Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3

Well, today is Day 3 of IF and so far, so good!  My weight this AM was 188.5.  :)  I'm pretty happy with that and hope that it's not just all water.  I hope I am getting a good kick start and can get under 185.  It seems like I get to 186 and fizz out.  I'm going to TRY to power through and not do that this time! Try being the big word.  We've had some bad news dropped on us as of yesterday and the hubby is not taking it well.  Not only is his immediate family having some issues, but he is having job issues as well.  And this time, I think they have just pushed him too much.  He's usually laid back and easy going, but a person can only take so much, ya know?

Anyways, so that is going on and now it's his 7 days off and I'm worried he's going to be stressed out to the point where he can't relax or be productive.  But I told him yesterday we just have to hand it over to God and let him put his in the right direction and that's all we can do.  He is fighting back, but we need guidance.  I just want him to have peace about it and feel like he's a good person.  Because I KNOW he is and this whole issue is eating at him.  Too bad people who really are pieces of crap don't feel it -- its the people who work the tushies off and do everything they can to not only do a job but do it right that feel it.  :/

Back to my point, I am hoping that even though this is going on, we can have a good and productive time off.  I have a few errands to run today and he has some school stuff to do, but other than that today is going to be rather boring.  I plan on doing errands, working out, and then maybe working on a couple of projects.  Mostly I would like to finish organizing my books and doing a few things in my office.  Maybe even some paperwork that needs to be organized and put away.  It will really depend on how much time I have.  I would also like to get the labels on the bins downstairs and maybe clean out the baskets on my island.  I WISH I had somewhere else to move my bread maker to, but I don't have a cabinet for it and no where else really works.  I wonder if I could get a small micro cart to put beside the fridge that would work?  Hmmm... Or repurpose some other little piece of furniture?  If I could get one that was fairly tall, I could store the dog food and cat food under, the bread maker on top, and then still have enough room behind to store a broom and dustpan.  Hmmm.... Now my brain is going!  Maybe I'll look around a bit while I'm out today...

Ok, speaking of, I need to get going and do these errands... they won't do themselves!  Hope everyone is having a good time of it and I'll catch up later!  :D

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  1. Hey Jewlz! I missed you! :) I really really do. But at the moment, I haven't been very active on the blog b/c I'm still trying to figure stuff out. I am very touch when you comment on my blog. You really made my day! :)

    I am so glad you have done so well! please keep up! I'll looking forward to reading ur blog :)


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