Saturday, May 5, 2012

Adding bits

Slowly but surely, I am adding bits to my blog on here.  Even if 3FC is repaired, I'm not sure if I will go back.  I mean, it was a horrible issue that lasted for a LONG time so I'm not sure if I want to go back to posting there after the run around.  It should've been fixed months ago.  Why did it take until the first week of MAY to get it fixed?  I'm not sure... but either way, I'm thinking that I only need and only want one blog to update.  I mean, I loved the support on 3FC, but the upkeep is a pain.  Although, I guess I could always just post the link like what I did before, huh?  I will probably still do that for a while just until I've gotten everything moved.  Although I must admit I felt a bit safe on 3FC.  On here, I do feel a bit 'exposed' like someone from somewhere will pounce on me on here.  LOL  Silly, I know, but very true to how I feel.  It's not like I'm on here bashing people, so I'm not sure why I worry.  And all in all, I don't really post much personal info, either.  I guess it's just the change... I don't take well to change.  LOL

So, in case any of you were wondering, my cycle did indeed start in the middle of the night -- right after midnight!  LOL  So, I went to 30 days.  Which is unusual.  I'm not complaining really, I just don't understand why it decided to change.  But oh well, it is what it is.  At least it's here and somewhat on time.  I'd have worried more if it hadn't started today.  But starting today is fine.  My weight this AM was 195.5.  But I was so groggy when I got up I didn't do it then.  So, that is my weight after breakfast and some coffee with my house dress on and my underthings.  But I weighed!  LOL  Gotta get back into the habit.  I don't know why I've gotten so off of it that I'm having to weigh after I eat.  I will try to be better.  I think somewhere in my head I was thinking it's going to be way up after going out last night so I didn't want to see it.  But I need to see it so that I KNOW where I'm at.  It's an internal battle, I guess.  But I want to get a number on my calendar for every day of May.  And hopefully those numbers involve 1's, 8's, and then the last number going DOWN.  I am hoping after my period to be under 190 or right at.  

We did go out last night without kiddos.  My AWESOME sitter offered to watch my friend's kiddo so we went out without them.  It was GOOD!  My friend was a bit sad over her kitty, but we still tried to have a good time.  She knows that 20+yrs. was an amazing time to have, but it was just hard on her.  But overall, we had a really good time hanging and talking, eating, drinking, and listening to music.  I drank a giant margarita, a shot, and a beer.  Plus chips and salsa and then my dinner.  Although, I didn't eat much dinner... I think at that point I was full of margarita because I had drank water before I left the house and then the margarita when I got there.  LOL  So, not much room for food.  But what I ate was good!  Some salad, some rice, and one enchilada.  NOM NOM.  After, I had some coffee and a cupcake.  But this AM, I passed on leftover cupcakes (other than the one bite I had of youngest's) and had a regular breakfast.  But I do feel kinda swollen and bleh.  I'm not use to alcohol, so having it probably threw my body for a loop.  LOL  It's not that I purposely ignore it or leave it out, it's just that I don't think to have it on a regular basis.  I always kinda felt like those were the calories that I can give up without feeling deprived at all.  It's just not at the top of my priority list.  

I don't have much planned for today.  I just checked the weather and as of right now, it's looking like the rain may hold off for a bit, so I'm thinking that I may go out and finish mowing the front yard.  And then maybe go do some more cutting down in the back yard.  Even if I can't burn it right now (which I may try to do anyways!) maybe I can at least get more cut down to dry.  I would also like to move some of the plants if I can, but we will see how the weather does and how I feel.  Hubby is about to change his schedule again, so I don't want to wear myself out.  Especially with this being the last few weeks of school.  We have a lot going on, so it would be nice to not be so tired that I can't be with oldest to enjoy it.  Although, I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to help out with everything with youngest and the constant change in hubby's schedule.  It's sorta a mess!

Well, going to get off of here and get going.  No point in putting stuff off that needs to be done now when I actually kinda feel like doing stuff!  Even if I can't do it all, maybe I can do some.  :)  Every little bit helps!  Hope everyone has a great Sat. and Sun.  I will try to post tomorrow if I'm not worn out!  HA!

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  1. hahaha :) You are so funny! ^__^

    First off, I just want to say that I saw your profile picture and you look stunning in that blue dress!! :)

    Secondly, I do know how you feel. I am struggling on the decision whether to go back to 3fatchicks too. But I realized, that I like this place a lot better! ^__^ It's like a higher version of a blog. IT's really is a blog. I felt really limited back in 3fc bc it really did have limited function.

    However, I feel you when you feel kinda "exposed" here. But then again, this blog is something different. It is a change. And sometime, change is good because it pushes us to grow & evolved.

    But hey! This is just my intake! Take it as a grain of salt ^__^ haha


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