Thursday, October 18, 2012


I think I've over done it.  Between the kiddos being sick, working on the yard, and trying to keep up with the regular house things (ok, maybe not keep up but catch up!), I am feeling sick now.  Not vomity or anything, just... weak.  My head is woozy, my stomach is a bit weak, I hurt everywhere... UGH.  So, I'm sitting here typing this out, drinking water, and trying to dredge up the energy to go get groceries.  If I don't go tonight, I will have to go in the AM and I HATE going on a Friday.  HATE HATE HATE!  So, I am going to sit here for a bit, let hubby make me some dinner, then hit the store but I am going to do it nice and slow instead of running through like a crazy person which is what I normally do. 

Anyways, we made some great progress on the back yard, but now I am worried about finishing it on time.  Hubby is only off until Tuesday and we lost today due to rain, being exhausted, and flat out needing some downtime not only for us, but for the kiddos.  Youngest had diarrhea this morning, so we were afraid for him to go out so oldest and hubby had a boys day out and I stayed here, spent some time with youngest, and tried to finish catching up on housework.  I did pretty great!  But again, I'm worn out.  UGH.

AND, I did exactly what I said I was NOT going to do and weighed myself this AM!  187.5 still.  Considering how sore, swollen and tired I am (plus I fear, slightly dehydrated which is why I am now constantly sipping water!) AND my cycle should start any minute now, I am MORE than happy with that number.  Can't beat only a couple of pounds over my lowest considering all of that.  lol  Granted, I'm not moving down right now, but I knew that would be the case.

DIDI!!!!!!  Thank you soooooo much for the idea with the evaporated milk!  I never knew that and I had struggled immensely using that much cream.  I MUST try this idea now!!!  :D

Ok, I know this is short and sans pics, but I will try to get to that soon.  For now, going to go, continue my water, eat, and hit the store.  Laters!

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  1. You are welcome. A friend of mine actually shared that with me not too long ago. We have been swapping recipes for the past couple of months, and she gave me an alfredo sauce recipe that uses evaporated milk instead of cream. It's a useful tip. Some lower calorie swaps are great. We don't buy sour cream any more. Instead I put a little lemon or lime juice and a pinch of salt into greek yogurt and we keep that in our fridge to use on mexican foods. I think the evaporated milk and greek yogurt are probably the best of the low calorie food swaps.

    You should check out some of the recipes on the Cook Yourself Thin website. They are lower calorie versions of a lot of food favorites- and are pretty good with a little tweaking. There's a recipe for a turkey meatloaf with roasted parsnips that we just tried and it is served with roasted parsnips. I never tried a parsnip before, and OH MY GOD they were so good. The meatloaf needed tweaking (doubled the cranberries and sauce on top, and added some seasonings like Worcestershire sauce) but the parsnips were so tasty.


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