Monday, November 5, 2012


It's a beautiful if not chilly day out!  I think it's a good day to get out and run a few errands!  I really don't have much to do or to get, but I really feel like I need to get out of the house for a bit before I go nutty stir crazy!  I seem to be feeling pretty ok today, so I plan on stopping by the clinic at my store to get my flu shot.  I'm going to see if hubby is going to get his at work.  I also plan on calling my kids doc to see when this week they think they could fit the kiddos in.  Oldest seems to be getting better and better -- I just need to get him some more meds to help knock out the last of his congestion (in his chest).  He is still coughing, but not nearly as bad as he was.  However, now youngest has developed a wicked cough.  I got meds in him this AM right away and got the warm mist humidifier going in his room.  I know at 2.5yrs. old he really isn't labeled to have the meds I gave him, but I think it is crazy that they no longer allow kids to take meds simply because a few parents over medicated their kids!  I know certain meds just aren't for kids at all, but I remember these meds being ok for kids and the hubabaloo that went on from parents over medicating.  Why is it always a few STUPID people who ruin it for everyone???  UGH.  I feel like another reason they did it is just to have yet another reason to take your kiddo to the doc every single time they get sick.  The truth is, most illnesses that kids get are viral and just have to run their course.  But instead of just keeping them home, running the humidifier, getting soup and liquids in them, and some mild meds to help break it up, people run out and run to the Dr.  We went once for a fever in case it was an ear infection, and they charged us an arm and a leg to tell me it was just a virus.  Ok, so you're going to charge me hundreds of dollars for you to spend not even 15mins. with my kid and say it's viral and there's nothing I can do?  Thanks!  NOT.  It's all a money trap.

Anyways, we all seem to be up and motoring better except for the nasty little cough youngest has.  But at least he is up and about, eating and drinking, and no fever or other issues.  Just the cough in the AM.  As a matter-of-fact, he hasn't really coughed since 5AM this morning... hmm... hopefully I caught it early and it will break up fast!  It helps he knows how to blow his nose so he's not sucking it back down.  :)  So, it's off to get things done and hopefully make some progress on re-stocking my med stockpile.  From ALL of us being sick, we are REALLY low.  I'm going to go through my cabinet again before we leave -- I hope I am lucky and stuff is on sale.  If not, I will only get what I need for now and watch to see if the stuff goes on sale.  I can't believe how many of our meds got wiped out.  UGH.

OK, so on to the good stuff.  Exercise and food!  My food is getting better and better through the day, but I always seem to fall off at dinner time.  But then again, I'm not eating dessert.  At least, I haven't at least 2 days this week.  I've either had a drink with dinner (beer!) or I've had a slightly larger dinner (nachos!), but I am trying to get back into a good groove.  The biggest issue is that we've been on a carb kick over here at our house for whatever reason.  It's not really junky carbs, but lots of carbs none-the-less.  I DO, however, love the new bread.  It was an old one we liked before but then we switched to another that was cheaper and suppose to be a better brand.  But it kept going bad FAST.  So, we went back to our old multi-grain bread and they had made it chunkier!  It's got big bits of grains in it now and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!  The slices are thicker but not so tall and wide.  Perfect sandwich size!  And it tastes soooooo good toasted!  So, bread and pasta have been on my list a lot.  And rice.  Just because with us all sick, rice is a good thing to have around to eat!  But I am trying.  My goal at every meal is to have a fruit or veggie, some protein, and a carb.  Snacks are almost always those things I eat in smaller portions like dairy or sweets.  And it helps me keep on track.  But I want to make sure I watch my portions at dinner.  Dinner has just been my downfall lately.  No matter what I have for snack or even lunch, I am starving at dinner.  It's so weird.  Like, the other day I had veggie beef stew, half an apple, and one slice of bread for lunch with part of a diet tea.  Then lunch I had coffee and something... I can't remember what right now... but I was SO hungry by 7 I nearly felt sick.  Snack has varied a lot lately from cheese and crackers, apples and PB, to a couple of the PB and chocolate candies from Halloween.  But none of it satisfies me long enough.  I know I've been working on the garage, but holey guacamole... I never though it would make me this hungry.  Maybe I should lower my breakfast cals some and up my lunch/snack cals.  Or maybe breakfast isn't good enough?  I had been having a whole wheat bagel thin with crunchy PB and honey and then either a whole small apple or half of a bigger apple plus coffee.  This last week, I've been having 2 scrambled eggs lightly salted, 2 slices of multi-grain toast with SB butter and all natural strawberry jelly, and coffee.  Calorie wise, I'm right at 400 for the 1st (at max) and for the second I'm closer to 300... I wonder if that is it?  I wonder if I need to add more of something to breakfast...  Maybe I will add more fruit and some dairy to see if that satisfies me more.  Huh.  Maybe I just figured it out!  I know when I have oatmeal and stuff, I have to have a slightly smaller bowl and have more side items, so it may be the same with the eggs and toast.

