Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bummed Out

I don't typically like to talk politics or anything of the sort, but today I am so worked up, I need to vent somewhere and here is really all I have.  The thing that's bugging me isn't who won, it's people's reactions to it.  It is REALLY upsetting me.  I will say this, I didn't vote for Obama, but geez, I don't hate the man!  I also don't hate my friends who voted for him!  I also didn't love Romney -- I share that emotion only with people I actually know and care for.  But I sure hate how people are being ugly on both sides.  And frankly, it saddens me.  It saddens me that this has where we've come to in America -- hate for the sake of hate.  We all have different opinions and that's ok, but the ugliness... NOT ok.  Not ok AT ALL.  I'm sick of it.  When you say hateful things about either of the candidates, you're either calling me or someone I care about names and that hurts me.  It hurts me that we've come to a place where it's you believe what I believe or you're crap.  It's eating at me.  I'm trying to let it go, avoid it, and move on.  But how on EARTH are we going to do that as a country if we have so many people on both extremes?  Because that is the real issue -- the extremes.  I don't consider myself a Pub or a Dem, but I'd say I side with the Pubs more often because I tend to be conservative on fiscal issues.  Social issues... well, I don't really consider those because for me, that's more of a state issue than federal.  But for me, it's who I think will do that job and in the end, I vote for the person and their work ethics rather than just along party lines so I have friends on both sides of the board.  So, while I wasn't happy about the winner and I am a bit worried, I also am not flipping out and I can't believe how people are flipping out. Be worried, be upset, talk it out and whatnot, but do we have to resort to name-calling and such?  It's essentially bullying!  And that's what it feels like emotionally to me... bullying.  And I'm over it.  I feel like screaming at people at this point to shut up and get to work instead of wasting so much time complaining and fighting.  I know it won't do any good so I just go on.  But inside, it's eating at me.  I just want things to chill.  I don't know if that's going to happen.  The extremists on both sides are still going to scream and fight.  And then all of the people in the middle (Dems and Pubs) are just standing here like, WHAT is your PROBLEM? 

Ok, I feel a bit better now.  On to different things.  My weight lately has been 184.5.  I'm sorta surprised.  I've not really been trying, but I've not really been bad.  Just trying to stay moderate.  Exercise has been hard.  My hip has been flaring a lot so I'm going to go back to taking my meds like clockwork and see if that helps over the next couple of weeks.  I've been doing a bit of Pilates and just staying busy, but nothing too intense.  I wish this would heal up already!  I was hurt mid-September.  So, in another week it will be almost 2mos.  UGH.  I may have to break down and visit the Doc.  BLEH.  But I will if need be.  And like Grace, we have our holiday candy, but I've only been eating a couple of pieces a day most days.  Good stuff.  I kinda think it's been keeping me in check.  Because I know I have something sweet, I know they're in small portions, I know I can have a couple, and I know there is more.  Weird, but it's some sort of psychological thing of knowing that it's there so it's cool.  No need to go overboard.  Normally, if we have sweets I worry about over-indulging simply because we don't get it often.  But that's not happening with the candy.  Strange....

Speaking of being busy, I hope this cold will go away and I can be busy this week.  We have designed a carport for the back of the house and I really hope to get started on it tomorrow.  We also designed a dog run for the side of the house.  We even ordered a dumpster to be delivered tomorrow to get rid of all the random crap laying around.  Slowly but surely!  Well, if I can get over this crappy cold!  But I am excited to get on with it and hopefully getting it done.  Especially the carport.  With all of the weird and bad storms, I'd like for the hubby's car to be protected.  And the carport was our easiest and cheapest option.  We were going to order a metal one, but the cheapest was 700 to 800 and that was a single.  I told hubby we could build one on to the house for probably half of that.  So, that is what we're going to do.  The house will protect it on the left side, the front is naturally blocked because it faces into a hillside, and the right is solid wood fencing.  The only part NOT covered will be the very back and we've made it deep enough (14ft) that we hope that nothing will blow into there.  No trees are really close to that area either, so that is a bonus.  Mostly because then we aren't having to beef the wood up so much.  We're doing very basic.  :)  In Spring, I hope to paint it white so it matches the house.    The dog run is very basic but needed.  Sick of dog crap all over the yard!  Every time we go out, we're stepping in crap.  UGH.  It's old and I'm done with it.  With a run, they can go out and do their business and once a week I can scoop.  I really don't mind it.  We did it in our old house and it worked SO much better!  And the dumpster... well, that's just easier and cheaper than trying to haul off all of that stuff ourselves.  Only like, $75.  Even those Waste Management bagsters cost more than that!  So, I think we have PLENTY to keep us busy over the next week.  I just hope we can get it done.  Hopefully staying busy will keep my mind off of other things and keep me from mindlessly eating.  LOL

