Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another day... and WEIGH IN!

I know that for many people, today is a special day... but for me, it's just another day, really.  I don't want anything special or anything expensive.  I just want to spend the day at home as usual and go on.  Why?  Because I feel like I am pretty darn blessed every day.  My kiddos are home and healthy and I am able to be here with them!  So, that is all I need.  A bit of peace and quiet would be good, too.  LOL  But right now, they're being pretty darn good.  So, that's a Happy Mother's Day to me!  :D

AND... today was official weigh-in time!  And guess what???  189.5!!!  WOOT!  I am OFFICIALLY in the 180's!  I've seen that number before, but it was always fleeting.  I was super stoked to see it this AM.  I actually got 189 at first and then the 189.5.  But I almost always take the higher number.  Just because it seems more real to me... Anyways, I was very happy to see that today.  I haven't seen that number 'officially' since 4/23... about 3 weeks ago.  It also means that I can finally mark off one of my goals!  YAY!  Now, on to my next goal of 186.5.  That is only 3lbs. from here.  But 186.5 will put me at a loss of 30lbs.  Really, I'm at 37 right now from my highest but I'm at 27 from when I started this time.  I am really hopeful and excited to hit 30 down (40 overall!).  It really makes me feel good.  I know it is taking a while, but it's happening and I am getting there.

Since I just recently gave up the coffee creamer, I think I am just going to stay where I am for the moment.  I was debating changing things up just because I somewhat want to lose faster because losing at this pace is so very slow.  But I just don't want to mess anything up right now and I really want to keep living life and not feeling like life is a punishment.  That has worked so far.  I need to find a way to do the same with exercise.  I need a way to view it as a reward and not something I just 'have' to do.  I'm just not sure how to do it.  But I want to... especially the Pilates.  I KNOW what good things it does for my body.  I just need to get on it and do it.  I mean, it's basically the middle of May and I still haven't done it.  What's wrong with me that I don't do it?  It's not like it's awful and body draining, mind numbing crap that I hate.... I actually enjoy it so why do I put it off????

Back to my point, I am just going to keep going from here and I will see how it goes. I'm going to stick with the 1600 cals at least for a couple of weeks to see how it is without the creamer and see if that makes a difference.  I'm not sure it will, but right now I will have to make due and just be happy with it.  I really don't want to cut my calories anymore right now if I don't have to.  Mostly because with going into Summer and warm weather, we're probably going to be much busier and I'm afraid if I restrict too much, I will end up falling off the wagon big time.  Bleh.  I'm rambling.

Ok, getting off of here now and finding something to do with my day.  There are always things to do, so I'm sure I can find something!  Have a great day!


  1. Ok, I found your new blog, love the background! I think I will stick with 3fatchicks for a while longer, I just feel like I have a history there.

  2. Congratz! I knew this day would come for you! :) It's only a matter of time and now it's here! You deserved it ^___^ NOw, go celebrate! :D


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