Sunday, September 30, 2012

Get up and go

I think my get up and go has got up and went.  I feel like I have NO energy today.  Bleh.  Probably from the traveling yesterday, crappy food, and then being stressed out the first half of the visit because my kiddos were being rotten.  They are really frying me out.  I have GOT to find a new sitter -- I need some down time and my brain is becoming fried from the lack of personal space.  Not to be blunt, but I can't even take a crap without a kid in my face most days!  And people, sometimes you just need that quiet time.  I think that may be why I am such a night person.  At night, it's quiet and I can just be still.  And as much as I love my husband home, it's also nice when he is on night's.  Because I can just do whatever I want without feeling like I'm neglecting him.  But after the possible attempted break in (we are now more convinced it was a stupid kid than a pro burglar), I am going to have a hard time relaxing whenever he isn't here.  I am kinda hoping hubby will get up and put in that light that I want installed.  I just don't know if I will be able to sleep at all without it.

Yesterday went pretty ok.  We got a late start because right after we got up, it started pouring the rain.  So, by the time we ate, got changed, checked the weather, and got out the door, it was much later than we had planned.  We got to my parents and right off, the hubby wanted to check their roof.  AND, the news isn't good.  Like we've been telling them for two years, they have a gap around their chimney and then no flashing where the gutter meets the chimney.  Which all equals up to major water leakage.  They've been having my brother look at it.  While he tried, he has no real experience in home repairs and whatnot and the big issue was overlooked.  After he looked outside, he crawled across their attic to positively confirm and he did.  Now my parents don't know what to do.  *sigh*  We told them we would fix it if they bought the materials.  So, of course, now THAT is on the agenda of things to finish.  I may see if they will help us put on the carport we need since we'll be buying similar materials.  I wouldn't ask, but they had offered to buy the steel carport we were going to buy but we've decided to instead just cover a small area behind our house that is already paved.  It shouldn't be too bad.  Maybe a few hundred.  If they can't... well... we're still going to do it.  LOL  We have one garage, but no protection for the other car.  A small carport would be perfect.

Anyways, after that we just sorta hung out.  But I was a bit annoyed that my parents knew we were coming all week and my Mom never went to the store.  So they had NO food.  No juice, no milk, no fruit.  NADA.  Just junk.  So, we used one of our 'eating out' times to have lunch.  Unfortunately, I got a salad from their O'Charley's and it was AWFUL.  So, I had what I could eat out of the salad, then 2 rolls.  I basically ate junk and nothing fresh.  My belly isn't happy this AM.  I thought I was just really hungry so right away I ate two poptarts thinking that in a few hours I'd eat 'real' food with the hubby.  I guess that was a mistake.  I should've eaten some fresh fruit and yogurt to hold me over because now I just feel queasy.  I'm not use to not eating the vast majority of light and healthy food.  Gotta be better the rest of the day.  I am hoping that if I drink a lot of water and get up and get going here in a few, I will feel better.  Then it's a good lunch, snack, and dinner.  :)

My weight is only 185.5 so I must not have done horribly.  My hip is finally starting to feel better.  I was actually able to sit on that side a bit and lay on it a bit last night.  I didn't use my full weight, but it's still better.  I'm VERY happy about that!  My right shoulder is really starting to hurt from always laying on that side. 

Well, since I'm not feeling particularly perky, I think I'm going to get going and attempt to do something with this day if my kids will stop being a pain in the A$$!!!!

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