Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday ugh day

UGH.  I got up feeling pretty great this AM, but within half an hour, my stomach started churning and cramping.  I don't know what I ate that hates me, but whatever it is sure made it known.  I keep having to run to the bathroom.  UGH.  I honestly have not had one of these episodes in a LONG time.  I figured it was soy, so I was avoiding a large majority of soy and not even really eating anything that 'might' have soy in it.  So, imagine my surprise today.  BLEH.  The only thing I had different last night was a small bowl of vanilla ice cream.  The hubby thinks it may be the sweetener as it had sorbitol in it and sugar alcohols can have that effect.  But I'm not sure... I've eaten that ice cream for a few years now with now issues so it's weird it would bug me now.  I'd be more apt to think it's the fact it is dairy and I had a full serving instead of half like I normally do.  Then again, this could just be random.  I don't know.  But I am hoping it passes soon -- I have too much I need to get done.  Like right now, I should be caulking and cleaning the outside of the house in preparation of doing some painting.  But here I sit with a heating pad, drinking water, and typing this out when I had planned on doing this later.  I've even been on FB this AM and I haven't been on there much since before vacay.  UGH.  And I STILL haven't done my post for vacay!  :O 

Anyways, weight this AM was 188.5 and that was before any stomach issues were known.  I'm pretty happy with that number since my cycle is almost over.  I hope it goes down a bit more and then I will have a true after vacay weight to start with.  I'd love to see 186.5!  Then I'd only have a 2.5 to 3lb. gain.  Which would be awesome.  :)  I really did try to be good for the most part while I was down there.  I didn't want to eat like a hogger and then regret it when I got home.  Other than a few treats, I wanted to stay in my regular mind-set and go from there.  I was thinking I did ok, and I feel like the scale is going to show that.  I don't mind going up a few pounds, but I didn't want to go up a ton.  I know in the grand scheme, my weight is never going to sit at one number and never fluctuate and that's why I'm shooting for a range instead of one final number.  I feel like that is a healthier way to look at it.  And I want to be realistic, too.  I don't want to get to a number that I can't maintain with a normal and healthy diet and normal exercise.  Because for me, I know if it is something that I have to work myself to death over, I will NOT maintain it.  I just won't.  And in the end, I'd be mad at myself.  Even if the 130's is where I 'should' be, I know from past experience I can't maintain that without more work than I can give.  In my life, I've only been in the 130's once.  I believe I was 136.  But that took hours of working out and a super restrictive diet for me to achieve.  And folks, it just isn't worth it to me.  I guess if I had a different body build or something I may feel different, but I know I look good in the 150's and that's where I'm going to aim for.  I know that long term I can maintain that.  Maybe even the 140's.  But I just don't think I could maintain the 130's without vigorous workouts and super strict dieting.  I should never say never though... I may feel differently later on and I reserve the right to change my mind!  HA HA HA!  But I do feel lucky to have a body shape that carries weight well.  I just hope that the majority of my weight and curves will be from muscle and not fat.  :)

I think my tummy is starting to chill out!  YAY!  I hope it does.  I was really hoping to take advantage of this nice weather to finish some caulking outside.  All I have left is around the front door and then 2 windows out back.  I would LOVE to get that done!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  And then we are on to some paint.  That will be over the 7 day, though.  But still... every bit done now is one less thing for later!  I think I am going to try to get up and get rolling.  I may even have a piece of toast and see if that helps with the edgy tummy.  I had one whole grain pancake for breakfast and 1.5 cheesy turkey sausage with coffee.  It's almost 2 now, so I think I could have some toast or something and see if that helps.  :)

OH!  And one more thing!  We're doing well on the cleaning out of the kitchen.  I have set aside all of the stainless steel pots and pans, gathered up the lids, made a box of the pans to recycle, and cleaned out the old utensils that I am going to run through the washer.  I am ready to take a pic of them and get them up for sale!  And yeah, Didi, I know it sounds nuts but no one cooks here except me and the hubbs!  So, they won't get torn up because there will be no other option for utensils except plastic and wooden.  Mostly wooden/bamboo.  The bamboo is my fave!  Anyways, plus I use less oil, they are easier to wash and keep clean (lighter and wipe out easy), and it makes me happier to cook.  I loved the pro set when I was younger, but now I just want quick and easy.  LOL  And honestly, I think my cooking has improved since using the non-stick just because I now WANT to cook more.  I think maybe if they were lighter, it would be easier and I could deal.  But they aren't and I find that using just sprayed in oil isn't enough.  They need a good dollop of oil and then when you go to clean them, you feel like your wrists are breaking.  I guess since I do the majority of the cooking and cleaning, I just wanted ease of use and a way to make food healthier and neater.  I like good fats like oils, but not when I have to use a ton just to keep things from sticking.

OH OH OH!  And to add to that, we've not eaten out since last week!  Our goal is to cut back to about 2 times per month.  I'm pretty positive we can do it.  :)  I think the last time we ate out was on Tuesday, so we are coming up on one week.  Proud of us and we are going to try to keep it up!  I may even mark it on our calendar as a simple way to keep track.  Ok ok.  Going to go for now.  Hope you all are having a GREAT start to the week!


  1. Yay for not eating out! Sorry,I've fallen behind on your blog again! I hardly ever blog on 3fc anymore either!!! Yikes! I should probably do that more
    Often,but I went so long without blogging I didn't even recognize most of the other blogs anymore. Sounds like you are doing well,and good idea to keep track of how much you actually eat out. It's so easy to just pick up something and forget about it! I'm not really losing weigt anymore... As I am 6 weeks pregnant!!!! FINALLY! So I'm still trying to eat well,but not lose! I dont want to get out of
    Control with my eating,just cause I'm pregnant! I'm finding it way more
    Difficult,as I'm hungry ALL the time! But I'm trying!!!! Anyways,glad your doing well!

    1. I am so so SO happy for you! I was wondering where you were and just figured with everything going on, you got busy and didn't have time to blog anymore. I've considered going back to 3FC, but just haven't. I've also not figured out a way to transfer them all. :/ So, my account is still there and I plan on logging in once in a while just so I don't lose them. I kinda wish I had written everything in a word program, saved them to my pute, and then posted them. I should do that now! LOL But oh well, I don't know of anyone but myself who would want to read these down the road. So, I don't really blame you for not keeping up anymore. I just feel like I do better when I keep up. But now you aren't worried about that, at all! You should do a blog here and write about your pregnancy!!! :D

  2. Thanks! I've thought about a pregnancy blog.... But I'm not sure. Especially since
    I'm still pretty early,and uneasy about the pregnancy due to My past miscarriage. But we shall see!!!! Glad is all good with you!


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