Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fell off the wagon...

I fell off of the wagon this AM.  I'm not even upset about it.  LOL  Go ahead and ask me why?  Well, I didn't eat late last night and what I DID eat was good.  No, I fell off this AM and it's only 11.  I ate breakfast early.  I'm just too hungry to wait.  I am having big time tummy growls and grumpiness.  I think that it's from the crazy amount of work I did yesterday.  I hurt EVERYWHERE.  I literally cut, hauled, and burned brush for over 4hrs. yesterday evening.  That was on top of some picking up around the house.  OY.  I am so sore.  It hurts whenever I move.  And my weight this AM was 190.  I know I'm swollen so I don't even care about that!  I am going to take it easier today and focus on lots of fluids and good foods.  Especially foods with lots of water in them... I drank 3 or 4 huge glasses of water yesterday plus a beer and half of a diet Mello Yello and still only tinkled a little bit before bed.  So, I'm sure I'm dehydrated a bit, too.  But man alive did I get a lot done!  The hubby came out from doing his Calc finally and nearly had a heart attack!  He was like, you did all this?  You?  By yourself?  I was like, YUP.  Then he asked how I got the brush pile/ bonfire going.  I told him I had read not to use gasoline but instead to use diesel, kerosene, or lighter fluid.  Then I kept thinking of lighter fluid... and it hit me.  Most charcoal already has lighter fluid.  So, I went out to the brush, made a little nest and tucked in several handfulls of charcoal that I piled into a little pyramid.  Then I lit each corner.  BEST BRUSH FIRE LIGHTING METHOD EVER!!!  It got going fast, I didn't have to worry about fumes or an explosion, and best of all, we got to roast some hotdogs and marshmallows without worrying about them tasting like crap!  LOL  The kiddos helped and had a blast.  :)

So, I didn't work out but I did ok on food and I even did good on making it until about 12:30 to eat.  But today I made it only until 11.  But its ok.  I'm not going to get too down on myself.... just not worth it!  Besides, hard to be upset when I've been so productive.  And really, breaking 2 hrs. early one day isn't a big deal.  I am sad at the lack of working out formally, but all of the hard work in the yard has to count some.  I mean, hello!  LOL

Anyways, today is going to be an easy day.  Not sure what we are doing this afternoon, but I am kinda hoping we can go down to the rock yard and maybe get out of the house for a bit after we do a good lunch at home.  Then maybe the hubbs and oldest can have some downtime together.  But we will see.  I don't remember what the weather is suppose to be like today and we may end up back outside doing more work.  I probably should mow again.. with all of the rain, the grass is growing FAST.  And I only trimmed it last time... so it's already getting up there again.  I only trimmed it because I was thinking it would look better.  Well, it DOES but it is also grows so fast that it already looks like poo and it's not even been a week!  I wish we could get a new pushmower, too.  I hate ours!  HATE!  I'd like to do more push mowing, but this one is such a pain.... 

OK, well, that is all for today.  I still haven't loaded any pics... I will eventually!  Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Hey Jewlz,

    It's okay. Don't worry you'll be just fine in the end. I know you didn't have the best time today and you kinda fell off track. But you know, you'll pick yourself up again, and you'll keep going. Your strong that way. :)

  2. Sounds like you were in a good mood that day. Ever notice how manual labor really makes you feel like you kicked ass and had a good day? Way to go on burning that brush, girl. :)


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