Exercise wise, I am still trying to configure the garage, but I am slowly adding back in my Pilates to see what I can do.  I am sad to report that right now, I still have a sizeable bruise on my hip and laying on it or pressure is still uncomfortable.  So, I can do some lower body, and my upper body, and core.  But I am adding them in slowly.  I did two different ones yesterday concentrating on breathing and my count.  Today I want to do 3 and try a couple more to see if I can find some modifications.  After errands, I hope to work in the garage some more, or maybe go to get some materials to do some more projects outside.  I mostly need the things to make a dog run and to get going on our carport.  The posts are already in for the carport, but we will need to install a ledger and a header and then the joists (rafters).  So, we need to buy those things but we will need a truck.  But I can at least price those items if I have time.  And we will need to make decisions on materials and color.  I am thinking the carport should be white like our trim with a brownish black roof.  I think hubby will agree.  But we need to decide on other things like do we want to keep it an open rafter style or have it be more of a 'real' carport and put in a ceiling.  I'm thinking open rafter would look the best and be the easiest.  We've already talked about it so it's more of just saying a final yes and going on with it.  LOL  Same with the dog run.  But it would make things much easier if we had the materials already here and/or priced and could get started ASAP.  We really need both of them!  LOL  I guess I should start a list...  But I also need to finish that garage so that I can be doing some cardio!  Hubby and I talked about that last night, too!  LOL  I swear, once you start remodeling, it seems to never stop.  EVER!  I love the whole fixing up process, but it CAN drive you nuts.  One minute I hate this and the next minute I love it.  I will probably love it more once we don't have to do it all of the time.  Especially if I can get the garage together soon.  I made a good chunk of it disappear yesterday!  Either into the pile set up for the dumpster, the actual trash, recycling, or into the back of my Flex to go to the donation center!  Maybe I can drop those off today, too!

Well, I guess that is it.  I need to get off of here and get going with my day.  I've only got about 3hrs. until my oldest is home.  Better hop to it! 


  1. How many calories do you aim for a day? I find that I am a lot happier skipping breakfast so that I can have a higher calorie lunch and dinner, but that's just me. Most of the time I don't feel like eating until somewhere between eleven and one, so it works out ok. It's also nice to have the leftover calories so that I can have a treat... like an ice cream cone, because I am addicted to ice cream. :)
    An easy way to shift your breakfast calories would be to skip the two slices of toast, or maybe just have one. Instead saute spinach (or any other green), celery, cucumber, tomato, or any variety of veggie, and season them however you want to go with your scrambled eggs. That is my favorite breakfast of all! It's a great way to work vegetables into breakfast, and so many veggies have next to no calories. Good way to fill up without using a lot of calories up on breakfast.

    1. I usually aim for 1600 cals in a day. 400 for each meal and 200 for 2 snacks. Many days though when I'm busy and working around the house, lunch and snack or dinner and snack get combined. I really think that my issue was I needed that extra 100 cals at breakfast. I've been eating a bit more and it's really helped. I've had to up cals this week a bit though because with all of the hard labor, I need the extra cals to keep me from feeling like I am starving! I will try the sauteed veggies at breakfast -- that just sounds good! I love just some sunflower oil, roasted garlic, and some salt. YUM!


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