Saturday, October 6, 2012


Oh blogging world, I am alive, but just barely.  Date night turned into, let's kill this bottle of wine night!  And while I loved it at the time, I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck today.  I did my usual of drinking water and everything, but still.  Honestly, I think it was the heavy food.  I ordered a really good pasta dish made with TONS of garlic and mushrooms and it was so good... but the sauce was cream based and sorta heavy.  So, I think my body is more upset about that than the wine, but still!  I just feel bleh.  We also tried to go to a haunted house (#1 on our list of 4) and it was LAME.  I swear, it looked like some teens just decided to decorate for Halloween and just threw something up.  We didn't even pay to go in.  I was THAT disappointed.  So, I am excited to try to go to a few others in the area.  I think I was so bummed about this one because the area and house is actually certified haunted.  How to you screw that up?  Meh.  Hope we get to do some other things!!!

Anyways, even feeling like crud I've been stripping beds, gathering laundry, working on little projects and trying to do a bit of housework.  But the kids are making it hard.  UGH.  So is my pounding head that just wants to fall off!  And now I am just sitting here writing this when I should sew up that hole in the kids pillows, finishing sewing the straps on one of my dresses, and fix a stuffed bunny the dog attacked.  Then I should take down this box and put it in the car to be hauled off and do some stuff downstairs.  But right now... UGH.  My head just feels like exploding!  I am still going to try to do one or two things, but that will be it.  UGH.  Maybe I should just sit and read a book.  LOL

As I knew it would be, my weight was up this AM to 188.5.  Meh.  Whatev's.  Not going to stress over it.  I'm just going to go with the flow this week and next.  With hubby off and working on the house, I'm going to try to do my best when you're doing hard labor like that, it can be really hard to stay on plan.  You burn so many calories and need so much energy... I may just up my cals for the week to slightly above maintenance and just do that instead of trying to stay at 1600.  Maybe I could just do 2000 so that I compensate so I don't feel starved.  Because if I feel starved, I'll eat a ton and o more damage.  I guess I will see how it goes the first couple of days and go from there.

Oh man... my head is just busting.  Maybe I should do an early snack and get dinner laid out.  Sorry for such a lame post.  Bleh.

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