Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old and haggard

I am feeling old and haggard today.  I know that I'm not, but that is currently how I feel!  LOL  I think I've been so busy over the past few days that I have just worn myself to a nub.  But they have been good and productive pretty much all the way around.  Friday may have felt off, but the rest of the time has been good.  I've spent the last two days helping my friend who is a single Mom.  Her apt. was a MESS and I told her I would help clean it out.  She said it's not the cleaning, it's the organizing.  And when I got there and really looked around, she was RIGHT.  I think a very large part of why she has had a hard time keeping her place as clean and neat as she would like is that she is not organized at all.  She is missing the most basic of things like trash cans and laundry baskets.  And she had no idea how to organize anything like her closet.  So, we went through and pretty much purged all of the upstairs rooms.  When I left yesterday, all she had left was to deep clean and scrub the bathroom and finish her oldest child's room.  We ran out of time for it.  But out of all of the rooms, his was probably the easiest because he had a large dresser and a couple of old baskets he was using to put his things in.  I did end up buying a few organizational things for her like the laundry baskets and totes.  She asked me to help her make her wardrobe more 'grown up' so we went through that and cleaned it out.  I think I took off 4 or 5 bags of donations!  Not just clothes... old blankets, toys, etc., too.  She cried yesterday saying how proud she was going to be of her 'new' home.  When I left yesterday, it was pretty amazing.  She called again today to say thank you.  You just never think of how important that stuff is!  While we were out, I got her a few other things but she is insisting to pay that back and I promised to add it to her one loan for her.  She also called with other great news this AM... she got a great job offer!  She is so excited and so happy!  I'm happy for her.  :)  She starts on Friday.

It is now Wednesday and I am trying to get my groggy brain awake.  I got interrupted about 5 times yesterday and just gave up on trying to do my blog.  I don't really feel like doing it now as my hands feel all swollen and my brain is so foggy.  But I want to do it so that if I have a chance later, I can get in a nap.  I need to try to get the house back together at some point.  Between helping my friend, birthday party, groceries, regular daily stuff, etc., the house is a bit grungy again.  But the truth is, I'm tired and feel run down.  So, I'm not sure how much I will get done but I need to try to get at least some topical picking up done.  And some laundry.  Hubby is frustrating me burning through laundry so fast!  Particularly socks.  He wears more socks than anyone I've ever met.  AARGH.  It wouldn't be so frustrating if I didn't already do laundry almost daily.  I just hope I find the energy at some point to do the housework and make dinner.  Because right now, I'm not feeling so hot.  I did take two days to do whatever with my friend, but it sure wasn't relaxing.  How do you recover from something like that?  I think I am going to drink some more coffee, finish this blog, then eat breakfast and double up on my multi-vitamin.  Then I am going to drink water like crazy.  I don't think I'm dehydrated, but I could be it's been so hot lately and I've been so busy.  Plus, it is suppose to be crazy hot here after today.  I was actually thinking of inviting a friend over to let her kiddos play in the sprinklers.  Mostly because after today, it will be too miserable to be out!

Other than that, I plan on attempting to workout again.  Between illness and then the party, I haven't gotten back to it and I NEED to.  And my diet has slid... a lot.  I've not really gained, but I'm not losing either.  I was 189.5 this AM, but Aunt Flo is taking her sweet time showing up.  I was suppose to have started a few days ago and the cravings have been nuts!  I don't know why my cycle is going up and down, but it's annoying to say the least.  One month is 27 days and the next is 31.  Not sure what is up with that.  Back to my point... I need to get back to eating better.  There are a few leftovers to clear out today, but overall, I'm set up to eat healthy.  I want to get back to where I was eating a diet mostly based on veggies and fruit with good proteins and some carbs.  Here lately, I have definitely had too much in the carb department.  But I think that is sorta expected when you're doing a birthday party; I mean if you're the baker and everything.  I'm not going to let it get to me.  Just going to get back at it and not eat so much junk.  lol  Although, I haven't been horrid if I really think about it.  I for sure could've done worse.  But I for sure could've done better, too!  LOL  I just want to get back on track to hopefully get to the low 180's soon.  I had really hoped to be in the 170's by now, but since I'm not, I just hope to get there this Fall.  Slow and steady.

Well, I am losing track and the kiddos are getting all wound up so I need to get rolling.  I think they want to go outside before the heat of the day settles in.  And me, well, I don't know what I will do.  LOL  Hope I can get perked up, I guess.  Hope all you ladies are having a good one.  Maybe I can catch up on commenting on some blogs!  :D

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  1. *sighs* I've gone up and up over the past couple of weeks. It's my fault; between planning (and shopping) for a 10-day vacay, getting back into the swing of grad school readings, and preparing for my upcoming move in the Fall, I'm eating on the run and it's showing. Hopefully, I can join you in getting back on track over the next few days.



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