Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not as productive

Wednesday wasn't as productive as I had hoped it would be.  I did get the bathroom, kitchen, and most of the dining room in order.  I did sweep and dust.  And I DID work out.  But I did NOT do any projects.  I thought about and brooded over projects, but I didn't do any.  :/  After working out and then doing the random things I did like sweeping and counters, SIL and nieces stopped by so I was paused for that.  Then we had school work and other things like dinner.  So, I just never got to any projects.  But oh well, no biggie, I guess.  Not sure what today will be...

I LOVED the recumbent, btw!  LOVED IT!  I read my book and biked.  I never thought that I would sweat as much as I did -- my tank was soaked through in the back and under the boobs!  HA HA HA!  And my legs are lightly tired today, but not to the point of annoyance.  :)  Just pleasantly worked.  I did about 48mins. total on interval.  I really like the interval.  I did get use to it before I started reading and I did put the book down a couple of times to just focus on what I was doing.  But it's very easy to go long and hard.  I can't imagine how long I could go watching TV!  I know they also make an outdoor version of this in a real bike... I wonder how much those cost?  Probably and arm and a leg.  LOL  Maybe I'll save the outdoor stuff for a real bike if we ever get any.  We had some at one point and use to ride, but since we've moved here we don't anymore.  Just not bike friendly in our area.  :(  Makes me sad, I enjoy bike riding.  But having the one in the garage will be a nice change.  I know it isn't mine forever, but at least I get to really try one out for a week or two.  I hope to be able to get back on there later.  hehehehe

OH!  Weight this AM is 186.  Not sure how real that is... I just finished my cycle, so who knows if that is a real number or a fake one.  Seems like everyone hits an artificial low right after so I don't want to get too excited.  BUT, it does mean that I have a little over a week to get under 185 before vacay!  Will I gain it back while there?  Of course.  But will it give me a new low to work towards?  YOU BET!  I'd secretly love to hit 183, but if I see 185, I'll settle for that.  That would make me 11 pounds thinner than I was on our last vacay, I believe.  Or maybe more?  Ugh.  I don't remember.  Anyways, I'd like to get to below 185 and then in the 170's.  I can do it, I just need to stay focused. 

Well, I'm going to have to get off of here.  My youngest is driving me BONKERS and I'm typing like 3 words, stopping, 3 words, stopping, wait, what was I doing?  type type stop type stop.... I'm going nuts so I am just gonna call it a day and get to work. Laters!

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