Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to black!

Good morning my fellow bloggers!  I wasn't sure that I would be able to get on and blog today, but here I am!  It's good 'routine' for me.  Now if I could only do that with exercise!  I will eventually get there.  I will.  I am DETERMINED to get exercise into my schedule.  Even if it is only 30mins. a day.  I just have to make a way.  I should start trying again today, but darned if I'm not sore and achy all over.  oooh!  TIRED TIRED TIRED!  Not sleepy tired, but physically tired.  We did SO much yardwork yesterday that it's not even close to being funny.  We just got going and couldn't stop it seems!  First I got out and mowed on the rider.  Then the hubby went out while I put youngest down for nap.  Then I went back out.  I said, hey, let's go ahead and trim up these trees so they aren't bugging neighbor 1.  So, we did that then got to talking to neighbor 1.  While doing that, I quickly trimmed all the bushes on that side and then we trimmed the front of the trees.  So, after that I thought I might as well clean up this dogwood a bit -- it had tons of little sprouts and I keep them clean to keep them healthy.  Then I thought, well, might as well nip this tiny bit of new growth on the front bushes... and look, let's pull up those couple of weeds!  Oh heck, I'm here, let's do this other tree while I'm standing here.  Hmmm.... those bushes are creeping into neighbor 2's yard!  Let's do that too!  So, before I knew it, we'd done a fairly quick clean of the entire front and side yards.  I'd just done it not too long ago, so each thing didn't take long -- especially the front bed area.  But now everything looks neat and clean!  I was on a roll, so I hit the back yard with a vengeance!  I hacked and whacked until I thought my arms were going to fall off.  I finished almost the whole middle section.  By that time, the hubby was done doing the trim mower so he came to help so I handed over his gloves and the loppers.  I went inside to get mine and heard youngest giggle -- which means he was awake!  So, I stayed inside after that.  Hubby did some more major whacking finishing the middle and working into the last section and dragging stuff out to die off.  It was AWESOME!  We now have piles of brush everywhere, but we are making PROGRESS!!!

Later, after we had eaten, we did a bonfire as oldest requested and I ended up burning off a good sized chunk of the brush I had clipped up from before and even some of the other stuff that I dragged out.  Plus a load of dried wood the hubbs pulled out of the woods.  It was so old and dry it just burned right up.  We even let oldest stay up late to watch the fire, catch bugs, and look at the super moon through the telescope.  :)  It was a good night but I am still a bit pooped this AM!  Slowly but surely, though, the yard is coming into shape.  You see why I am always too tired to do 'formal' exercise?  I'm always working on the house or the yard!  Surely home remodeling and gardening burn a lot of calories!  LOL  I know it does, but I'd still like to get in some formal exercise just to help those areas of my body that aren't always used.  I'd like to have some tone even if I don't use that part a lot.  Like my triceps.  BLEH.  You know, my BAT WINGS!  LOL  Gotta get back to exercising!

Food wise, I think I'm doing ok.  I probably should get in more fruits/veggies at breakfast and snack, but it's the one time I don't really want them.  I'm not sure why... but I should still aim to do it.  I have changed one thing about my food/liquid intake... I'm not using creamer in my coffee.  I don't know if I will always do this or if it's just temporary, but I had some coffee yesterday when I was hot and I just wanted it black.  Same this AM.  And it tastes SO GOOD!  I'm not sure how many calories this will save me or if it will even make a difference, but I do know that it's the one thing I never really kept track of.  Mostly because it's my one indulgence!  I don't really drink much diet soda or use fake sweeteners or things in general -- I've just used less of the real thing.  Except for in coffee.  I do use artificial sweetener in coffee.  But even that I am trying to switch over to something like Sweetleaf.  But so far, I haven't been able to do it.  Still, if it's really the only fake thing I'm taking in, I feel better about that.  And I mean obviously fake.  I do still eat processed food, but I try to get in as much 'freshness' as I can.  On a budget and with a busy schedule, I don't always get as much fresh as I would like, but at least I try not to eat a ton of the fake stuff.  I think that is as much a part of my goal as weight loss.  I really do try to eat a lot like my Granny and Pa.  They used a bit of fake like the sweetener, but for the most part tried to eat fresh stuff.  I'm going for balance, I guess!  Back to my point, so I believe I am giving up creamer for now.  It just doesn't taste all that great to me at this point so why use it?  I guess during the winter I want creamy and comforting and during the summer, I want the caffeine without the heaviness.  I just love the smell and taste of coffee!  I need coffee candles!  LOL

I really do think I will take it easy today.  I can't stop stretching, yawning, or sneezing.  I probably was exposed to too many allergens yesterday.  I did take my meds and then I eventually put on my face mask, but I am guessing I still got a lot in my system.  I may actually take some meds for it here in a bit when the hubbs gets up because it makes me drowsy.  LOL  Of course, I've been taking it for a bit now so it may not.  Plus, my ankle and toe hurt a bit.  I think I cut them a bit in my new shoes the other day and then all that work irritated them yesterday.  It burned in the shower!  So, it's a good day to take it easy if I can.  I say that, then I probably will get up and do something.  LOL

OK, this is all for now ladies.  I really should stop rambling on and on and either do something with my day or find a book to read.  I have so many good books... hmmm...  Have a great Sunday!

P.S.  Weight this AM was 194.5 - 195.  I'll take the 195 since it was the last number I saw. 


  1. Your such a busy gal!!!! We move into our new house soon,So im sure our life s about to get a lot busier. Lots of remodeling for us to do. I also made the switch a
    While ago with my coffee. I was wasting way to many calories on creamer and sugar. Now,i just drink it black with a little bit of Splenda. I don't use a whole lot of fake sweeteners. But I do in my coffee. I would
    Much rather eat those extra calories,rather than use them up on coffee.

  2. Wow that sounds like exercise to me! I'll bet you burned way more doing all that than you would have if you had set aside those 30 minutes! A good book sounds heavenly, I think I'll try to fit that in today too!

  3. Hope you feel better with the allergies! I think yard work is great for working out because it feels productive and you can enjoy your finished work!


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