Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So, yesterday and today have been weird.  I didn't work out or even stretch yesterday but I did ok staying busy.  Dinner was Mexican out, but for once I laid off the chips and I only ate half of my meal.  We went out for frozen yogurt, but I only got a small serving and didn't even eat all of it.  I was VERY full when I got home, so I didn't eat anything else.  This AM, I woke up not feeling so hot and my hubby made coffee and it was horrible!  But I forgive him -- he had a nasty fall at work yesterday so I was surprised he was even up and motoring around much.  But he was and said he felt fine.  I'm glad -- I was worried we would have to go to the hospital today.  I ate but didn't drink the coffee and ended up making more but I felt so unsatisfied by breakfast.  I'm not sure why... But I had a bit of trail mix (mostly peanuts, raisins, and yogurt thingies) and I'm feeling MUCH better.  Very strange.  But now everyone is talking lunch and I am so full there is no way on Earth I could eat another bite of anything!  More coffee, though?  YES PLEASE!  LOL

I plan on working out here in a few minutes while they do lunch.  I also want to try to pick up a bit and then I'll get ready to go do some fun stuff.  Aka, splash pad.  That is, if my youngest will stop being a pain in the behind.  If he isn't suppose to be into it, he is making a monumental effort to destroy it.  It's the main reason I feel like we need to get out of the house today.  I want to go do something to wear them out!  LOL  I probably won't do much but sit and watch... maybe sunbathe.  But that is about it.  They usually run around and play alone or with their Dad. 

Well, not going to be a long one today.  They are in and running around, so I probably should get up and get motoring myself.  URGH.  They are being annoying!  Ok, ok.  No more complaining.

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