Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Going down...

Weight this AM is 191 flat.  Yay!  So the bloat and yuck sure seems to be going down.  Thankfully I feel much better and not like a huge whale.  Monthly bloating isn't normally THIS bad for me, but part of it could be sodium and swollen muscles from yardwork.  I'm just glad that it is letting up.  AND, I guess this explains the 50 trips to the bathroom the last few days.  My husband even commented that I was in the bathroom more than the kiddos!  He wasn't joking.  I was in the restroom every 30mins. or so.  I think that I went through an entire roll of toilet paper by myself!  No joke. 

I guess I'm going to get ready to go here in a bit and go run a few errands.  I don't need to do a ton... Just Walmart and Kroger.  I mostly need to do Walmart to get youngest some shoes.  I've looked everywhere but there recenlty, and there is one brand there that fits so well so I guess I will check and see if they have any in.  I probably should go through all the old shoes and get rid of the ones that don't fit.  I'm thinking about donating all of his old clothes to needy families.  I thought of selling it, but I've had a good friend here who passed on lots of her son's things and it really helped us out, so I was thinking I should 'pass it on'.  My cousin just found out she is preggo, so maybe I will be sending some on her way.  I have a few things I may set aside, but for the most part, it's time to clean out.  Even if I get preggo again in the future (which I am thinking is no right now), I won't need the same size of maternity, AND the chances of needing the same clothes for baby are slim.  We kept my oldest's clothes, but so far younger has only been able to use a small amount.  They were born around the same time of year, but their body builds are so different.  My youngest is wearing clothes my oldest didn't wear until he was near 3!  Oldest was tall and thin.  LOL  Youngest is average height and stocky.  So, he literally is wearing his age.  He'll be 24mos. soon and that is what he is wearing.  Some are 2T.  Anyways, I just don't see the point in holding onto that stuff for 2 or 3 years and possibly moving it again when someone could use it now.  I am also thinking that maybe I need to purge the garage.  Sorta did some in the playroom... might need to do more!  Slowly but surely.  But I am thinking that when it comes to the kid's stuff, especially youngest's, I need to clean it out.  I don't think a whole bunch of those shoes will fit.  Think I will look at that before we go in case some WILL fit!  Maybe I can look for a hamper while I'm out, too....

Not much else to talk about today so I guess I will get off of here and get going.  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Hi jewlz, ellie (fallingwaters blog) from 3FC here. I'm glad you posted your link to your new blog! Now i can catch up with ya. I've deleted my 3FC blog and now am blogging over on blogger. Hope to see more of you in the blogosphere. :)



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