Ok, I think that the only thing left for me to drop on you is that I've started watching a new show called 'Extreme Cheapskates'.  OMG.  If you haven't watched it, at least YouTube a few episodes.  NUTS.  Some of their ideas aren't bad.  But some are just... over the top for me.  But one of the ideas I really liked (and I had JUST seen on Facebook) was to move over to cloth.  Now, I won't lie.  No way in hades will I give up all paper products, but I love the idea of moving over the cloth napkins.  I hate using paper towels and for the most part, I use dish towels and just wash them.  But I'd never thought of going to cloth napkins.  I'm LOVING this idea!  Especially since with my boys, I burn through so many paper towels and they are SO expensive!  I even have a ton of mismatched bed sheets that I can use to make them!  I will still have paper towels for gross clean ups and to pack for my oldest's lunch, but the idea of moving over to only cloth at home is super appealing.  Not only for my wallet, but for the environment.  One lady even used cloth toilet paper... which in reality, isn't that big a deal since there are cloth diapers and things.  But I'm not sure if I'm ready to go that far.  Although, toilet paper is also crazy expensive.  I already gave up paper plates eons ago.  We only use glass or plastic.  I'm not a huge fan of plastic, but with kiddos... yeah.  It's that or constant breaking!  LOL  And it's easy to wash them and reuse them.  So, I think reusable napkins are a natural next step for me.  Now, if only I could find a duster that works as well as my Swiffer, I'd be so darn green!  LMAO  I never set out to be green, really.  It's just growing up, we always reused and didn't waste things.  So, I was doing it before it was 'cool'.  I remember my Granny saving butter bowls and glass jars to use for storage.  Smart lady she was!  We use to tease her, but now that I am older, I do a lot of what she did.

Ok ok... enough rambling on.  I'm going to go now and do... something.  Maybe fold some laundry, make a few phone calls.... who knows.  Maybe just continue taking it easy until hubby gets home?  Either way, off I go!


  1. GOSH!!! I can't agree more about the politics stuff. I was sick to death of seeing crap posted on facebook about it.
    In my opinion, our country hit an economic crisis because of... well... us. People here want lots of junk and they want it cheap. Everybody likes to shop at chain stores where items are made over seas. All our jobs are vanishing over the ocean because we aren't a nation of producers anymore. It's disheartening.
    Anywhoozles. So thank god the election is over anyway.
    I have been meaning to switch over to cloth napkins for like forever, but I never get around to making the napkins. I've got tons of nifty fabrics, and a sewing machine, but I'm lazy about sewing. Maybe that should be a project for this week. Here's a good napkin tutorial with nice attention to the corners-

    I definitely plan on using cloth diapers when we have kids, so I suppose cloth toilet paper isn't that much bigger of a stretch, but I'd be lying if I said that didn't weird me out a little. Adult poo is much smellier than baby poo, ya know?
    I haven't seen extreme cheapskates, but I have looked at cheapskate blogs and things. Some of the stuff makes me feel flat out sorry for the people. Like, aren't you worth extra money for a decent product? One person gets sample shampoos and mixes them in a big bottle with water to make shampoo because she "isn't going to spend money on expensive store shampoos ever." Huh? There are some cheap ass shampoos out there. Lol

    1. I'll have to check out the napkin site! The one I found was pretty straight forward and she even said for really messy stuff, she still uses paper and that would probably be what I do, too. I mean, I still use wash rags and dish towels, but keep those papertowels for napkins. So, even if we went to napkins, I'd probably keep them for back-up. Same with TP. I have no issues using them for No.1, but I'm not sure if I could do it for No.2! I think I'd probably just keep real TP in the bathroom for guests and for No.2 and only use the cloth for No.1. But still... could you imagine the amount of money you would save just with that??? I mean, on average, I only go poo once a day! But pee? Well, I drink a ton of water a day normally and so I burn the toilet up! LOL

      As for the samples thing... I get using them and that is awesome, but there is no way I want to use that and that only. Life is short -- enjoy your shower and your shampoo! LOL


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