Friday, July 20, 2012

Weight and food

I was very happy and excited to see the 186.5 flash on the scale this AM.  I hope to see 185 soon, but I'm not going to stress.  What's the point?  When I stress, the scale doesn't move!  And I'm doing my best to be active or workout.  I worked out yesterday but it started storming so we never made it to the splash pad.  We went today, so I didn't workout today.  Balance.  LOL  I'm working on it.  Just like I'm working on any other number of things.  Like liking my body and who I am... accepting that not having a full social life just may be my plight in life... working on eating better every day... and family drama even when we attempt to stay out of things.  The list goes on and on.  But here's to hoping the scale goes down and down!  It's not my end all be all measure of health and happiness, but it's a pretty good guide.  But I'm not weighing as obsessively as I use to.  I weigh randomly now and I think that's fine.  I use to weigh every morning, record it, and then possibly weigh at night before bed.  Now I don't.  I think doing it every day for 30 days somewhat helped to kill it... it's like once I did it and tracked it, it no longer had it's hold.  Do I still love to see it move down?  Why, yes!  But does it bum me out as much if I go up a bit?  Nope.  And that is good.  But lately, I've not seen it move down as much as I would like so I am trying to keep on track and get it moving down under 185.  I am thinking of trying IF in the next week or so to give me a boost.  I don't think I'd want to do it for life, but I feel like it gives a good little boost.  I guess we'll see.  But if I was going to do it, I'd like to do it soon so that I could do it before school goes back into session.

Food has been pretty good.  Trying to get in lots of fruit and veggies and water.  For whatever reason, I've not been drinking many diet drinks.  I've mostly been drinking just plain ol' water and coffee with only 2 aspartame.  I know artificial sweeteners aren't the best, but this is a big cut in overall sugar and sweeteners for me and I'm not really sure what has brought it on.  But it's good.  :)  But my food is probably disappointing to most people because unlike a lot of other dieters, I have no intention of cutting out processed food.  I don't see the point.  I know there will be arguments to this and that's fine, but I'm not here to argue.  I'm saying that for me, this approach won't work.  I love fresh stuff, I do.  And I eat a lot of it.  But sometimes I just want a quick frozen waffle because I SUCK at making them.  Sometimes, I just want some Denty Moore beef stew and some toast with an apple.  Sometimes I just want a quick Lean Cuisine or a pizza!  Do I eat them all of the time?  No.  But I refuse to say I'm giving them up.  I am also not giving up crackers, bread, or lunch meat as one site suggested.  BAH.  It said not to pack that for kids.  Well, kiss a butt, dude!  My kiddo likes turkey on wheat with cheese crackers and apple slices with milk.  So, that is what I'll pack!  It's better than the alternative many times and people need eat the best they can. 

I think this all started because in the last two weeks, I have read so many blogs about 'clean' eating and 'sticking' to it and how they are trying to focus on only natural foods.  That's great for them and their life, but I just know that isn't realistic for me and I won't stick to it.  I just won't.  My goal is to eat as many fruits and veggies as I can as close to natural as I can and if that isn't always the case, that's ok.  But I swear, sometimes I feel like other 'dieters' look down on me because I refuse to give up junk food.  I can honestly say if I gave up the processed food, I'd probably cave and gain 100lbs.  So it's just never going away.  I'm not saying no.  For the most part, I feel like we do better than most about not eating tons of fake food.  I really do.  When I tell friends/family what we eat they are usually pretty shocked that we eat so well.  We haven't always... it has developed over time and will continue to do so.

Oh gosh, it's getting late now so I need to tie this up.  Hopefully the next time I blog, I will have good numbers.  If not, well, life goes on!  Have a good one ladies!


  1. I don't think I can eat 100% clean eating. I still have junk food now and then since it is something I do enjoy :). Moderation is key but I do eat mostly clean nowadays especially when i'm back in Florida and cook almost all my meals.

    I think you are doing wonderful and everyone's journey is their own.

  2. Dang girl! you at you!! I hope you're doing well .. just wanted to say hi! :)

  3. Just found your blog! I agree 100% with not being able to eat 100% "clean" - I would be able to do it for a few weeks and then crash and burn completely, not to mention my kids would starve before eating clean! lol
    I wish you well.


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