Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long day and night

I don't remember what my last post was about, but I'm too tired and too lazy at this moment to go back and see.  We had a VERY long day of working on my parents house yesterday and got home very late.  Part of the reason why we were so late coming in is that out of the blue (in the last 10 mile stretch of a nearly 100 mile drive), my oldest screamed, "MOM!" and proceeded to projectile vomit ALL OVER MY CAR.  It was literally EVERYWHERE.  I pulled right over and he kept gagging and my husband is just sitting there like, duhhhh.... and I'm like, "GET HIM OUT!  GET HIM OUT!  He's going to choke!  GET HIM OUT!!!!!"  It felt like he was moving in slow motion.  I was driving so I was on the wrong side of traffic even though there wasn't much at 2AM.  We thought that he was asleep, so it was a complete shock.  But it was on every square inch of my car.  My poor hubby turned and got it right in the face.  Hope no one on here is squeamish...  Anyways, thankfully the only thing he'd had right before we left my parent's house was popcorn.  I have to say, if you have to clean up vomit, buttery popcorn vomit it the way to go.  It really only looked like chewed up food and had no bad smell.  Again, sorry for TMI, but considering it was in everyone's hair, all over my car, and all over any and everything that was sitting around, I was pretty relieved.  We made it home and got everyone in and thought all was fine until he started whimpering and crying again after asking for something to eat (I gave him a bagel and some water since I knew he was empty).  I only gave him food because typically after a bought of motion sickness, he is VERY hungry.  I'm not sure why.  But apparently my hubby did this, too.  Anyways, he then proceeded to throw up after only one bite.  Needless to say, we aren't sure if it was severe motion sickness, a virus, or what but I was up with him all night any time he woke up.  He never threw up again, but he kept saying he was having really bad stomach pains.  I never let him eat or drink.  I followed what someone (I think a Dr. or something) told me once which is to go 3hrs. with nothing and try some water.  If that stays down for 30 try some more.  If that stays down then some crackers.  And if they are sleeping, just let them sleep.  He just ate maybe an hr. ago, so it very well could have been some little 12hr. virus.  I hate stomach virus'!!!  But I am now exhausted and my tummy feels awful.  I may go lay down.  I only had half a cup of coffee (black) and 2 pieces of toast (with cinnamon and sugar) for breakfast, a small bowl of mac-n-cheese and some strawberries for lunch.  Snack was some leftover onion thingy and half of a snack size donut and coffee.  Yeah, not great but I hate wasting leftovers!  Now I'm drinking water and taking it easy.  But like I said, here in a bit I may go lay down.  My head is starting to hurt, too.

Anyways, I think weight this AM was 187.  It was 188 yesterday and I was SO swollen.  I'll take the 187 happily after the last few days of crappy eating.  And it's really no one's fault but my own.  I'm not sure what is up with me.  It's like I can't get myself under control.  I'm hoping to do much better this week.  Even though my snack wasn't great today, I feel like I'm back on track since everything has been light.  Just need to decide what's for dinner so that is all lined up.  Hopefully no pasta, for sure no take out, and I don't think I can do leftovers again.  These really aren't our leftovers, so I don't care if I chuck them.  They are the hubb's sisters.  She dropped them off Friday since she was only visiting and didn't want the onion things to go to waste.  So, if some has to go the way of the trash, then so be it.  No loss to me!  But I for sure do not want to eat out for a bit.  That one serving was plenty enough for me.  Plus, we had CFA at my parents house for lunch.  Dinner was mac-n-cheese and broccoli with a roll.  They just don't eat much so... we felt like we were starving.  I told her with our activities and two kiddos, we just can't run on two meals a day!  We eat somewhere between 5 and 6.  I usually have 5 and the kiddos sometimes 7 -- especially during growth spurts!  Anyways, I hope I can force myself back in line even though this week is going to be hectic once we are all up and running again.  Plus... I should start my cycle soon.  Which may explain the weird need to eat the last two days and then being fine today.  For whatever reason, I tend to be hungry like that for a couple of days and then it's over... It's weird but I am thankful it is only a couple of days.  What's weird is I always thought that it would be the two days before I started, but it's usually right at 5 to 6 days before.  Which then makes me wonder if my cycle is going to start early again... UGH.

I don't really have much to ramble on and on about so I need to stop that.  LOL  So, I'm going to go chicks.  Maybe I can sneak in some reading and then a nap.  But either way... my brain is starting to shut down.  Laters.


  1. Hope you doing well and continue to do well :)

  2. Geez, I hope the young'un is doing better. Poor thing!!!



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