Friday, May 4, 2012


I've been good and busy the last couple of days and I am paying for it a bit this AM.  I am OH SO TIRED.  But I keep sipping away at my coffee hoping to perk up.  I also got a sad phone call from a friend this morning after talking to her last night.  Her 20+yr. old kitty is going to have to be put down.  She is heartbroken.  :(  I don't know what to say to make her feel better because there are just no words.  I mean, I know to some people it would just be a cat, but to her, it's her friend.  A friend she's had since she was a kid through now to an adult and having her own children.  I can't imagine it.  I had my Honey for a short 7yrs. and still, there are times I think of her and tear up.  I couldn't imagine 20+yrs.  So... I am waiting for her phone call -- her appt. was at 11 so I figure she will call in a little while.  Although, her husband is home so she may not need me.  But I'm going to be here if she does. 

Anyways, I am just a bit tired today and a bit achy.  Both of my elbows are hurting and my left calf.  Not sure what started that... but it's uncomfy.  I don't have a ton to do today since I did so much yesterday.  Not to mention, the people that were going to get the clothes from me have backed out.  SO, my day is going to be fairly bland at this point.  I'm not sure what to do with myself!  I'd love to work on a project, but with my elbows hurting, I'm sorta afraid to.  But I do think that if the weather holds out, I may get to finish mowing this afternoon.  I did the backyard on the rider yesterday, so I'd like to get the front with the rider, too.  If I have time, I may try to push mow at least parts of the back because the front has been push mowed recently but not the back.  The weather turned and we got all the front and both sides, but we weren't able to do the back.  So, if I can, I'd like to try to get the back done just so it doesn't skip another cycle.  But other than that, all I have to do is maybe some laundry.  I want to do SOMETHING though because I can't just sit around.  It can become a habit much too quickly.  Maybe I will work on some organization in the garage.  I started a while back but was never able to finish.  So, maybe that is what I will do today. 

My weight this AM was 193.  But I'm not sure how accurate it is.  I did feel like I went to the ladies room a ton yesterday but I also did a lot of work around the house.  So, who knows.  And then tonight we are going to our fave local Mexican place for their Cinco de Mayo weekend celebration.  It starts tonight and goes through Sunday.  We love this place usually, so I hope tonight goes well.  Although, originally it was just going to be adults, but tonight she wants to take the kiddos.  I sorta don't want to... I just wanted some adult time out, ya know?  I mean, I love my kids but I'm with them ALL OF THE TIME and I rarely get time out with JUST other adults.  So, I'm somewhat disappointed.  But what I may do is just take my oldest and let youngest hang out here with the sitter.  I know my sitter well, so I trust her and we will be right down the road.  Plus, we don't hardly ever do anything with just our oldest, so we may go do this and then something else like putt putt or something.  That would be fun!  And I think he would really like it, too.  Or maybe bowling... guess we will see.

Another thing that I am frustrated about is that my cycle hasn't started.  I should've started yesterday, but so far, nada.  And that is ANNOYING.  I've had 'normal' cycles for a while and then all of a sudden they got shorter and stayed that way for months.  Now it seems to be getting longer again.  BLEH.  I'm only off by one day right now so I know it's silly to be annoyed, but when you're like clockwork after years of random cycles, you instantly start to worry that something is wrong.  And that is where I am right now -- I'm worried something is wrong.  I've been bloaty and crampy for a few days now.  I wish it would just come on and get over with!

Well, I need to bring this to an end and get going with the day.  I slept in this AM and I've been going back and forth between here and my other sites so I need to get going.  I may do one more quick check, and then I'm off.  I will try to catch up on reading and commenting in the next few days.  :)


  1. I think if you stop thinking about it, it'll just explode! My friend had the same issues, it just would never come and then she went out to do something got her mind off of it and volia there it was...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. LOL! Thanks for the reply, it helps a lot! I was hoping the question wasn't too far out there, but it's definitely a topic that matters (to me anyway, lol) when getting a new mattress! I noticed how cool it felt and thought that would really help on a hot night (pun intended). Have a great weekend and sorry to hear about your friends kitty, it tears me up to think about mine going to kitty heaven one day.

  3. I hate waiting around for my period too. I hope you have a great weekend regardless of everything. Stretch out where it's sore!

    20+ years is a long time for a cat right? I'm sorry to hear about your friend's loss though. My sister's pup is only 3 years old and she would be devastated if anything happened to her!

    After taking care of my brother since the Fall, I ADORE ADULT TIME so I totally get where you are coming from even though I'm not a real mother myself.

  4. I also hate waiting on my period. I'm super irregular so it happens to me a lot! I thought losing 60+ pounds would regulate that a bit,but it hasn't. So it sucks when you feel it coming and it still takes a few days. Blah!


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