Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cycle of sickness

I guess older had a virus because younger got it last night.  His reaction was similar -- the timing almost exact.  The only difference is that my youngest chose to sleep it off.  Hubby and I are both like that.  I prefer to sleep off illness.  My oldest tends to get up and going too fast and get sick again... which he has been.  He was fine all day Sunday but then got up during the middle of the night in pain so he missed Monday.  It was back to school on Tuesday, but then they called and said he had a tummy ache.  They didn't call our house phone so we didn't know until too late.  They called our other numbers and not our house phone.  But he got home fine -- we just had him to lay down and take it easy when he got home.  He got up again with an upset tummy this AM, so the hubby kept him home.  He went potty, and then said he felt fine.  AARGH.  At this point, I'm not sure if he is sick or if he is just stretching it out.  Either way, both of the kiddos have both been sick and it's been a long couple of days.

I haven't weighed and I don't plan on doing it anytime soon.  In between sickness, we've been trying to work on the deck every day.  So far, all of the framing is up and we are now ready to cut off the posts and put down the deck boards.  We need to do all of that today.  Hubby is out right now doing the extra screw supports on the joists through the hangers.  He forgot to tell me to do that yesterday, so he is doing it now while I finish coffee and try to get awake.  I am almost there to be honest, but I'm not quite ready to go out and not sure if youngest should, either.  He keeps asking to go, but I don't know if he should.  I think maybe he should stay in and rest as much as he can.  But poor man is begging... maybe some fresh air won't hurt if I don't let him stay out too long.  Anyways, I've not weighed and I'm not going to until we are done with some more work.  Mostly because every inch of me is hurting lately and I am sure my weight would be up.  Plus, I should start my cycle soon.  My food has been ok, but probably not great.  I am pretty darn sure I am staying between 1600 and 2000 which was my goal for this time.  I am estimating because I have been eating my normal foods most of the time, but my dinner and lunch has been beans.  I made a big kettle of beans and they are SO good that we just keep munching on them!  There is also a pan of corn bread which I am SURE is very bad.  LOL  Not because cornbread itself is bad, but because this is honey cornbread.  I like it, but I do think I'm going to tweak it.  For one thing, I like whole wheat flour better and I think it could be a bit less sweet.  So, I think when I make it again, I will use whole wheat flour instead of white, and no sugar, just the honey.  I think both in the recipe is a bit much.  Or maybe I will use both and half both.  Also, it calls for heavy cream and I think I will cut that back.  It was an entire cup!  I think I may use just whole milk next time or maybe 3/4 c. milk to 1/4c. heavy cream.  Or maybe I will just find an entirely different recipe!  HA!  My point is, I'm doing ok but I'm sure I am swollen from all of this work and I don't see a good number coming my way anytime soon.  I did see 185.5 the day before we started, but yeah... I am sure that number isn't there right now.  And it's ok.

I guess that's all there really is to say.  I need to get off of here, finish up my coffee, and get to work.  I'd like to knock out as much as we can today.  Otherwise, no other projects are going to get done.  Ok, off I go!


  1. I hope everyone feels better soon! I'm always the last one in the family to get sick. It feels like the female head of the house has to keep the ship together before tending to herself. It's like everyone gets healthy and then I take a break, and I get sick...

    Hope the rest of your week is easier! :)

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Here's a calorie cutting trick that won't effect taste- use evaporated milk instead of cream. Seriously, it works very well and the taste doesn't suffer. You can make good alfredo sauces by swapping out the cream with evaporated milk. The taste is great, and it really cuts the calories. Another one of my new favorite calorie reducing swaps is using plain greek yogurt to replace sour cream. There is no difference in taste at all, the calories go way way down, and greek yogurt has a boost of protein.

  3. OMG my heart stopped at honeycornbread.. yum! (I'm salivating here!)

    I'm sorry the kiddies are sick. It's never fun to see little ones not feeling good. I'd say take them to the doctor and see exactly what's going on. I hope you feel better soon too. I have heard that this is is far the worst flu season related to virus strains circling around and it's not even winter yet! Do you ever get flu shots?

  4. LOL- I smiled lots at your comment. I, too, love my whole head. I like the rise of my cheekbones, I love the way my ears poke out a little and are kind of elfish, I like my wide expressive eyes, my playful looking smile, my straight white teeth, and my natural eyebrows. I think I have thick, lovely hair, and a pretty good nose too. It isn't weird to appreciate the parts we love about ourselves. It's a blessing!!

  5. Let's see, I use chicken broth instead of oil and butter to stir-fry veggies. Works really well without adding many calories.

    BTW, I've added carbs back into my diet - they're filling but I'd forgotten just how high in calories they were! Jeez Louise, have I gotta be careful with portion size!



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