Wednesday, August 1, 2012

189.5.  191.  190.  I think my scale is losing it.  :/  I weighed 3 times and got 3 different numbers!  I got on the 4th time just as the tie breaker and got 189.5.  I guess that is what I will take.  UGH.  Not ugh because it's bad or anything, just ugh because of the darn scale.  I don't know what is wrong that I would be getting numbers all over the place.  I'm fine with the 189.5.  My cycle is almost over, I haven't eaten GREAT, but I've eaten ok, and I've stayed busy.  Although, I tried to take it a bit easier yesterday because the couple of days before that, my knee and calf had hurt.  I had planned on working out, but in Pilates I do a lot of lower body work and since I had already been on my feet literally all day, I didn't want to over do it.  It started twinging again yesterday late, so I didn't work out then either.  I plan on working out today here in a bit, but I won't do any calf raises.  And if I feel even a tiny twinge, I'm going to skip lower body and do upper and abs.  I've been good and taking my Ibuprofen and heating it at night.  :)  So, it feels pretty ok right now.  Just don't want to strain it.  Want to listen to my body.

Speaking of 'bouncing around' with my weight, I've decided I don't want to reach a specific weight.  Mostly because I don't want to get stuck on one number.  So, I've decided more on a range.  I know my original goal was somewhere in the 150's, like 155 or something.  But I think I will just shoot to be between like 150 to 156.  I need some wiggle room.  That way I KNOW if I get up to 156 and start creeping over, I need to watch what I'm doing again and shave it down some.  That means to be in my goal range, I need to lose a bit over 30lbs.  At least I think the 150's is it... maybe 160's.  I guess we will see.  160's is tempting because it's a bit over 20lbs.  LOL  Seems more attainable.  But I want to shoot for the 150's.  I think that will be a good weight for me.  And I'm afraid if I have one number in mind like 153, if I wiggle down or up a bit, I'll freak.  I don't want to do that.  I don't know if I would, but yeah... I'd rather just be within my range.  Maybe that is why I picked 153 in the first place... it's in the middle of the range I've imagined being at!  LOL  And the more I think on it, the more I believe that 153 was my original goal.  And let me tell ya, I have a bit of work to do!

I finally updated my weigh-in page and it looks like July was a gain month.  :(  Sad, but true.  I got down to 186.5 at one point, but then we went to Wilderness and gained.  Plus, got my cycle.  So, I didn't end my month out good on the scale even though overall, lots of good things happened.  Like, being really busy and finally back to working out.  SIGH.  I really hope August is a good month.  I'd like to lose the pound I gained and then some.  I've been good at sticking to this range for the last month or so, so time to move down to the next bracket.  I'm not sure why my weight seems to work that way... It really seems to take me about 2 months to move down from one bracket to another with occasional stalls/gains.  LOTS of bouncing around.  But overall a downward trend.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I think I feel mostly happy.  It's happening slowly, but it's happening.  I'm hoping that for long term, that it means good things.  LOL  But I really am ready to be in the next bracket.  So, I've got to suck it up and get to work on it!

Speaking of getting to work, I've been doing a lot of work around the house lately.  It's like our little trip helped to re-energize us!  We still have a lot to do, but it's getting there.  :)  So, for this week, I have decided that nap time is project time!  I'll do my other housework during the other times, but during nap time, its going to be all about projects.  Wanna keep this good stuff rolling if I can!  :D  I'm sure I will burn out before too long, but I'll ride the train as long as I can.

Well, going to cut this off now and get to it.  Going to get changed and the kiddos, too.  Then going to work out and do some housework.  Then it's all about PROJECTS!!!  :D

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