Thursday, January 17, 2013

More rain

It's a rainy and cold day out and I'm seriously sick of it.  As of right now, every county around us is closed but they have left us open and frankly, I'm starting to worry a bit.  We have yet to see snow/ice, but everything and I mean EVERYTHING is flooded.  My yard is starting to really have issues and I live on the side of a hill, folks.  I think it not being a steady rain and only a light sprinkling helped yesterday, but still.  Everything is just so... mushy.  I worry about the condition of the roads.  I thought about getting out to run a few errands, but it's just awful out.  And honestly, my stomach isn't happy.  It's a bit queasy.  I'm not sure why.  AND, I'm sorta swollen.  :/  I'm thinking maybe the soup I had last night didn't sit well with me and maybe I had too much cheese.  I had dinner late after that party and all I wanted was French onion soup and a grilled cheese.  Dessert was a small bowl of grapes.  I drank water, but since I'm no longer use to eating cheese and the soup was canned, I think the dairy and the sodium have me bloated up and my stomach unhappy.  Weight this AM was 189.5.  :( 

So, what is my goal for today?  Well, since I have decided to park my butt at home, I think I will focus on paying bills, checking balances, doing laundry, working out, cleaning my kitchen REALLY well and drinking TONS of water to hopefully flush my system out.  I know I only drank maybe 20oz. yesterday and that is REALLY low for me.  I just wasn't able to with being out since it's hard to take my little dude to the bathroom with me when at those party things.  So today is going to be lots and lots of water.  I'm drinking some now before I even finish my coffee.  Heck, that is probably WHY my stomach is mad.  I'm such a water drinker so if I have a low day, I feel it.  I've only drunk half of this glass and already, my tummy is feeling MUCH happier.  Yup.  Lots of water today!

Ok, just got a call that the schools here are finally calling it.  Temps are dropping and the rain isn't stopping so... who knows what the roads will be like before long.  Trying to decide if I should go pick my guy up or if I should just let him come home on the bus.  I'm right around the corner, so it wouldn't hurt to run get him.  But then again, its still just rain so I don't know... UGH.  He may get upset if I don't let him ride the bus.  He really likes the bus.  LOL  Oh, to be a kid!

Well, I guess I should get off of here and stop rambling.  I don't have much else to talk about and the laundry isn't going to do itself, the bike isn't going to ride itself, the weights aren't going to lift themselves and the dishes aren't going to put themselves away.  LOL  So, off I go to attempt to be productive! 

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