Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I forgot...

There were a few things I forgot to write about this AM.  See what lack of caffeine does?  But first let me say... HI ELLIE!!!  So glad you found my blog!  Now, leave me a link to yours so I can find you!  :D  I think I may be done with 3FC.  I think I will keep the page and run them in tandem, but mostly just to keep up with friends and things.  Ya know?  But for now, I'd like to add anyone who wants to move or has moved over here. 

OK, now, two things.  A) I read back over my journal from last year. and B) Black coffee. 

I actually want to start with B. 

B)  The switch over to black coffee has been amazingly easy.  I do once in a while miss cream, but so far, its been good and I'm liking it.  I got to thinking about it yesterday and even asked the hubbs, 'Do you think this will make any difference?'  Not that I cut it out for that reason, I just thought that I would give it a go black because it sounded good.  But not only did I give up creamer, but I need less sweetener.  Which is just amazing!  I use to need 3 packs.  Now, I'm only using 2 and even 2 seems pretty darn sweet.  It's weird!  But I like it.  I like not needing it to be over done.  And it makes me wonder if I can go over to Stevia or something.  I like Stevia, but sometimes it's got a weird taste to me.  Not as bad as Splenda, but it's still there.  I only notice the Splenda in coffee.  Anyways, looking at my cream (I still use heavy cream from my LC days) there are 50 cals. in 1 Tbsp.  How nuts is that???  So, now it's confession time... I haven't been counting my coffee in my calorie totals for the day.  I just never thought it was a big deal until I got to thinking about it yesterday.  And it hit me... I think I've been using at least 1 if not 2 to 3 Tbsps. per day depending on how much coffee I drink.  If I have 2 full cups, that's 100 extra calories in one day.  If I do that as my average, that's an extra 700 calories per week!!!  And I can tell you, there are days I have 4 cups.  That's not often, but it happens.  Just in one day, that's an extra 200 calories.  There are many days I only have one cup and those days aren't that bad.  But on average, I'd say I have 2 cups per day.  *sigh*  I've thought of this before but always put it on the back burner.  So, now I'm wondering if it will make any difference... I don't know if it will or not, but my hubby seems to think it will.  Because even at one cup a day, at the end of the week it adds up to almost a whole extra meal...  I guess we will see.  It would be nice if it did!  LOL

A)  I posted a pic from vacation last year of me thinking that I was in the low to mid 190's.  I was wrong.  I went back through my journal from last year and it turns out I was right at 200 there.  Which explains why my 14's don't fit.  Let me explain... I am starting to fit in some 14's but not all of them.  And I couldn't understand it... I kept thinking I was wearing 16's last year and the year before I was in a 14.  I should be closer to a 14 by now.  But I got confused.  Where I am right now, I should be in 16's like last year.  Somehow, I got the weights and sizes mixed up and I am not sure how I did that.  So, what I'm saying is that I'm feeling good about being in my 16's and not upset about not being fully into 14's yet.  It think I got all of my 14's before I got preggo and for some reason I was thinking I was in 14's last year and I wasn't.  I was a 16.  And my weight was right at 200.  I think it was 199.5.  Makes me feel better overall about my weight loss because even right now, with my period, I'm still about 8.5lbs. lower than I was last year!  Is that a huge loss?  No.  But does that mean I'm moving in the right direction?  Yes!  It makes me more proud of what I've done.  Do others lose more?  Duh.  But overall, I'm still going down!  With holidays and travel and all the other day to day things, I'm still making a bit of progress.  :)


  1. Going back over old posts and journals can be a huge eyeopener, I've discovered many things that I got wrong that way!

  2. wow! I love your new background! I just came by and I was amazed about the vibrant color and design! :) I really really like what you done with it ^__^ haha

    As for your weight lost in part A, I think that while your moving in the right direction, I think you should also add some element of "changes" into your life. It will definitly make things a little more difficult, but it is a very important factors into losing weight.

    OOH!!! This give me an idea! :) but .. it's late for me. I'll definitly let you know about this idea later.

  3. Here ya go! Good to see you again, too. :)




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