Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arguments, Energy, and MORE!

Sooo... I must say, I totally love winning an argument by being calm, practical, thoughtful, and well-spoken.  Especially when the other person gets so flustered by anger that they start to name call and really sound stupid.  It validates my point!  Well, in many cases it does.  LOL  Anyways, yes, I got into an 'argument' tonight with another lady and I was calm and presented good arguments and facts and when she had no valid points, she started name calling and using curse words.  I didn't have to do that at all.  :)  To me, that really feels like I had good points.  Not that I was necessarily right, just good, valid, solid, and supportable points!  I won't go into the topic -- no point in dragging it on here.  But still.  I'd had another conversation during the day that wasn't as pleasant.  I finally dropped that one because the other lady is a pregnant hormone ball right now and well, it is my personal belief that she is finally being taken over by her pregnancy!  I know that sounds mean, but over the last month, it seems like she has had a couple of really cranky posts.  Over simple things, I might add.  And I knew I should've ignored it because well... she's pregnant and hormonal and I'm sure I was a bit nutty during the end of mine so I should've just stayed closed.  But really, seems like so many FB posts lately are so darn negative and I think it got to me!  Especially when for some strange reason, I'm feeling all positive and happy and productive and just wanting to feel good.

And that's where I am right at this moment.  Today was a day where I just felt like there were so many good things going on and I've been able to think forward and feel creative!  I think part of my block has been projects.  I think I need to be doing them.  I know it's weird, but I think the painting and working is actually what was making me content before because after clearing some junk today and thinking of new projects and ways to make things better, I've felt like I had so much energy!  I hope this stays... I hope I can get a few things going and done soon!  Now if only my CHILD will let me!  :O

On a good note, I started my cycle early.  Why is this good?  Weight this AM was 189.5.  So, I would garner that part of my gain while on my mini mini vacay was that.  :D  I was sorta shocked to see that this AM and couldn't believe it.  I really hope that I can get my diet/workout mojo going and get down in the 170's by Fall.  I did great on working out last week, but this week has been ZERO.  LOTS of waterpark fun and housecleaning, but zero planned.  Gotta do better this next week.  I've still been very active, but I want to be sure and get in more planned Pilates.  Does a body good!  LOL  Diet wise, I think I'm ok. 

Geez.  It's super late... or super early.  And I'm feeling peckish, need to hang some laundry, and need to shower and get to bed.  Family here tomorrow so I better hop to it!  Have a good one!  Oh, and I don't have anymore pics of the park.  :/  I didn't take tons... I was too busy having FUN!  :D  But if anyone wants to see something cool, go to and look up Wilderness at the Smokies Storm Chaser.  Tee hee!  I rode it... backwards!!!!!

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  1. Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun!

    I like winning arguments too :)


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