Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not worth fighting...

Do you ever see something and think it is so ridiculous that you just WANT to say something?  Even if it starts another argument?  It just rubs you SO wrong that you feel like being a butt back to them?  I feel that way now about another bloggers post.  I was reading along and got to the comments and IMMEDIATELY the bashing at started.  And the thing is, it's not even that they had a point -- they were just trying to be ugly.  And I hate that!  I so desperately wanted to rebuff them but in my mind, I know it would be wasted time and energy.  So, I didn't.  AARGH.  But obviously, it annoyed me.  I feel like if you want to comment, comment but make it constructive.  Don't be nasty or rude.  All that does is make people tune you out.

:O  Just got a phone call that my SIL and BIL are in town and want to come over.  And guess what?  My house is a mess!  Ok, not a mess but definitely in need of a good vacuum and dust.  I did a lot of picking up yesterday and laundry and dishes.  But not much else.  You see, my youngest fell out of the top of our tower playhouse and well, it was an evening at the ER for us!  Thankfully, he is ok and doesn't even seem to have any major boo boos.  But it scared me to death!  I mean, it's about 7ft. up and he was bleeding out of his nose.  But they checked and scanned him and he is ok.  I'm just glad we took him -- better safe than sorry.  Honestly, the strangest thing about the whole evening was the way they did our insurance.  They ran it all through and then went over our policy (and we were just like, OK, we're starving and want to go!).  We were like yes, we know what our insurance is!  Then they tell us our total so we hand them our card.  She walks off and then comes back and says, 'Did you want to pay all of this?'  And we said YES!  She looked at us so funny... Then I realized... we looked like some poor grubby white folks.  LOL  I had on my housework and workout clothes, hair pulled back, and no make-up.  Hubby was in his work clothes because he had just gotten home.  Of course, kiddos had been playing in the yard so they were grubby as bugs!  I bet she thought we were some poor folks who couldn't afford our medical because she got concerned when she said we had an 80/20 plan and had not met our deductible, yet.  But that's ok.  It's good for people to get their ideas turned around sometimes.  LOL  Even me!

It was late when we left so we grabbed Taco Bell.  The kids were BEGGING because they were so hungry.  I kept hearing 'Momma, EAT!'  from my youngest.  LOL  I had two crunchy tacos and one bean burrito.  NOM NOM!  I think they have changed their food drastically.  It actually tasted like food and not processed junk!  :o  I was so surprised.  And believe it or not, it wasn't too horrible on calories.  I only went over a total of 110 cals.  I didn't have any dessert to try to keep it at just 110.  Anyways, I was even more shocked that after all that drama and the eating out (that I know I didn't need) that my weight this AM was 189!  Woo!  I know that still isn't great, but it IS movement in the right direction.  Especially since my cycle should start soon.  So, I did good on getting a lot done but still taking it pretty easy.  I survived some drama and still ate ok.  But I didn't get my workout in.  Bummer.  I hope to today, but we may have company as I stated earlier.  Maybe the hubby will let me have some downtime???

Ok, well, I should get rolling and get some stuff done.  Namely, getting dressed, picking up, vacuuming, and getting to the store before the company gets here.  You ladies have a great week!


  1. I haven't had TBell in a while. It's one of those foods that I'll crave every once in a while, and then when I eat it, I can't help but wonder why I craved it in the first place XD

    I definitely know what you mean about wanting to speak your mind when someone ~deserves~ it. It seems almost more painful to hold your tongue, even though you know you should "be the better woman" or whatever. Well, no, I'm never THAT woman. You're talking to the girl who has been in angery managment therapy since winter. But I guess in theory it sounds better to stay quiet and rage silently.

    Glad the kiddo is okay! Take care and have fun with your company!

    1. It's especially easy to pass TB up when the real thing is next door! And girl, lemme tell ya, I love me some Mexican food! AND, we know the owners and they treat us like family. So, it's hard to do fast food when the real thing is next door and so fresh and yummy. Plus, Mario just one a top Chef award (he's the owner). So yeah, we don't do it much but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

      Believe it or not, I held back and said nothing on the page. And I'm glad I didn't. The blog owner addressed it and she did a GREAT job saying EXACTLY what I would've said! Now I know why I love her blog so much. She always has new and neat stuff, plus a lot of info, but she also has a great mind that likes to try to see both sides. So, I'm glad I waited. I'm bad for just saying it like it is and I'm trying HARD to not do that!

      And yeah... little man is ok! Not even any bruising! He's a TANK!

  2. Glad your little on is all right.
    There are definitely things I like at taco bell, but I don't go there too often. Well, I suppose I should be honest. My sweetie likes taco bell too, and we probably go there once a month. I guess it could be worse considering how close it is to our house!


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