Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's 1:45PM and I feel like the day is flying by and I'm getting NOTHING done.  UGH.  And my little dude isn't helping me.  AT ALL.  He is cranky, being destructive, and flat out getting on my nerves.  Make that nerve.  I have one nerve left!  So, I am trying to chill, post my blog, and hope that he goes down for a nap and I can get downstairs and *ahem* "try out" my parents new recumbent bike that I got for them at our lovely local thrift store for somewhere under $60 with my coupon.  Yup -- I had a COUPON for a THRIFT STORE!  Who's pimp?  THIS GIRL!  LOL  But anyways, I'm excited to give it a go and see how I like it.  I would really like to like it and be able to find one for myself or find my parents another one.  From what I've read, it will be pretty great!  But we will see.  What's great for one isn't always great for another.  I remember always liking them at the gym, but I'm not sure if I will like it better than my treadmill -- that I love.  I love walking outside, but it's just not an option most days.  Especially not when it is like 96 degrees and enough humidity to cook noodles.  BLEH.  So, I stick to my treadmill.  And honestly, I like it better in my garage than when it was in my office area.  The office always felt a little cold and it took me a long time to get into it.  My garage is cool, but not cold.  It's actually borderline warm and I prefer that.  I warm up quickly and can get into it really fast.  Just wish that I had a TV down there already!  LOL  Silly, but true.  I like to be able to watch TV or listen to music.  That's the only downside to working out inside.  Outside you have a lot to look at and listen to.  So far, I've been taking my laptop with me down there, but it makes my neck hurt.  I had found a cheap TV for there, but it sold too fast and I missed out.  And I really would prefer a flat panel and something not too expensive.  I'm going to keep my eyes peeled.  Maybe I can find another used one or one on clearance at some point.

Yesterday, by the way, wasn't the best day on the books.  I did great for everything but dinner but even then, I don't feel too bad.  I ate half of a salad (hubby's) and I got fruit instead of fries (woot!) and then I only ate maybe 1/4 of my burger and a few bites of fish/shrimp.  I drank unsweet tea (with equal).  Overall, I don't feel bad.  Weight is still around 187 to 187.5.  My cycle is almost over, so I don't know if it will make a difference or not.  But I am watching my food today and going to work out, so I guess we will see at the end of the week how it goes.  I did a LOT of walking yesterday.  The hubby and little dude and I all went out and spent the day out of the house.  Then got oldest and spent the evening out, too!  Only bad thing that happened is that my car tore up.  :/  Nothing serious... I hope.  It overheated so I took it in the shop ASAP (it is under warranty).  I hope they can get it fixed this week.  I am hoping it is a broken thermostat.  It didn't show it was overheated (hubby knew the signs) because the gauge on the inside never showed anything until it was almost too late.  I let it cool and then took it over and left it.  I hope they have time to give it a peek today.  *sigh*  But you know, it's actually a good and lucky thing -- we have vacay coming up before long.  So, it's good it happened now and not then!  Plus, the wheel has been having some vibrations so I am hoping they can get that fixed while they are at it.  It only does it at 50.  I think one of the weights might have fallen off and it just needs one of the tires rebalanced.  But overall, a goooood day.  We got a new house phone, some DVD's for the kiddos for our trip, I got a nightgown and a CUTE pair of sandals (I would take a pic, but I am in need of a pedi) and some other odds and ends.  I also got some new deo, but not sure if I like it.  The smell is sorta buggin' me!  I know, weird but true!  LOL  I just hope my car is ok and I get it back soon.  :)

Today the plan is to get the house back in shape (it is a MESS!), workout, and maybe do a project or two.  I need to get some pics of some more items and get those posted, but with my car outta whack... well, I'm not in as much of a hurry as I was.  So, the house is taking priority today.  I've already made a dent getting the kitchen in order and the dining room.  Just laid little dude down, so now I need to pick up downstairs and do a few things and then work out.  Well, once I am pretty sure he is asleep.  LOL  Just remembered I already straightened the bathroom, so I probably should do my room and then go downstairs... but I could probably do that later.  I really need to get the downstairs organized....  Ugh.  The work here is NEVER done.  NEVER.  I feel like I make one step forward only to take a leap back.  LOL

Ok, going to quit rambling on and on and get going with this stuff.  I was productive this AM, time to keep it flowing.  Hope you all are having a good week!

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  1. Hope the rest of your week is great! It's all about the small victories. They really do add up :)


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