Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Got up to a BEAUTIFUL day this morning!  It's just gorgeous outside and I wish I could just be outside all day -- but alas, I have children and I can't just do yardwork all day.  But oh well.. I will survive!  I will find a way to get some things done today if only the swelling in my hands will go down.  They are so swollen and tight that the skin hurts.  :/  I'm not sure why, but it's annoying.  I haven't been eating great the last couple of days, but I haven't been horrid.  I knew I'd be off Sunday, but I didn't do so hot yesterday, either.  So, I need to be MUCH better today.  I was a bit over at breakfast, but I plan on having a lighter lunch and snack so then it should all balance out.  I wasn't way over... just maybe 100.  Which is a lot but it isn't.  Not going to stress, ya know?

I'm still trying to get use to this blog and I'm trying to decide if I should transfer all of my old blog over here, or only the main stuff and just keep the other stuff on my pute.  I'm starting to add blogs I follow, too.  I still have a lot to do, but I will probably save that for those nights when the hubby is on shift work and I am bored to death.  Although, his schedule has been thrown up in the air and not sure how much it will be changing.  All I know is, I am completely irritated that it keeps getting mixed around and that has basically ruined our entire Summer because we can't make real plans.  I swear, I think these guys forget what it's like to be younger with families.  That or they just don't care.  I hope it's not the latter because if it is, it's one of those situations where logic and communication will do nothing. 

Oh, and btw, I didn't weigh this AM.  I probably should have... but I just didn't.  I also haven't been working out... still.  BLEH.  I need to get back in gear this week.  I'm all out of whack.  Seems like it's just one thing after another distracting me.  Like right now... my kiddo is distracting me and the TV and my hubby.  So, I guess this will be all for now.  Sorry this isn't as perky or whatever as normal.  I will try to get things going again and soooooon!


  1. Hey it's unskinny here! I'm just testing to see if I can comment!

  2. Yup Yup. I see your comment Unskinny! WOOT!

  3. Yay! I have a food blog on a different site. I forgot that I originally started it here! Lol if I knew how to change my blog name I would use this blog as a a general life blog as well as weight loss! I know I know... Weird that I have a food blog,and a weightloss blog lol. But I love food,and I like to blog about it! Haha I will make sure to check up on your blogs here!

  4. So for the first time in like forever I can comment on the 3fc blogs again, but nobody over there is blogging anymore as far as I can tell.
    Glad to see that you have a fresh new blog. I think it is for the best, don't you?
    Cute picture over there, by the way.


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