Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I need a title??

So, I'm trying to get my 2yr. old in bed while typing this and it isn't working very well.  After a very busy evening, he is fighting fighting fighting winding down.  It is currently 10:41 and he is STILL up.  How he can still be going after running around a bounce house for almost 2hrs., I will never know.  I'm ready to drop after spending the day cleaning, then running to this party only to get home late and have to run to the store then get back home and start the nightly battle with the toddler.  NONE of the Nanny tricks or parenting book recommendations have worked.  I'm at a loss and almost tired of fighting.  I'm getting to the point where I'm going crazy.  It seems worse on the nights when the hubby is home.  And I really hate it when I have to resort to brute force.  I don't like having to spank.  :/

I missed working out today.  Between trying to get the house back in order and that darn wonky birthday party at the bounce house, my big ol' butt didn't get any exercise in.  I feel bad about it because its no one's fault but my own.  I should've done it earlier in the day.  But I was already dragging today from the Toddler being up during the night last night like 3 times in a row.  I went to go to bed and he got up so I came back out here.  He got quiet so I went on to bed and he got up time after time.  My body and brain aren't liking it.  My Mom says I should go to bed as soon as he does, but its easier said than done -- I need wind down time just like anyone!  And I don't get that until the kiddos are in the bed.  My hubby can go straight to bed but I can't.  I just need to sit, be still, and not be running all over the stinkin' place!  I get some time during those good times during the day, but I especially need it at night after an entire day of running around with kiddos.  I sorta get why so many Moms work.  They work to get that much needed break!  LOL  Both ways are hard, to be honest.  I guess that's why the arguments over which is harder is stupid in my mind.  Working Moms have it hard because their days are shorter so the weekends are where they play catch up.  Homemakers have it hard because of the lack of socializing, lack of extra moola, and literally dealing with the same things day in and day out with the same little people.  It feels like you never talk to adults, have downtime, or time off.  BOTH have their positives and their negatives.  But both essentially come down to needing down time.  With Toddlers weird schedules, I feel like I rarely get it.  And when he's awake, I have to watch little dude like a hawk.  Or he colors every wall with blue crayons, or climbs a chain link fence, or body slams someone.  Back to point, I was overly tired today and trying to do a good amount of housework like stripping and replacing linens, doing dishes, folding/washing laundry, putting random things away, etc. and so on.  So, I just didn't work out.  I should've in the AM and gotten it in.  Tomorrow.

My weight this AM was 187.5 and I was super happy to see it.  And honestly, shocked.  I stepped on the scale 3 times because well, I still have my period.  I ate out yesterday.  So, I just don't know what to think.  Now don't get me wrong, I'll take it.  I mean, I was hoping that part of my weight was water from the holidays, but I wasn't getting too set on it but now I do wonder if it was mostly water.  That means I'm only 4.5 from my absolute lowest, I believe.  Maybe 5.  I think 183 was my lowest but it could've been 182.5.  Not sure.  Either way, I'm much closer to that and only 1.5 from what my average was which was 186.  Which makes me wonder... I wonder if I can get down to the 170's by my Anniversary?  We plan on going out of town for the weekend and I was thinking how awesome it would be to be 10lbs. thinner by then.  Of course, that was yesterday when I saw the 189.5 so I was thinking 179.5.  But now I'm wondering if I could realistically see 177?  My Anniversary is well over a month away and I'm not even sure if we will go the weekend of or maybe after so I'm going to shoot to lose 10lbs. by about Feb. 19 or a bit after.  I think it would be an awesome gift to myself to be in the 170's at that point.  I'm pretty hopeful I can do it if I stick to plan, so we will see.  I don't plan on changing anything.  Just going to keep plugging along and see where I land. 

I guess that is all for today.  It was a busy but not day.  Strange, I know.  But eh, it is what it is.  Off I go.  I want to finish this show and then get in bed.

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