Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Friday!

It's Friday so I know tons and tons of people are happy for the end of the week.  Me?  Well, I'm a SAHM with a hubby who works a rotating schedule, so it's really not that big of a deal to me.  Just another day.  However, it does mean that I don't have to get up in the cold to put oldest on the bus in the AM.  It does mean I need to make sure this weeks bills are paid, and it does mean that we are ONE day closer to Thanksgiving!  WOOT WOOT!  Love me some Thanksgiving!  But as usual, there's some drama going on our way.  UGH.  I'm trying to let it go, but you know how it is.  Just a pain in the AZZ! 

Anyways, I'm excited for Thanksgiving anyways.  We're doing a pretty traditional meal this year but on a non-traditional day.  Probably doing it on Saturday just because with everyone's work schedules, that seems to be all that will work.  Which clashes with my MIL's schedule, but there isn't much else I can do about it.  I mean, we can't do Thursday because hubby works.  We can't do earlier because we need to finish the house and my brother works.  So... Saturday it is.  She will have to get over it!  The only thing I am really stumped on is exactly what to have for dessert.  I know everyone likes the idea of pumpkin, but my issue is I don't think my pumpkin pie is all that great AND I like a mix of desserts.  SO, I am thinking of doing little tarts instead.  Some pumpkin and some chess.  And then roasted candied pecans and vanilla whipped cream (home-made) on the side.  That way you can have pecan pumpkin or pecan pie since chess pie and pecan are the same without the nuts.  LOL  I think that would give the most variety.  I may make a batch of cookies for the kiddos.  A SMALL batch.  Just so they have something.  But that's it.  Small, simple, and hopefully pretty easy!  Just need to get this house cleaned up.... it's still a mess.

Yes, the house is still a mess because I am STILL trying to recover from being sick.  I've started and made a bit of headway, but it is still behind.  I am hoping to take it easy today since the last few days I've been running around like nuts and be better by tomorrow.  I seem to be getting better inch by inch.  So, here's to taking today off so that starting tomorrow, I can go room by room and get a good deep clean.  Except for the boy's rooms.  I already did youngest's room and oldest is going to clean his when he gets home.  Hubby plans on doing the downstair's bath when he gets up because he wants to finish gutting it out since we already have the dumpster and it will need to go back today.  So, that leaves the downstairs play room and office plus pantry.  Then the kitchen, dining room, living room, bath and our bedroom.  UGH.  That's 8 rooms.  I guess I need to try to knock out 2 rooms per day... and maybe skip the office downstairs.  It's not something that HAS to be done, so I may skip it.  And I will probably go ahead and prep the dining room so we all can fit.  I just need to get a final number on how many people are coming.  I am thinking it will be 5 adults and 2 kids.  But I need to check with the rest of the family cause if the others can come, that will add 2 more adults and 4 kids.  I'd love to have a full house!  :D  And I plan on prepping a day ahead of time... AKA, Thursday so I can sorta relax Friday so I won't be fried Saturday.  LOL  Yeah... I know... a bit crazy but I just want to enjoy my time with my family.  Not be stressed out! 

That's part of the reason I am not going to be doing any Black Friday shopping.  I hate the stress of it.  Plus, none of the stuff on my list is slated to be on sale that day, so no point in driving myself crazy to shop when there is nothing I need to shop for.  Which brings me to my next topic... I accidentally went shopping for myself the other day.  I was actually shopping for a friend but I decided to look at boots while I was there at Kohl's.  And guess what?  I tried on boots and they actually fit without me having to look at wide calf!  I was SO shocked.  I put them on expecting them not to fit, but they did!  Now, I know it may not be true of all the boots, but I was super stoked and I loved them SO much!  They were what I wanted last year but couldn't seem to find.  They were on sale and I should've gotten them, but I waited because... I don't know why I waited.  I just did.  I kinda hope to go back and get them, but it will have to wait.  I have other things going on right now.  Like getting ready for Turkey Day, fighting what I hope is the tail end of this cold, sending out gifts to my friend about to have her baby, and getting ready for the holidays.  I want to go back and get them, but I'm sure when the time is right I will.  :)  And maybe they'll be on an even better sale!  I guess we will see. 

My weight this AM was 186.5 AND I started my cycle this AM.  Between being sick, eating out and running around yesterday, and starting my cycle, I am happy with this number.  I had 185 flat yesterday so I feel pretty good.  I feel like I am on the brink of hitting a new 'world' by getting to the 170's.  So, I'm just going to keep doing my best and keep going.  If 183 is my new 'low', then I am right at 30lbs. to my preliminary goal of 153.  But I know a lot will depend on how I feel I look when I get there as to whether I press on to a lower goal or hit maintenance.  I really have no idea how I will look at 153.  I've not been that low in so long.  Heck, I don't even remember the 170's so I can't imagine the 150's.  I guess I'm most curious to see what size I will be.  I am hoping an 8.  I'm a comfortable 14 right now so I'm thinking about 10lbs. for each size.  Maybe 15.  Average I guess would be 12.  Since I got out of Plus sized, that seems to be the way it goes.  Around 10lbs. or so for each size.  Is that about right?  I know that for the most part sizes are going to vary, but I'd like to be about an average 8.  I feel like an 8 is a good size for me.  Heck, I like 14 pretty darn good!  But I feel like going smaller than an 8 would be too small.  Although, I wouldn't be opposed to a 10.  I just thought that an 8 would me closer to the 'ideal' for my structure.

Well, enough rambling on and on for me.  I am off to watch a movie, roam the net, and maybe do a smidge of cleaning.  Nothing drastic... I know I need to take it easy and get over this mess.  And I honestly think I need a day of rest and fluids to do that.  So, even if it is hard I am going to try to be a good girl and take it easy.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. It sounds like you guys are slowly getting over being sick. Get plenty of rest. God knows you'll need the energy for the holidays!

    I love the idea of mini desserts and variation!


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