Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guess I didn't fall that hard...

Glad I wasn't too hard on myself about eating early yesterday... I ended up eating pretty ok all day and then after dinner, nada.  I even had agreed to dessert, but when I got home, I just wasn't in the mood so I passed.  It is now almost 11 this morning, and I think I am going to be able to make it to at least 12, if not 1.  :)  So, yesterday was more of a 'my foot slipped off of the wagon' than a complete fall off.  LOL 

I am determined to take it easy today.  I've been doing so much the last few days that my body is so swollen and sore that I am miserable.  Everything hurts.  :/  I know I need to do a few things like dishes and some laundry, but I am only going to do what is necessary and then tomorrow I will do a bit.  But for the most part, I need to take it easy and continue to drink water like crazy.  Even yesterday with all of the water, some coffee, a bunch of green tea, and a HUGE frozen lemonade, I hardly peed.  That just isn't like me, folks.  So more and more water today.  No lemonade and no tea.  Just my morning coffee and then water water water!  I may have a cup later in the day, but I am going to focus on water.  I thought yesterday that the green tea would help to flush out any of the yuckies in my body.  But I guess not. 

So, that's the plan for today.  I had a LONG bitchy post last night, but I removed it because... I'm not trying to be mean to anyone.  I just... I just feel... like I'm at the bottom of the totem pole.  People tend to act like because I'm strong and have this 'Mom' persona that nothing bad ever happens to us and that when it does, its ok and we'll be fine.  But once in a while, I need a friend, too.  And I need that friend to not be so selfish and only complain about themselves.  And if I'm going to be friends with them, I need them to not act shady or not tell me the truth.  Because otherwise, days like yesterday happen and I end up feeling burned and hurt.  I am still annoyed today, but I am trying to get over it.  I just think that many times, people are so busy wallowing in their own stuff and self pity, they don't think about the other folks in their life.

Ok, well, I am getting off of here and quit whining.  I have productive things to do and water to drink.  Take care everyone!

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  1. Hun, I have been reading your blog for a while now, and you have certain themes that reoccur. One of them is this friend issue. You feel unsupported in your time of need, and feel that you put a lot out there and don't get a whole lot back.
    I think it's time that you stop hanging around people who drain you and don't support the heck out of you in return. If somebody takes and doesn't give back- she is not your friend.


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