Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm feeling sorta grumpy today and I'm really not in the mood to be all light and sunshine.  I have a lot to do today and over the course of the next couple of weeks, but I want just a minute to acknowledge this unhappy feeling and hopefully get over it.  I guess I was all excited for life and the holiday and everything and then over the course of the last couple of days, I've felt shit on so now I'm not so looking forward to it.  One thing was an issue with a 'family member'.  She isn't really family, but an issue came up and instead of her being a mature person and going on, she let some people bash me publicly and then acted like SHE was the one all hurt.  I said nothing for anyone to jump on and yet, they did and she allowed it.  But then when I FINALLY had enough and fought back, I was the bitch.  Oh well, screw her!  I'm done with her and her childish behavior.  She's like, 20yrs. old, has two kids, and lives with Mommy and Daddy.  AND, she is already divorced.  I try not to judge people, but if you act like a child then maybe just MAYBE you ARE! 

The other issue is my Mom calls me last night and says they don't want to do Thanksgiving.  They want to just order a pizza and hang out and maybe go shopping.  Yes, I am disappointed.  I don't do big meals all of the time, but once in a while I love having a big dinner like that.  Not because of all the food, but I enjoy the cooking and spending time together.  And now they don't even want to do that.  I get that they don't enjoy cooking and baking, but that is why I do it.  But now they don't even want to do that.  And I am bummed.  Mom said it was really my choice, but now I'm going to feel like crap if I don't give in.  To top it off, the husband said we could do that and pie and be done.  A store bought pie.  I just feel broken about it.

On top of that, hubby and kids have been getting on my nerves super bad.  Like, SUPER BAD.  I feel very unappreciated right now and like what is the point in working my tail off.  They take NO consideration for me or my feelings in things and I know part of it is my fault.  But the other part is just plain shitty on their part and I'm about to let it fly.  I'm about to do a whole lot of nothing.  And by nothing I mean NOTHING.  Then maybe they could figure out just how much work I do around here -- FOR THEM.  If only I could really do that.  But the damn house would fall apart.  Seriously.  The house would get re-po'd, the dogs and plants would die, and laundry would fill the entire bottom of the house.  It would be a big mess.  And in the end, nothing would change and I'd just have to clean it all up.

Instead of making me feel better, seeing this in black and white is actually pissing me off more.  I think I'm just going to go and get busy on a project and just zone out.  Off I go.


  1. I hope you feel better today. I wish you lived closer and you could totally come over for Thanksgiving.

    I think the women in the household often feel unappreciated at times. My father often forgets to thank my mom for the little things.

    I think you are wonderful. I hope you find some way to celebrate.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I just noticed your avatar picture and I LOVE that dress on you! It's a beautiful color and fits so perfectly.

    I'm thankful to have you as a blogger friend :)

  2. Aww, hun, I'm sorry you were feeling so shitty. Screw the 20 year old dumbass, I'm sure she isn't worth your time anyway.
    I'd be upset about not getting to cook for Thanksgiving too. Well, I hope that it turned out ok for you and you had a nice time.
    Honestly, I have been in your situation with cleaning like crazy and not being appreciated for anything. It wasn't with a husband and kids, but I used to have five roommates (I have a big house) and I had to do everything. They were snotty and mean about it too- as if none of it was that big of a deal and I didn't do that much. Ha! I was out of town for a couple of weeks once, and on of my roommates was actually texting me and complaining because the house was so destroyed and gross without me. Pfft. My cousin and her two kids living here could be rough as well. I don't think she had any idea how much time I spent cleaning up after them each day. At least my boyfriend helped out.
    You should just say something to your husband. Otherwise it'll just keep building up. :(
    Hope you are feeling better.


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