Sunday, October 21, 2012

Family Day!

Thought I would do a post this AM since we aren't doing much but sitting around.  We put the rail on the deck yesterday, so all that is left is to build the rail for the steps, install the bottom stone step, and finish painting the rest of the back of the house.  But not today.  Today we are going to take it easy, spend time together as a family, and just relax.  I just hope that we can recover some!  My body is feeling really fatigued today.  Like, REALLY fatigued.  So, I hope that we can take it easy, maybe go to the pumpkin patch for a bit, but overall, just rest.  The pumpkin patch won't be too... well, I hope it won't be too nutty.  LOL  Or exhausting.  LOL

I haven't weighed today.  I figured what was the point?  I have my period.  I've been working my body hard.  My food had been ok, but not great.  We had dinner with the neighbors last night, so it was a mix of several things.  But with all the work we've been doing, I've just been ravenous!!  Here's to hoping I've not gone too far off of the mark.  So, I just didn't want to get on the scale this AM.  Plus, we have a couple more days of hard work and then it's back to the ol' schedule.  I'm hoping that my hip is back up to working out.  It's been feeling a bit better lately.  It's still got a sore spot and gets tight at times, but it feels better.  And I am ready to work out some!  Nothing crazy, just the regular Pilates and cardio.  Maybe some weights.  Good stuff.

Which kind of brings me to a touchy subject that is sorta bugging me.  I've been on this journey for a while now and I am slowly but surely figuring out what works for my body and that the reality is, what works for one person won't work for another.  So, I was a bit aggravated when we were visiting with a friend recently who told me I wasn't working out hard enough.  She kept saying, 'You're doing it wrong -- you should have sweat POURING off of you when you work out!'  I kept saying that doesn't work for me and she would say, 'It's what you need to do.'  I'm annoyed because that just isn't true.  Some people may need that or may feel they need that, but I don't.  I'm not a gym rat anymore and I'm not going to kill myself.  And honestly, I don't feel like you need that to lose weight or be healthy.  I feel like just being active in our everyday lives is what is important.  And I have no desire to look like I'm workout obsessed, a model, any actress out there, or anyone else.  I just want to be a healthier me.  And slowly but surely I'm getting there.  At last weight check, I was right at 187 so that is a good 40lbs. from my highest.  I'm not skinny by any means, but that isn't what I want and honestly, I don't think I could get there without some sort of disorder.  The person who said this is naturally thin and has never been overweight except when prego.  And while I like her a lot and have a lot in common, I feel like this is one area where we just don't click.  And while I tried to explain that all people are different and that many people don't need to work out that way to be healthy, I don't think she got it. 

I know this has been talked about on a lot of blogs and even on many of the message boards, but I think it still feels hurtful when we hear it.  It makes you feel like your work on yourself hasn't been valid.  But in a way, it's been good for me to say out loud that what I've been doing is working for ME.  That I am living a lifestyle that is not only healthy, but is resulting in weight loss.  Even if it isn't quick.  And that that is WHY it is working for me is that it is a lifestyle change and not just some diet I'm doing and working out just to work out.  I think for her she is focused on getting her pre-kid body back.  I don't want that nor expect that at this point.  I just want to be the best me.  But for what she wants, I'd say that working out hard and sweating is what she needs.  I just wish she understood that while that is great for her, it's not for me.  And I have to do what works for me, or I flat out won't do it.

So, that is my little rant of the moment.  OK, maybe not rant but complaint.  LOL  I guess the only way to deal with it is not to, and just keep going on.  And over time when she sees that it is working for me then maybe that will give her that 'AH-HA!' moment.  Because we are both just very different in that area.  We both have very different goals.  And that is ok. 

Well, I guess I am going to get off of here and get rolling.  I want to put up some laundry and get cleaned up to head out here in a bit.  I know that I don't typically say weird things like this, but man alive am I proud to have gotten my laundry so clean! HA!  Our back yard is mostly red clay mud, and while doing all of this work we have SURE stirred it up.  Our youngest has taken that to mean he can play in it and make a huge mess!  So, I was super proud that I took the time to pre-treat the worst of his clothes and then when I ran the load, I put some extra borax and washing soda in there.  And.... it worked!  I got most of his clothes really clean!  I only had one pair of light gray sweats that looked lightly stained that I have now sprayed with pre-treater in hopes of getting it out (the pre-treat before was mostly for food stains like blueberries and strawberries or spaghetti).  And then there was one night shirt, but I can't remember what he got on it.  But that borax/washing soda combo sure pulled that red clay mud right out!  I was tickled!  :D  But now I need to put all those clothes up.  LOL

So, off I go.  I hope you all have had a great weekend and I hope some more of you bloggers come back.  I'm missing several of the old blogs like Jelbelle's... I wonder where she got to?  Anyways, take care everyone and 'read' ya soon!  ;)


  1. That person has no right to judge your plan and give you unsolicited advice.

    I hate it when someone says something that makes me second guess myself. I had a comment on my blog the other day where I felt really defensive but I tried to be productive with it.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend. You are doing fab!

  2. Unless you pointedly ask for advice, people should keep their mouths shut - especially when it comes to a touchy subject like weight loss. My 2 cents.


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