Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trying to get going

I am trying to get going this AM, but my kids are trying to kill me.  We've only been up a couple of hours, and already I've had to spank the living daylights out of youngest, yell, and clean up mess after mess.  I am done.  Youngest is now in his 'pen' and oldest is cleaning his room before I do.  If I clean it, half of his toys are going in the frickin' TRASH!  He NEVER plays with them and many are broken.  Why he continues to hoard them, I don't know.  But he does.  I have casually been going in every few days and snitching one or two things and either putting them in with the other toys to donate or throwing them away.  Many are thrown away but he has yet to notice.  I've done the same downstairs but there was one toy that he noticed right away so I gave that one back.  I figure if he noticed, it must be something he actually likes and plays with.  lol

Other than the kids acting like crazy monkey's this AM, my morning is going ok.  I have been trying to go on the blogs and catch up and be supportive to the other 'losers' out there.  Loser as in losing weight!  And even to those who are stalled and feel like quitting.  I think that is a big portion of why 3FC was so wonderful for me... I enjoy being supportive!  For some reason, being supportive to other people helps me to stay more positive with myself.  And sometimes, I need that reminder.  Then there are times I feel like throttling some people.  LOL  I try to be supportive to people no matter where they are on their journey.  Like when someone who is say only 145lbs. is freaking out and talking about how fat they are.  It helps that I have a friend who has a completely different body build than me.  On her, 145 looks VERY different than it does on me... not that I can really remember 145, but I do have some pics close to that size!  LOL  Anyways, I try to be supportive of people no matter where they are since I know that to them it's a big deal.  But sometimes in my head I'm thinking, GEEZ!  I wish my issue was only being overweight by 15 to 20lbs.!!!  I know that it's hard for them, but some part of me gets angry because I have so much more to lose.  However, I keep reminding myself that sometimes being so close to what you want and fighting to get there is hard if not harder.  So, I've missed being on the blogs and able to comment.  It helps to keep me balanced and remind me that we're all on our own kind of journeys and that it's different for each of us.  I don't know that I will do the forums much... I haven't found them to be supportive now or in the past, but I do really love the blogs.  :)

My weight this AM is 190.5.  I saw 190 first and was hopeful but then it went to the 190.5.  I doubt I will have much change to report tomorrow as my official weight, but I guess we will see.  I'm not feeling super perky about my weight-loss right now but I'm not feeling bad at all, either.  Just feels like I have been hanging out here for quite a while.  I mean, really as of today, I've only lost about 6lbs. so far this year.  But it's better than gaining so I guess I'm going to keep going on.  I am just always amazed at people who can lose big numbers every month. I feel like I stay on plan a vast majority of the time but my weightloss is very slow.  But like I said before, maybe it was the coffee or that I DO allow myself time off.  Oh well... at least the number is going down.  I have been toying with the idea of doing something else to lose a bit faster.  But I want to give the 'coffee' experiment a try first to see if I really was goofing myself up that much by not adding that in.  I just keep doing the math in my head and it makes sense that it could be goofed up by as little as 100 extra cals.  Over the course of one week that is about 700 and that is if I didn't drink a latte.  Over a month, that is right at 2800 which is only 700 away from 3500 which is supposedly one pound.  Which would bring me on average to a 1lb. loss per month if I just ditched that.  :O  Funny how the numbers work.  I know the numbers aren't exact so I'm not stressing too much, but it's fun to watch them and see the patterns. 

Oh me... well, I've been on here for a while this AM.  I need to get off of here and get going.  I want to check oldest's room and let youngest out of time out.  But he better straighten up or he's going to go RIGHT BACK IN.  Granted, it's not like a real bad time out since he's still so young... but he has limited run space and limited toys.  So, time to let the monster out and maybe get some housework done and work on a project or two.  Hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. I hear you about weight just hanging around. Last year I got to 158 and I was working out with my trainer for a month I didn't see the scale budge...until I stopped working out then BAM 150 (of course I self sabotaged myself getting up to 170 by the end of the year!!!) but here I am again...back at that dreadful 158! Jillian calls this the vanity pounds where your body thinks it's okay to be at this weight so it holds on to it! boo!

    I'd totally come to your house and help you clean and throw away toys!!! I love organizing other people's houses! I can't say the same for mine! lol Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I agree it can be maddening to listen to somone that's only a handful of pounds overweight complain about their issues, but we are all different and I try to be supportive too. My bestie is about 5-10 pounds or less from ideal weight, but she has the mom tummy and it bothers the hell out of her, if I did I know it would me too. Hope the kids cool it for you and good luck on the weigh in!


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