Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 4

Hey there LuckyWinner!  I'm getting back to it, I am!  I slacked off with blogging there for a bit and with commenting, but I am trying to make it a part of my routine again.  Thanks for commenting and I will try to be better about commenting on yours!  It does seem to slide sideways, though, because I don't get the readers/comments/support I did once on 3FC.  I am actually considering cross posting over there for a while.  :)

Ok, so on to business.  188 flat this AM, and I will most definitely take it since I did SO much running around yesterday AND we went out to dinner where I had TWO alcoholic beverages of the ginormous variety!  But they were SO good and after all the stress this week, it was great to get out, have a relaxing dinner, and enjoy a couple of drinks.  Food wasn't bad so I was happy with that.  We had steak and chicken (I only had one little piece of chicken tender) salad, and appetizer.  Not too shabby!  And no dessert.  Wasn't in the mood after the drinks since they were sorta sweet.  AND, my weight is still down this AM!  Woot!  Granted, only half a pound, but I'll take it!  5 more pounds to be in a new zone.  Well... 3 since I've not been UNDER 185 since I don't know when.  I've not even seen 185.5 on the scale.... But I still want to be UNDER 185!  It's not a big deal, but it's still what I want.  :D

I ended up going out and shopping and running errands yesterday and I'm so glad I did!  Something told me it was a good day to get out so I burned it up!  I hit KARM early and that was a huge WIN for me.  I got this great bench that I had been looking for for probably over a year... for $15!  Then I was like, well, I don't NEED to look through the frames and photo area, but I'll plow through really quick.  I found this amazing mirror for $8!  I couldn't believe it!  I'd just said to the hubby that we needed to be finishing the downstairs bath and that is one of the things that we had needed.  I had looked at one similar for around $50 if I'm not mistaken.  That is one BIG savings!!!  Did I mention that similar benches had been around $60???  On top of those two items, I got this great aqua scarf... I used it yesterday as a belt since with weightloss, my pants are sorta loosey goosey.  I also got a gray 'professor's sweater that was from Ann Taylor Loft BRAND NEW with tags!  Then I got a cute black top to wear with jeans this Fall.  My other great buy was a M swimsuit top!  It's a big snug, but not bad at all!  I'm a bit happy it's a M (here lately, I've needed some M's on top) but I am mostly happy that it was cute, cheap, and NOT a halter!  WOOT!  I am sick of halter suits.  SICK!  I love the look, but I do NOT like how my head/neck starts to hurt when I wear one for an extended amount of time.  Which I think I will be doing come vacay time.  I'm just glad we're getting a vacay and I seriously hope that we get to go and that nothing comes up that we can't... like a hurricane... or illness... or something else!  Anyways, I plan on being in a suit a lot and I needed some variation other than halter and up until yesterday, all 3 of my suits had a halter style.  So, now I have one halter style with a separate scrunch skirt, a circle neck style with a separate straight skirt, and a one piece dress style.  Woot!  And then I have a spare top.  I like the top, I do.  But I really needed some variation in my suits.  I almost got a pair of swim shorts for when we have to walk a lot but I didn't... I'm sorta regretting that now... I may go back and get it.  I've never had them before and I think it would be cool.  Maybe by next summer I will consider wearing a real two piece...

After that I hit Big Lots and managed to get some food and detergent super cheap.  Not to mention sponges.  I was desperate so I bought one package at my regular store and it was like $4!  I got the generic ones for $1.50!  We hit good deals later in the night at Target, too!  The hubbs got new swim trunks for $16 or $17 (we had looked last week and even on sale, many were still over $20), got the kiddos some extra trunks on CLEARANCE!  And then a pillow for oldest's room on clearance AND my fave toothpaste on clearance as well.  $2/tube!  And this is the expensive stuff... the gum protection stuff!  It was a good day.  :)

However, I did not work out.  :/  I just didn't have the time.  So, that is first on my agenda today.  Well, after finishing this blog.  LOL  I've been trying to get back into the habit to get me in the right frame of mind and so far, so good.  I'm doing ok with food... yesterday wasn't the greatest!  But I'm doing pretty ok with the IF!  I made it until about 12:30 yesterday and from where I had been out and about, I HAD to eat something.  My stomach was growling and I was getting light headed.  I was fine with the growling, but when I started feeling light headed, I knew it was time to eat.  And for the last two nights, I've done well with eating dinner and then nothing else.  That has always been hard for me... I've had a hard time before not eating late, but the last couple of nights I've done a good job of not eating after dinner.  :)

Oh, I wanted to make it clear that I know I'm not a true M.  I still have too much weight to lose.  I think that what it is, is that when I lose, I'm losing around my waist area right now.  So, while my weight is slow to move, when it is moving it's from the upper half of my body.  And in a swimsuit, I don't have to take my arms into account.  It also helps that a swimsuit is stretchy.  LOL  Although, I did buy one dress recently and a shrug that were both M's.  But I am not going to get too excited about an M.  I feel like in clothes, it's all about the style and how it's made and you get the size that looks good and not just the size you want to be.  For the most part, my average is now L on top and it varies on bottom.  So, I won't get too excited until my AVERAGE is M.  LOL  I don't think that will happen for at least 15lbs.  Well, unless with my next drop it also mostly comes from my upper body.  I hope not!  I want to get some off of my bottom half, too!   *snicker*  Even if the hubby loves the booty.  lol  I want to be pretty balanced.  I'm not a perfect hourglass but I wouldn't consider myself a true pear shape either.  But then again, I'm not sure if it's because I had gained so much weight you couldn't see my shape.  As I continue to lose, I'm hoping to figure out what my true shape is.  I would stand to say that my true shape leans more towards pear.  I'm ok with that.  I know how to work with that.  And I think that is the issue with most people.  They fight against their shape because they want a certain style.  Well, that style won't work if you're fighting against your shape!  It will only exaggerate exactly what you're trying to make look good!  So, I try really hard to use style to work with what I have.  And if I really want a certain style but typically it might not work, I remember the idea of balance and use that.  But most of the time, I just don't do what I know isn't going to look good.  I also try not to get into a rut because of that!  LOL  Sometimes you gotta try something different even if you don't think you will like it just to see how it goes.  You can surprise yourself!  :D

Ok, ok.  This is a SUPER long post and I should get to getting now!  I may add a couple of pics later if I have time.  I really should do more pics.  It's just hard with my old crappy phone and my old crappy camera.  LOL  Have a good one ladies!

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  1. I just got my pics back from my trip and I've been going back and forth on posting. I like my privacy, not that there's too much privacy nowadays, but you never know who's looking at the old blog. Every time I think I'll go ahead and post a pic of myself I get cold feet. I believe I will post some pics of the scenery, though.

    Oh, I don't know about you but my blog comments take a dip at summer's end. I thought that it had to do with back to school and folks taking last minute summer vacays and ramping up their fall schedules, so I wouldn't worry too much about it if I were you.



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