... It's just too much to move and I have no where better to put it.  But the light plastic stuff can be secured and hopefully make things a bit safer.  I want to wait until youngest is asleep though.  But right now, I still here fussing.  BLEH.

Ok, well, going to get off of here and attempt to pick up a bit and maybe do some dusting.  I already cleaned the kitchen pretty well and I don't want to do the bathroom right at the moment so the other stuff is at priority right now.  LOL  Maybe if I get things picked up, the house dusted, and a load of laundry done I can consider this day successful instead of a drag like it feels.  Wish me luck with this and the weather, ladies!


  1. Goodluck and I hope you guys don't blow away over there!

  2. Good luck! Congrats on getting to 190. I am glad that you are going to post some pics. It seriously is liberating when you get to a point where you can do that.

  3. I hope you are safe!! I woke up to see the news about the terrible storms.

    You are so close the the 180s! I'm barely in the 120s and I have every intention of staying in this decade. Enough back tracking for me.

    I don't have a final number in mind. At this point I'm just eating right and exercising. I want to see what my body naturally wants to go to without me being deprived. I'm aiming for 120 at this point and determining from there.


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