Sunday, September 23, 2012


Been working on getting the house back together now that everyone is up and running and that I got one full night of sleep!  WOOHOO!  And so far, doing pretty well on the eating.  For breakfast, I had a fat peach, a cup of honey nut Cheerios with 1/2c 2% milk, and coffee with 2 Equal.  Lunch was 2 chicken dogs (yeah yeah, so what?  I LOVE THEM!) on whole wheat bread with mustard and ketchup and 1/2 of an apple with a glass of water.  Snack wasn't great, but I need a sugar pick me up!  So, I had 1 Pop Tart and some more coffee.  LOL  Now, I'm sitting here typing hoping beyond hope that I get a little surge of energy and can get a bit more done and make some dinner.  Thinking steak and salad.  YUM.  I may skip dessert depending on dinner.  Or maybe just have some coffee or tea.... herbal tea sounds GOOD!

My weight this AM was 190.  I think exhaustion has taken it's toll.  Mostly because... I've been snacky.  I've been trying, but when you're soo soo sooooo tired, your body wants to eat.  At least mine does.  So, I snacked a bit and I know that put me over.  Plus, I did hardly anything because I was so tired.  Hopefully I will get back on track 100% now.  Little by little, ya know?

Well, I want to get off of here and get a few more things done.  Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!  :D

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