Sunday, October 7, 2012

No idea

I have no idea what to do today.  The weather is sucky once again so I am limited.  I had hoped to work outside and get a lot of the random gardening done, but I see that isn't going to happen without some major improvement in the weather.  It just blows because now it's going to get put off and need to be done when I need to be doing other things.  BAH.  I had just hoped to pull weeds, trim bushes, and be ready to put down my Fall fertilizer and a Fall layer of pine needles.  I had also hoped to be able to work on the garden extension but I see that isn't going to happen either.  BAH!!!!!  Sick of the cold and wet!  I can handle cold, I can handle wet, but I don't like them together.  Just crap.

Weight this AM is 187.  Not sure how I feel about it, but it's better than yesterday.  I really look forward to being able to work out again.  I just need to figure out a time since little man refuses to nap now.  But at least he's sleeping somewhat better at night.  He's been going to bed at like, 8:15 and sleeping through until around 7, taking a bottle, then sleeping later.  But the last two days, he's gotten up at 7.  If he gets up, no bah.  Which is fine because at 2 he really should be off of it.  I just don't really care to be honest... I don't think one or two bottles a day makes a huge difference.  I think just like with anything else, when he is done with it, he will be done with it.  He barely takes a paci now.  My oldest gave up everything right at 2, so I would say youngest will be giving it up sometime in the next few months.  He seems to have more of an oral fixation than oldest did.  Oldest never mouthed anything or was a biter, but youngest for sure does.  So, not going to stress or worry about it.  Apparently I was a mouther and so was my hubby as kiddos.  The Dr. the last time made a big deal about the paci and my hubby said to him, 'Well, I sucked my thumb until I was way older, and my wife used a bottle until she was in school so I just don't worry about it.'  My sentiments exactly.  It's his only 'thing'.  Many kids have other weird habits, so I just don't worry about the want/need of a paci at night or the want/need of a bottle.  He will outgrow it at some point.  With oldest, he gave up paci for chapstick.  He saw it and wanted it at the store and I said, 'You can have it, but then no more paci because it will be messy.'  He said ok and it was done.  As far as a bottle goes, he just liked sippy's better.  It was the same with potty training... he just did it when he was ready no matter how many times we offered it before.  So, why stress out?  Each kid does their thing in their own time.  Now if he were say 4... that might be an issue for me.  LOL  But not at 2.  And he just turned 2!  We need to have his party soon.  Hopefully can get that worked out tomorrow and in motion.  :)

Oh wow did I get off topic!  My point is, he's older now and not really napping.  He's sleeping around 12hrs. at night so he's close to what he should be getting and many times if he is tired, he'll just climb up on me and go to sleep.  But with lack of nap is lack of time to work out so I need to find a new time.  I'm just not sure what it could be so I'm working on it.  At least now is a good time to be thinking on it since I've been injured and afraid to over work myself.  I still can't full sit on that side, but at least it's not hurting all the time for nothing.  But I am hoping that soon enough it will be up to par.  And I am thinking that the best time to work out for me is going to be during snack time after school.  During that time, the kiddos usually have a snack and watch a show or two.  I may not get a whole hour, but if I can get a good amount of time and at least get my cardio in then, I can do my Pilates either before or after because I can do that with my youngest up and running around.  But my workout equipment is downstairs, so I need to know youngest is situated and not getting into mischief.  If oldest is home and he is with him, I will know what he is doing and be good.

Ok.  Enough rambling.  Going to finish eating, read some, drink some more coffee, and then who knows what I will do with this day. 

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