Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another day...

Another pissy weigh-in.  BLEH.  194.5 this AM.  Yes, Aunt Flo is definitely on her way for a visit along with cousin Polly.  AKA, POLLEN.  Between munchies and meds, I feel swelled up like a blow fish!  It's driving me slightly bonkers and I hate it.  I know I say this every month.  I know I do.  But dad gum... I always feel like this every month!  AARGH!  But not much I can do about it but keep on keeping on.  I didn't do well yesterday at lunch -- we had Chinese.  And I snacked too much and then later, had a big dessert.  I don't know why my control goes out the window right before my period.  Its like my ovaries take over and I can't tell them no.  I always TRY, but am rarely successful.  I hope I can do better today.  I'm sure going to try.  Maybe if I get up and get busy as soon as I am done with this blog I can keep from eating junk.  I am also going to try to drink water or coffee at every chance I get!  Seems like if I am hydrated or drinking something yummy, it's easier.  But even that didn't seem to help a ton yesterday.  So... here's to hoping!

I will say that I read a blog a couple of days ago that got me a little annoyed.  Not annoyed mad, but annoyed that people have got it all wrong.  It was a bloggers OPINION on working out and how he/she was reading a book and now she just KNEW that lifting weights was the way to go and that most other forms of exercise were essentially useless.  They went on to say that Yoga and Pilates were just stretching and end the end, would do nothing for your muscles.  Ummm... excuse me?  And THEN they went on to say that women do NOT bulk up from weights and that is a complete myth.  I hate to start an argument because once I start one, I rarely let up until I am proven either completely wrong or completely right.  Because rarely is there common ground.  So, I've gotten to where I just don't say anything because most people want to argue and not discuss.  I can actually discuss things like a pro if no one starts getting ugly... but it usually comes to that.  So, I just didn't say anything and over the last few days, it's been eating at me and I just knew that I had to find a way to address it without it having the chance to get ugly.  Because this was their opinion and now I want to express mine.

So, here it is.  Your book is complete bull-hockey.  There.  I said it.  Whatever book it was they were reading (I can't think of the name) is complete BS.  Why?  Because any book that says only THIS is the way and all of THAT isn't true is a load of crap.  Go ahead, ask me how I know!  PLEASE!  Ok, I'll tell you since you seem so curious!  ;)  It's crap because out of all the information you will read and gather in life, it's all going to apply different to each person.  I get SO frustrated when I read or see things and they are like, Oh, do THIS because THIS is what will work!  NO!!  This won't work, do this!!!  And the truth is, what works for one person may not work for another.  This goes for diet AND exercise.  I'm the prime example.  It was said that women do not 'bulk' up from weights alone because our hormones don't allow it.  Well, I'm here to tell you that isn't true.  I'm a female and very obviously a female, and when I lift weights, I bulk up.  I may not look like a man, but I do get chunky.  I have a higher than normal testosterone level due to a hormone disorder and so trying to generalize and say that women CAN'T bulk is just crap.  There ARE female weightlifters who are of substantial size.  Do some take drugs?  Probably.  Do all?  I'd say no.

The next thing that got my ire up was the Yoga and Pilates stuff.  I personally do Pilates.  I love it!  I get great and fast results.  Why?  Because Pilates is NOT just stretching.  The point of Pilates is to use your own body weight and light resistance to tone and strengthen.  To say it is only 'stretching' does it a great injustice.  I can't really speak for Yoga as I don't really DO Yoga, but I really enjoy doing Pilates when I get going on a good workout routine.  So when someone says that it is only stretching and that it doesn't really do what it says (lengthening and toning), it makes me feel like the person saying that has never actually TRIED it.  And you know, I have.  And to me, it's like you're judging something just because it's what you read in a book.  Wouldn't you rather TRY it and see what happens rather than just reading it in some book and taking it at it's word???  Because if you TRIED doing it, I can promise you that you would form a valid opinion of your own and not just be following what you had read somewhere.  Does that mean that you would fall in love with Pilates and say this is the exercise for you?  No.  But it does mean you would be able to see that it's not just 'stretching'.

My point is with this long rant is that it's not just about what works for everyone because there is no one thing!  Each person has to find what works for them and well... WORK IT!  Like, I could never be a runner.  I've tried and tried and I just hate it.  I find no enjoyment in it and I'd much rather do anything else.  I do, however, enjoying light weight lifting with high reps, Pilates, walking, swimming, etc.  So, THAT is what I do.  Same with my diet.  For a long time, Atkins-esque eating is what worked and now it's lowered calories.  I just have to do what works for me in the here and now.  I need something that is sustainable and I will really FEEL like I am moving forward.  And you know, that is different for each and every person.  Dieting and exercise is very personal and should be.  Because what works for you, may or not work for me and vice versa.

Ok, I think I am done now being Ms. Ranty Pants.  I wasn't really 'mad' but annoyed.  Just struck me wrong and ran all over me!  But anyways, I guess I should bring this to an end and get to work on some stuff around this house.  Between exhaustion and allergies, I am behind.  I don't think I will be out much today... I just can't handle the sneezing, coughin, itching, etc.  OR, the drowsiness I get from the meds.  BLEH.  Hope you ladies have a great one.


  1. I agree, everything works differently for every person! No one can say to everyone what certain exercises will do to them because our body chemistries vary so much. Pilates (although I have never done them) is most definitely more than mere stretching AND even if it were "just stretching" stretching is a wonderful way to burn more calories. When I went to Curves a couple of years ago stretching after a workout was required for the program because it allows the muscles to burn more fat! This person is all wrong on that account, I'm sure if I added pilates to my routine I'd get my ass kicked because a lot of that stuff looks intense, I mean you are bearing the weight of your entire body and some of us have quite a lot of weight to bear! Good for you for ranting it out, it will always make us feel better! Don't worry too much with you gain today, I'll bet it's all water. TOM + the sodium in chinese food = huge bloat. You'll be back to normal in no time!

  2. I would agree with you. Not every work out is for every person. It completely varies. Ugh I understand the bloat! I haven't pooped in DAYS! My weight is completely stuck,and my pants even feel tighter. Not cool! Im sure your weight will go back down in no time! Chinese food is packed with sodium. But we all deserve a treat from
    Time to time!


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